US News Revers for Republicans: The Supreme Court Validates Obama's Lighthouse on Health

02:15  18 june  2021
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  Revers pour les républicains: la Cour suprême valide la loi phare d'Obama sur la santé © Provided by Point

N Objection Episode of an Epic Battle: The Supreme Court of the United States refused Thursday D Invalidize the flagship law of Barack Obama on health insurance, leaving the disease coverage of millions of Americans.

Its decision, made by a majority of seven judges on nine, represents a posterior camouflet for the former President Donald Trump , who tried by all means to delete the emblematic law of his predecessor.

This is the third time that the Court has been validated since its adoption in 2010. This time, its judgment is based on a procedure argument: according to it, the Texas and the other Republican States which have introduced the appeal were unfounded to do it.

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"It's a great victory for the Americans," reacted the Democratic President Joe Biden , referring to the formula he had dropped when promulgating the text and remained in the Annals: "It's a Big Fucking Deal "(It's huge fucking).

In the procedure, Joe Biden had held "cruel" this ultimate attempt to cancel a device that proved to be particularly useful during the Pandemic of Covid-19, in a country where health care is very expensive.

"The principle of universal coverage is established and 31 million people now have access to care through this law," reacts former President Barack Obama, considering that he had to continue to "strengthen the" strengthening and to extend it ".

But for the Republicans, "this decision does not change the fact that Obamacare has not fulfilled its promises", especially in terms of lower costs. The law "hurts families working hard," added the leaders of the party to the House of Representatives in a statement.

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"Key of Vault"

In its original form, the affordable Care Act, says "Obamacare", obliged all the Americans, even those in good health, to subscribe under penalty of financial penalties, and brought the companies to ensure All potential customers, regardless of their state of health.

This reform made it possible to offer disease coverage to millions of Americans who did not have so far and to protect millions of others with chronic conditions.

But the Republicans have always considered the obligation of insurance as an abuse of power of the government and ceased to fight the law.

Their first recourse was aimed at this "individual mandate". The Supreme Court had validated it in 2012, considering that financial penalties could be considered taxes and warranted the intervention of the State.

When he arrived at the White House, Donald Trump had tried to repeal the law at the Congress but had wiped a cooking back. The Republican elected officials, however, had reached the amendment in 2017 and had reduced the fines for lack of insurance to zero.

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Several Republican states had then introduced new legal remedies, pleading that the law no longer held. In December 2018, a Federal Texas judge had given them right: "The keystone" of the building being fallen, the whole law is unconstitutional, had it decided.

It is this decision that the Supreme Court invalidated Thursday. "We have not settled the issue of the validity of the law, but Texas and other complainants are not competent to ask it," wrote Progressive Judge Stephen Breyer on behalf of the majority of his colleagues.

"In mission"

two of the three judges appointed by Donald Trump, including Amy Coney Barrett, are part of the majority, which is also a setback for the former president.

The conservative magistrate, confirmed at the race no just before the presidential election, was nevertheless suspected of the left of being chosen because she had, in the past, criticized the 2015 decision of the Supreme Court on Obamacare.

She "said she wanted to get rid of" this law had accused Joe Biden during her confirmation process. "I am not hostile" to this law, nor "on mission to destroy it", had it defended.

In December already, the new court had already disappointed Donald Trump by refusing to invalidate his defeat to the presidential election.

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