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10:45  18 june  2021
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in full G7, United States and China again spread their divergences

 in full G7, United States and China again spread their divergences © Frederic J. Brown The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Facing Chief of Chinese Diplomacy Yang Jiechi Anchorage, Alaska, March 2021 The United States and China have again spread over their differences on Friday, when US President Joe Biden meets his nearest allies during a series of peaky summits As "pseudo-multilateralism" taking advantage of "cliques".

  Hong Kong: l'Apple Daily combatif au lendemain d'une nouvelle perquisition © Provided by the Point

L E Daily Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Apple Daily has displayed fighting in the kiosks Friday morning, in the aftermath of 'A spectacular search at its premises, with a pro-Beijing challenge message: "We must continue".

The newspaper and owner, the magnat of the Jimmy LAI press, currently incarcerated, have long been in the Peking Collimator for their support at the Profitus camp and their recurring criticism of Chinese leaders.

But the latter now appear determined to muzzle this press body, as part of the resumption of the former British colony, yet supposed to enjoy a wide range of autonomy.

China adopts a law to counter international sanctions

 China adopts a law to counter international sanctions © AFP - Nicolas Asfouri The new anti-sanctions law adopted by the National People's Assembly on June 9, 2021 concerns any company that contributed to Western penalties against Beijing. This text arrives a week after the broadcast by the Biden administration of a blacklist of Chinese companies in which the Americans do not have the right to invest, on behalf of national security.

More than 500 policemen went on Thursday to the drafting of the daily for a search who was in line with articles accused of calling for sanctions against China .

Five of the newspaper leaders, including his headwriter Ryan Law and his manager Cheung Kim-Hung, were arrested for facts of collusion with foreign forces, under drastic law on national security that Beijing has imposed last summer.

At the end of this search, the journalists returned to the newsroom where many computers and hard drives that had been seized by the police.

"Everything has been sold"

But the editor worked all night, under the eyes of many other media journalists, to allow the daily created in 1995 to appear on Friday.

The editorial editorion decided on a sober with the face of the five people arrested with a purely informative line: "The national security police search the Apple, stopped five people, seized 44 hard drives from the editor.".

The G7 calls China to respect for the Xinjiang and Hong Kong

 The G7 calls China to respect for the Xinjiang and Hong Kong G7-Summit-Communique-China: the G7 calls China to respect for Xinjiang and Hong Kong © Reuters / Thomas Peter G7 Calls China to respect for Xinjiang and Hong Kong Carbis Bay, England (Reuters) - G7 countries ask China to respect human rights in its Xinjiang region and to grant a high degree Autonomy in Hong Kong, according to the quasi-definitive version of their communiqué at the end of their Sunday summit in England.

Below, in very large yellow characters, we could read "we must continue", the phrase launched to his employees by Mr. Cheung when he was taken handcuffed by the police.

The group decided to print 500,000 copies, which is six times higher than its normal draw, betting that the Hong Kongs, who had massively mobilized in 2019 to support the democratic fight, will teach this historical number.

And in the popular Mongkok district, dozens of people looked up very early Friday to buy the newspaper even before it is delivered.

"Normally, we sell about sixty copies but we have sold 1 time.

"Everything has been sold. We ordered 3,000 and we are waiting to be delivered." "A unique voice in Hong Kong"

Polly, a 40-year-old woman who only gave his first name, entrusted having bought 10.

"for years, we benefited from freedom of the press, we Could you say what we wanted, "she told AFP.

"But in a year, everything has changed," she continued. "The situation deteriorated, and everything happened so quickly."

China condemns criticism of the G7 countries as "political manipulation"

 China condemns criticism of the G7 countries as after criticism of the human rights situation in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang China has accused the G7 states "political manipulation". The Chinese Embassy in London complained on Monday "lies, rumors and basic allegations" of the group of seven leading industrial nations. The G7 was mixed with her criticism "in China's inner affairs". © Ludovic Marin After the criticism of the human rights situation in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang, China has accused the G7 states "political manipulation".

Another client, Steven Chow, aged 45, is divided with three copies.

"The perfect media do not exist. But the Apple Daily is a unique voice in Hong Kong," he explained.

"We do not have to love, but I think we have to let them speak and allow them to survive. It's important."

The Apple Daily had already been last summer the target of a spectacular Raid led by hundreds of policemen who had arrested Mr. Lai, a billionaire having made a fortune in clothing.

It is after the retrocession of the former British colony to China in 1997 that the Apple Daily became really visible. At the moment when many Hong Kongs were worried about their future freedoms, he became the voice of the supporters of democracy and skeptics towards Beijing.

Support of the 2014 "Umbrellas Movement", Mr. Lai has become Beijing's black beast, whose official media regularly described him from "traitor" and "mafia".

The support of the gigantic pro-democracy manifestations in Hong Kong in 2019 has further intensified the hostility of Beijing.

Chinese power took advantage of the pandemic in 2020 to engage an implacable repression against the pro-democracy camp, with essential instrument the law on national security.

18/06/2021 07:42:22 - Hong Kong (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Hong Kong: Opening of the first trial launched under the National Security Act .
© AP - Vincent Yu The Tong Ying-Kit activist when he arrived in court in a police van on July 6, 2020 in Hong Kong . in Hong Kong, the first trial under the new national security law, in effect since July 1, has opened this Wednesday at the High Court. The accused is a 24-year-old and for the first time in Hong Kong's history, there will be no jury at the request of the Minister of Justice.

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