US News Fire Covers: After 245 days, Sunday at 6 o'clock, it's the keel!

16:30  19 june  2021
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sprit prices are wavering faster - but less strong

 sprit prices are wavering faster - but less strong The fuel prices fluctuate in the course of the day, but not as strong as last. © Sven Hoppe / DPA / Symbol Screen / Archive Zapfpistolen for different types of fuel hang on a dispenser at a gas station. In his annual investigation, the ADAC has found in May with Super E10 differences from average good 7 cents per liter between the day's day in the morning and deep in the evening, as he announced on Thursday. In May 2020, the distance was still 11 cents.

8 months, 2 days, 9 hours. It is the time that will have put France under Covid to return to the nocturnal world. If you do not know yet if the one after will really differ from the one before, always is it that this Sunday, June 20 at 6 o'clock in the morning, will rise one of the most severe restrictions of the pandemic. However, on October 17, 2020 at 9 pm, when the curfew came into force , no one would have imagined that the deprivation of nocturnal freedom would last 245 days. Two-thirds of a year.

The hardness has fluctuated, the measure that first applies in the Paris region and in eight metropolises, before extending to the whole country on December 15, with a passage at 8 pm. On January 16, she was brought back to 6 pm, the long winter nights sending the French directly from the dodo to the dodo without much even the outer light. The restriction, one of the most stringent in Europe despite the questions on its efficiency , was then loosened at the rate of reflux of COVID: 19 hours on March 20th, 9 pm on May 19, 23 hours on June 9th.

without Kiel and Co.: Top clubs grab in Cologne to Europe's handball crown

 without Kiel and Co.: Top clubs grab in Cologne to Europe's handball crown Only 165 days after the TRIUMPH of THW Kiel in December, the European Handball Crown will be awarded again. © provided by sport1.de without keel and co.: Top clubs grab in Cologne to Europe's handball crown only 165 days after the triumph of the THW Kiel in December, the European Handball Crown will be awarded again - but this time without German participation. The defending champion must leave the big stage of the Champions League of competition this weekend as the SG Flensburg-Handewitt.

Early Bamboche

After this endless molness tunnel, Emmanuel Macron seized the flight the improvement of the indicators - and the proximity of the regional and departmental elections - to advance the date of the end of the measure. At once, without warning. As we used to religiously wait for the fall of the cleaver in front of the press conferences on Thursday 18 hours, Castex announced the good new Wednesday between midday and two, between the pear and the cheese of the many French back on the terrace. They who were not aware that eight months of restrictions would be lifted with a snap of Jupierrian fingers, ten days before the scheduled date of June 30.

video: fire curfew at 11 pm: the French profit (dailymotion)

Certainly, the Prime Minister made us a false joy, letting first believe in a staggering expression that we could turn back on the sacred fire of evenings from Saturday. Failed, it will finally wait until Sunday at 6 o'clock, morning end time of the measure. Mr. Deconformation still beyond things to be made in good order, at least on this plan, even if some of the youngest did not resist the call of the early bamboche .

fire brigade moves on: Alarm in DFB-Camp

 fire brigade moves on: Alarm in DFB-Camp The German international posing smiling for the official EM team photo, applauded for birthday child Kai Hvertz - and experience a fire alarm. © Provided by Sport1.de Fire Brigade moves on: Alarm in the DFB-Camp At the German national team, it went round on Friday. first posed the national player smiling for the official EM team photo, then applauded for birthday child Kai Hanctz (22). Before the second training in the Adi-Dassler stadium, the mood was good, even if Jonas Hofmann was missing.

The curfew at 23:00, which was to apply until 30 June, will be lifted on this Sunday. pic.twitter.com/p7vcskgi1b

- Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) June 16, 2021

In recent French history , the curfew had been applied only in periods of conflict, during the second World War, during the Algerian war and because of the riots of 2005. For the first time, because of this historic pandemic, this measure was put in place for sanitary reasons. But in this "war" launched by Emmanuel Macron against Coronavirus on March 16, 2020, it is hoped that Variant Delta - or another - reopens a new forehead in the coming months.

three new railways in NRW - two at Dusseldorf .
Dusseldorf. Bund and Country NRW want to reactivate more style railways to protect the environment. Three projects now come to NRW. © Weronika Peneshko NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) welcomes the reactivation of old railway-ice trains as here in the photo are not expected to drive on the annexes. The Deutsche Bahn has introduced 20 projects where previous railways should be reactivated or could. Three of them are in the Rhineland, two of them concretely in the Düsseldorf area.

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