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08:40  19 june  2021
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attackers kill ten mine clearer in Afghanistan

 attackers kill ten mine clearer in Afghanistan The men of the mine clearance distribution had just finished their work on nearby fields. There were armed in her camp and open the fire. Ten people die, others are injured. © Noorgul Andarwal The dismantling over the attack is in the mine cleaners and the population large with an attack on a mine clearance of the British-American organization Halo Trust, ten people have come to life in Afghanistan. 16 Other were injured, Halo Trust confirmed in a declaration divided on Twitter.

Le mercure est récemment monté assez haut dans une large partie de la France, rendant plus difficiles les conditions de travail. Mais les employeurs sont-ils tenus d'offrir des bouteilles d'eau à leurs salariés ? L'avocat Roland Perez, chroniqueur sur Europe 1, se penche sur ces questions, samedi. © Manan Vatsyayana / AFP The mercury is recently climbed quite high in a large part of France, making the working conditions more difficult. But are employers required to offer bottles of water to their employees? The Rolaland Perez lawyer, columnist on Europe 1, looks at these issues on Saturday.

France has been experiencing for several days of the strong heat, with a thermometer exceeding the 35 degrees . In this context, it becomes more difficult for employees to work outside, but also inside. On Europe 1, Saturday morning, Lawyer Roland Perez lists the precautions that employers should take with regard to employees when the temperature is too high at the workplace.

Bundestag decides law for more women in board members

 Bundestag decides law for more women in board members Great companies in Germany must in future take into account women in occupying items of the highest management level. The Bundestag decided on Friday the "second leadership position law". © Picture Alliance / DPA The "Second Leadership Position Act" comes. The economy had criticized the entire project as an intervention in the corporate structure.

It is the Ministry of Labor that has just sent to companies a note reminding them of their obligations in case of work by strong heat. Working outside or in stifling premises can have serious consequences for the health of employees and do not forget that employers have an obligation to protect the health of their employees.

three liters of minimum water

they must do everything to prevent dehydration and exhaustion that can cause large heat and more concretely reinforce the barrier gesture to avoid wearing the mask inside, and then especially Provide all employees with sources of bottled water supply or drinking water faucets easily. When it can, the company can adapt work schedules for, for example, start earlier and finish early in order to avoid the climbs of canicular temperatures at certain hours of the day, especially since we can Perfectly know the weather in advance and even the accurate temperatures to come.

United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19

 United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine © Halfpoint Images / Getty Images United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse anti-Covid-19 vaccine A federal judge rejected the complaints of employees at Houston Hospital, Texas, who did not want the VVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory to work. In the United States, the issue of mandatory vaccination seems to be taken very seriously. A hundred employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, has made it the bitter discovery.

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for employees who work outside, business bonds are even more drastic. It is imperative to protect the employees of the sun by equipping them with hats or caps. It takes a resting room that takes into account climatic conditions and especially to set up a pause of pauses, for these employees more exposed to heat than others. It is at least three liters of cold drinking water a day and per person that must be made available to them.

"Rescuers Rescuers of Labor"

In large companies, one or more employees have been trained in the first aid to lavish in case of discomfort of a colleague. They are called "rescuers rescuers at work". There is a telephone platform dedicated to the heat wave, "heat info service" at 0 800 06 66 66 (free call).

This platform is aimed at anyone worried by the strong heat and the consequences on his family or professional life, such as employers, employees, individuals. Everyone can ask one or more questions about the consequences of heavy tankers.

43 ° In Canada, 47 ° in Siberia ... Cascading heat records: Why is alarming .
© Reuters in Moscow, it was 34.8 ° C on June 23, a canicular temperature that pushes the inhabitants to the slightest point of water. In the United States, Siberia, in the Caucasus ... Throughout the northern hemisphere, heat records fall. Climatologists fear chain reactions, such as liberation of greater greenhouse gases with arctic soil thaw. Three words to describe the next weekend time: very very hot.

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