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14:30  18 june  2021
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In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile

 In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile © Safin Hamed Moustafa Ibrahim, a Kurdish refugee from Iran, near Erbil, Iraq, June 9, 2021 sometimes blocked since from Decades in Iraqi Kurdistan For lack of papers, Kurdish refugees from Iran have eyes riveted to their country of origin where elections take place, without feeding great hopes for a change. In May, one of them, Behzad Mahmoudi, has immolated on fire in front of a UN building in Erbil, capital of the autonomous region.

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The final results of the election of the presidential election in Iran are expected Saturday at midday while the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei opened the ballot on Friday voting a few minutes after 7 hours (local time). He called the 59.3 million Iranians of the age of voting to accomplish their "duty" civic "as soon as possible". But in fact, this election marked by a dull electoral campaign on the background of generalized ras-bole with the cumulation of the economic crisis and of COVID does little doubt on the outcome of the vote.

Head of the 60-year-old Judicial Authority, Ebrahim Raïssi is an archifori, for lack of competitors to his extent after the disqualification of his main political opponents. In May, the Constitutional Guardian Council authorized seven men, among nearly 600 candidates. But three of them were then disisted, two of whom called to vote for Ebrahim Raissi.

Presidential in Iran: Four candidates withdraw to two days of polling

 Presidential in Iran: Four candidates withdraw to two days of polling © Via Reuters - Wana News Agency A poster for the presidential election is visible on VALIASR Avenue in Tehran, June 16, 2021. The Campaign for the Presidential From June 18th in Iran ends in a dull atmosphere while several candidates among the seven retainers announced their withdrawal from the race. with our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi A reformer candidate and three ultra-conservative candidates withdrew from the race.

Its only opponents in the running are Amirhossein Ghazizadeh-Haschi, an ex-chief commander of the guardians of the Revolution, General Mohsen Rezai and a technocrat, Abdolnasse Hemmati, former president of the central bank.

The expected absentenance to

vertices: Iran / presidential: the ultraconservator Ebrahim Raissi vote in Tehran (AFP)

, on the other hand, it is the abstention rate that will be scrutinized by the observers. Believe the few available polls, with abstention could reach an unprecedented level and exceed the 57% record recorded at the legislative of 2020. Faced with many calls to the boycott of this election, the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei who in fact holds the Keys of power, has launched a call in recent months to participate by mass by election to elect a "powerful president". So much so that the authorities have extended the opening time of polling stations until midnight (local time) with possible extension until 2 hours Saturday.

Iran elects its president, the UltraConservator Raissi shares winner

 Iran elects its president, the UltraConservator Raissi shares winner © Atta Kenare An Iranian passes between two posters of the presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi, in Tehran on June 17, 2021 The Iranians designate Friday without great Friday Enthusiasm a new president on the occasion of an election that should devote the victory of the UltraConservant Ebrahim Raïssi. The Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei opened the ballot by voting next to his offices a few minutes after 7:00 (02:30 GMT).

In the meantime, the successor of Rohani, which can not be represented this year for a third term of four years, will have to straighten the bar in a country in crisis tainted by the failure of its opening policy after the withdrawal By the United States in 2018 of The Iranian Nuclear Agreement concluded with great powers.

Its first work will be to get the lifting of the penalties imposed under Trump while of the negotiations are currently already in progress in Vienna.

Meanwhile, in the country, discontent and distrust of the authorities is expressed more and more openly. In December and January 2017-2018 and November 2019, two waves of contesting popular classes were violently repressed in Iran.

For the opposition in exile and human rights defenders, Ebrahim Raisi is even the incarnation of the repression and his name associated with the massive executions of left inmates in 1988, drama in which he denies any participation.

Ebrahim Raisssi, the future Iranian President, does not intend to meet Joe Biden .
© Atta Kenare / AFP Ebrahim Raissi, June 18, 2021. Ebrahim Raisi, elected President of Iran Saturday, June 19, announced that He did not want to meet the US President Joe Biden, even though this possible meeting was able to alleviate the United States sanctions against Iran.

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