US News sharp criticism from Israel to Iran choice: "A regime of hangers"

19:15  20 june  2021
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Israel: towards the end of the Netanyahu era?

 Israel: towards the end of the Netanyahu era? © Ariel Schalit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem, June 6, 2021. Israel is preparing to open a new page of its history: a vote of confidence, scheduled for Sunday in Parliament, should endorse the Installation in the power of the "Change Coalition", supposed to terminate the reign of Benyamin Netanyahu, the most sustainable prime minister in the country's history with fifteen years of mandates.

Israeli Premier Bennett appeals to the West to stop negotiations on the revival of the Nuclear Agreement.

Der israelische Premierminister Naftali Bennett (rechts) warnt eindringlich vor der iranischen Führung. © Photo: Emmanuel Dunand, DPA The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (right) is urgently warn of Iranian leadership.

The choice of the Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi to the Iranian President is commented in Israel with warnings and threats. "Raisis election to the President of Iran is a signal to the world's powers that they need to wake up," said Israel's just chosen Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday. "A regime of hangers may not have weapons of mass destruction." Bennett referred to allegations, expressed, among other things, the human rights organization Amnesty International, Raisi had been involved in Iran the 80s at the murder of thousands of political prisoners.

Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be "back" one day in power

 Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be © EPA / Maxppp Benjamin Netanyahu on June 6, 2021 in Jerusalem. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister says she does not end up with politics. While a new coalition came into office, "Bibi" said he would be "back" one day in power. The Israeli Prime Minister outgoing Benjamin Netanyahu said, Sunday, June 13, that he would remain in politics after the entry into office of a new coalition, wherever he will come back to power one day.

also of Israel's new Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who is to replace Bennett in two years at the point of government, reported to speak. "The new President Iran is an extremist responsible for the death of ten thousand Iranians," Lapid wrote on Twitter. "His choice should lead to a new determination to stop Iran's atomic program instantly and to put an end to its destructive regional ambitions."

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For years, Israel's government warned that the Iran under the coat of his supposedly civilian nuclear program develops weapons of mass destruction. Bennett's predecessor Benjamin Netanyahu had the fight against Iran's nuclear program made a focus of its foreign policy and a massive diplomatic, although ultimately unsuccessful campaign against the signing of the atom agreement, also known as JCPOA (Joint ComPrehensive Plan of Action).

Israel: 1st test for the government with a step of the far right in Jerusalem-Est

 Israel: 1st test for the government with a step of the far right in Jerusalem-Est © provided by the point to Parently arrived, the new Israeli government passes Tuesday a first test: a march of Jewish activists Far right in the already energized area of ​​Jerusalem-is with the threat of another climbing with the Islamists of Hamas , in power in Gaza.

Trump had terminated the contract

the agreement on which Iran's leadership At that time with the permanent members of the Security Council, the EU and Germany agreed, should subjugate the Iranian atomic program strict controls and restrictions. Israeli politicians and experts, however, criticize it as poor, because on the one hand, there is no complete control and disregarded to the other Iran's non-nuclear missile program and its interference in numerous countries of the region. Since the former US President Donald Trump terminated the Treaty in 2018 unilaterally, he is de facto as ineffective. The International Atomic Energy Organization of the United Nations has already demonstrated several injuries of the Agreement of the Iranian leadership. In recent years, unknown sabota slopes against Iran's nuclear infrastructure, which are widely attributed to the Israeli foreign intelligence service, the Mossad. The choice of a hardliner to the president in Iran could heat this shadow war. The election Raisis is a clear sign for the decision of the political and religious head of Iran, Ali Chamenei, "Iran's behavior in foreign policy, nuclear and terrorist concerns", commented Ram Ben Barak, a former Vizechef des Mossad and now Deputy of the Yesh -ATID party lapids.

In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile

 In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile © Safin Hamed Moustafa Ibrahim, a Kurdish refugee from Iran, near Erbil, Iraq, June 9, 2021 sometimes blocked since from Decades in Iraqi Kurdistan For lack of papers, Kurdish refugees from Iran have eyes riveted to their country of origin where elections take place, without feeding great hopes for a change. In May, one of them, Behzad Mahmoudi, has immolated on fire in front of a UN building in Erbil, capital of the autonomous region.

No difference to Netanyahu

Netanyahu had repeatedly threatened to override Iran's atomic program by means of a military attack. Israel's Defense Minister Benny Gantz recently repeated this threat: In the fight against Iran's nuclear program, he said, "all options on the table". An inappropriate high-ranking representative of the Israeli security authorities chose clearer words after the Iranian presidential election. "There is no choice to prepare as attack plans for Iran's nuclear program," a local television station cited the officials.

For some months, Iranian envoys in Vienna negotiate with representatives of the EU, China and Russia on a revival of the agreement. Also Messenger of the US government are on site. The new Israeli coalition under the leadership Bennetts wants to take off in many ways from their predecessor government under Netanjahu, but in Iran, however, she remains true to the previous line. "A renewal of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran is a mistake," Bennett said recently. "Israel will not allow Iran to equip with nuclear weapons."

Biden receives the Israeli President to discuss Iran and Defense .
USA-Israel / Rivlin (photo): Biden receives the Israeli President to discuss Iran and Defense by Steve Holland Washington, June 28 ( Reuters) - The US President Joe Biden receives Monday from the White House his Outgoing Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin for expanded discussions on the United States' efforts to return under the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and on the formation of A new government in Israel.

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