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02:50  19 june  2021
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Ils étaient entre 20 000 et 40 000 à assister ce vendredi soir au dernier meeting de l'ancien président Robert Kotcharian avant les législatives de dimanche. © AP - Sergei Grites they were between 20,000 and 40,000 to attend this Friday night at the last meeting of former President Robert Kotcharian before the legislative laws Sunday.

The election campaign ended this Friday at midnight in Armenia, before Sunday's anticipated parliamentary elections. Among the most serious competitors to the outgoing Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian, former President Robert Kotcharian. He held his last meeting in the place of the Republic in Yerevan.

in front of a crowd a little larger than that gathered by Nikol Pachinian the day before - 20,000 to 40,000 people, according to estimates - the main opposition candidate Robert Kotcharian brought together one last time his troops this Friday night before Sunday vote.

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surrounded by candidates and his campaign team, Robert Kotcharian addresses his supporters by promising a strong Armenia. A slogan resumed in chorus by the crowd, reports our special envoy to Yerevan, Anastasia Becchio.

Supporters are of all ages, including families with children. Vladimir came with three friends on this place of the Republic where he had manifested, three years ago, for Nikol Pachinian, against the representatives of the old regime.

"I think I have been bornet and I'm shame," he says. Today we trust Robert Kotcharian because he has a lot of experience. The current power has totally discredited and in particular, with defeat in the war. Nikol Pachinian is simply incompetent. He can not lead a state.

Video: Armenia: 20,000 supporters of the Prime Minister gathered before Sunday vote (AFP)

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Armenia lost a war against Azerbaijan, hereditary enemy, in autumn 2020. After six Weeks of battles that have been nearly 6,000 deaths, Yerevan had to yield important territories that she had been controlling since a first war in the 1990s around the Upper Karabakh, a majority populated Azerbaijani secessionist region of Armenians. perceived as a national humiliation in Armenia, this defeat triggered a political crisis, forcing Nikol Pachinian, 46, including three in office, to convene anticipated legislation in the hope of lowering the tension and renewing its mandate.

Some Russian Flags

of the Tribune, the former 66-year-old and who led this little former Soviet Republic of the Caucasus from 1998 to 2008, repeats its priorities: the security of the country and its borders. The protesters agitate Armenian flags, but also some Russian flags. Robert Kotcharian defends a rapprochement with Moscow that he considers the only guarantor of security in the Caucasus.

It is also the opinion of Armen Petrassian, a public servant of the Ministry of Transport. "It's not a secret that Robert Kotcharian and Vladimir Putin are friends. Vladimir Putin wished him the right year and also his birthday, he always remembers. This beautiful friendship is what will save Armenia and all the Armenians who have judgifice, "he says.

The few available polls gave the formations of Robert Kotcharian and Nikol Pachinian with elbow elbow.

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Legislative in Armenia. Prime Minister Pachinian claims the victory, opponent Kotcharian contests the results .
© Armenian Prime Minister Press Service / EPA-EFE The Prime Minister Armenian Nikol Pachinian in a polling station in the city of Yerevan, June 20, 2021 . the Prime Minister Armenian Nikol Pachinian, largely in mind according to partial results of the anticipated legislative on Sunday, claimed his victory. The Armenian opponent Robert Kotcharian has contested these results.

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