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13:20  18 june  2021
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EURO 2021: The Ukraine jersey creates diplomatic tensions with Russia

 EURO 2021: The Ukraine jersey creates diplomatic tensions with Russia © Stringer Le Parisien Football fans always like to discover the new games of jerseys of their fetish teams. The major international competitions are still an opportunity to create new tunics, and the euro 2021 is no exception. Three days ago, the Ukrainian Federation has unveiled the jerseys that will bring its international players to the euro, which starts on June 11th. This jersey triggered a real controversy. Even a diplomatic incident.

2016, the mysterious disease appeared for the first time, since more than 130 cases of the so-called "Havana syndrome" have been registered. What it has and what role does the microwave theory play here, you will learn here.

US-Botschaft in Havanna © Lembibuchanan / iStock US Embassy in Havana "Havana Syndrome": First Cases 2016

We write the year 2016. Several employees of the US Embassy in Cuban Havana complain about sudden pressure and noise in mind. "A noise like a huge swarm of cicadas follows one of space to room, but if you open the door outside, stop immediately," it says in an report of the New York .

The US State Department then engages a number of scientists to find out what could happen to the diplomats. With this: James Giiodarno , boss neurologist at the Georgetown University . He and the other researchers first speculate in any directions. Could pharmacological agents or industrial mechanics have escaped? Unlikely.

in full G7, United States and China again spread their divergences

 in full G7, United States and China again spread their divergences © Frederic J. Brown The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Facing Chief of Chinese Diplomacy Yang Jiechi Anchorage, Alaska, March 2021 The United States and China have again spread over their differences on Friday, when US President Joe Biden meets his nearest allies during a series of peaky summits As "pseudo-multilateralism" taking advantage of "cliques".

The microwave theory

more likely for Giiodarno & Co.: The employees of the embassy were exposed to a kind of ultrasound device. This theory underpin them in the following four and a half years, in which, according to an report of the New York Times , more than 130 cases of the so-called "Havana syndrome" in US diplomats, intelligence staff, soldiers and their family members around the world and one report by RTL.de according to recently even in the White House, with details.

The affected suffer from very different symptoms: one hear a ringing or whirring in the head, others get headaches or problems when seeing, talking and listening to tinnitus. Also from equilibrium disorders is the speech.

The scientists to move James Giiodarno u. A. Considering that the symptoms were triggered by electromagnetic microwave radiation. A similar knowledge comes at the end of 2020 also an study by the US National Academy of Sciences .

Targeted attacks from Russia?

The microwave theory is therefore based on "targeted, pulsed radio frequency energy". However, no word is lost whether it was used as a weapon against the US government staff. Basically, it would be possible, so Giiodarno. A whole range of different devices and technologies would be in question.

The New York suggests leading officials of the former Trump government and members of the current biden administration, that Russia is responsible for the "Havana syndrome". However, there is no evidence. However, those affected are unfortunate that the cause of their disease could not be found so far.

The United States Ambassador in Russia returned to Moscow .
USA-Russia-Diplomacy: United States Ambassador in Russia returned to Moscow © Reuters / Evgenia Novozhenina The United States Ambassador Russia returned to Moscow Moscow (Reuters) - The US Ambassador in Russia, John Sullivan, returned Thursday to Moscow, he had left last April on the background of diplomatic crisis between Washington and the Kremlin, then That relations between the two countries have improved somewhat since the summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

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