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departmental in Paris: why you will not vote on Sunday

 departmental in Paris: why you will not vote on Sunday while the electors of other departments of Ile-de-France will have to elect their new departmental council on June 20 and 27, it will not be the case in Paris © M.Libert / 20 minutes There will be no departmental election in Paris Politics - while the electors of other Ile-de-France departments will have to elect their new departmental council on the 20th and June 27, it will not be the case in Paris Paris has long been at the same time a municipality and a department.

In Georgia, Republicans are removing Democrats of color from local boards. In Arkansas, they have stripped election control from county authorities. And they are expanding their election power in many other states. The extra precinct in nearby Hogansville, where the population is roughly 50 percent Black, is a top priority. While its population is only about 3,000, the town is bifurcated by a rail line, and Ms. Hollis said that sometimes it can take an exceedingly long time for a line of freight cars to clear, which is problematic on Election Days.

France's conservative party, The Republicans , was projected to win the most votes in the first round of regional elections on Sunday, according to three polling agencies. Le Pen's party was expected to win at least one region , propelling her into the national spotlight with her new, softened image. While she was not a candidate in these elections, she has campaigned as the face of the party. "She appears less extreme in the eyes of the French, less dangerous for democracy, than she did a decade ago," said Brice Teinturier, an analyst with pollster IPSOS, speaking with Reuters.

Les estimations donnaient Thierry Mariani, le candidat RN, largement en tête au second tour en région Paca. Il devance finalement de peu son rival LREM Renaud Muselier. © Patrick Gherdoussi The estimates gave Thierry Mariani, the RN candidate, largely in the second round in the PACA region. He finally advances his rival Lrem Renaud Muserier.

The right can blow. Week after week, the regional ballot had ended up taking the look of a vast trap for Republicans (LRs) and their allies, forced to consider uncomfortable alliance with the Republic on the move (LREM). But the truth of the polls, Sunday, was softer on the right, between a platoon of cadats en route to quiet renewals and a less dramatic picture than expected on the big hot spot of the map: a Provence-Alpes-Côte d Azure threatened to switch to the extreme right.

Last day of campaign in Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed predicts Pacific elections

 Last day of campaign in Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed predicts Pacific elections © Jerome Delay, AP The party of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appears favorite of this election organized in a critical context. Ethiopia is preparing for legislative and regional elections, postponed last year due to the pandemic. With the Tiger War and ethnic conflicts that have multiplied in recent months, several areas of the country will not be able to vote on polling day. At the last country day, Abiy Ahmed despite all an optimistic speech.

France is voting in the first round of regional elections that could see Marine Le Pen‘s far-right party make gains and step further into the political mainstream. Though far-right politicians preside over a handful of towns in France, running a region with a budget of billions of euros and powers over schools, transport and economic development would lend it the sort of legitimacy that Le Pen craves, analysts say. “What would be great for her, and would spark some momentum in the pre-presidential campaign, would be if the National Rally won a region ,” said Stephane Zumsteeg from the Ipsos polling firm.

Regional election will take place on June 20 and 27 throughout France. PARIS: Marine Le Pen's far right party is riding high on her tough-on-security, stop-immigration message as French voters start choosing regional leaders Sunday in an election that's seen as a dress rehearsal for next year's presidential A major question for the runoff is whether French voters will band together to keep the party out of power as they have in the past. Traditional conservative party The Republicans looks set to keep control of several of the seven regions it currently runs, including the all-important Paris area.

largely in the first round, Laurent Wauquiez (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Valérie Pécresse (Île-de-France) and Xavier Bertrand (Hauts-de-France) do not have much to fear second round, next Sunday. These three national figures will see a ticket for their national ambitions. At this game, Bertrand took Sunday a symbolic advantage over his competitor Francilienne, obtaining in his region a very superior score, and the elimination from the first round of the Macronian candidate Laurent Pietraszewski with his Kyrielle of Ministers-candidates. For the second round, Bertrand will not need to demand a support that the latter spontaneously brought him Sunday night.

Nains Combat

All other outgoing Presidents LR arrive in their region, with the exception of Renaud Muselier in Paca. But the latter (33.7% of the votes according to the Ipsos Institute) seemed, Sunday night, less distance than expected by the NR Thierry Mariani (34.8%). In another region renowned "loud" for the right (Pays-de-la-Loire), the outbound Christelle Morançais was also first , albeit under the threat of a possible union of the left in the second round. Two heavy defeats, in Occitania and New Aquitaine, tarnished a little painting - without great consequences, in these territories acquired on the left. The right, we will be heard, has also collected the greatest number of voices at the national level. Even though, from this point of view, the extraordinary level of abstention made a dwarf fight.

For regional elections in France, low participation from

 For regional elections in France, low participation from is characterized by the regional and departmental elections in France, a highly low stake is evident. Until Sunday afternoon, only 12.22 percent of the eligible eligible issued their vote, as the Ministry of the Interior announced. At the previous regional election in December 2015, the quota had four percentage points higher at the same time. At the departmental elections in March 2015, almost 18 percent of the voters had already involved in this time.

Today, France votes for the first round of its regional , territorial and departmental elections. More than 45 million voters are called to the polls for the last electoral streak before the next presidential election. Will the National Rally win its first region or its first department ever? Will the left manage to get some good results, in a context of strong mistrust towards it? Will abstention reach its highest level in France since 1945, as some pollsters predict?

However, hardly any Republican voters share their enthusiasm. After a unanimous vote in the Senate and a 415-14 vote in the House, President Joe Biden officially recognized June 19 – ‘Juneteenth’ – as a federal holiday on Thursday. Once a regional celebration unique to Texas, the date has been recognized in some capacity by 46 states since the 1980s, and commemorates the day – June 19 Republicans – who overwhelmingly backed the establishment of the holiday – portrayed the day as a “celebration of freedom,” and avoided the racially charged calls to action of their Democrat colleagues.

Video: LREM / RN: What line for Republicans? (Le Figaro)

The other big news of the evening, a right view, will have been the very bad result of the Republic on the move - as a conjuration of the existential challenge launched at the party by the party presidential. Where macronian candidates are eliminated, it is a considerable pressure that is removed from the shoulders of LR: that of having to consider with them second round alliances of travenard, one year of a presidential election that will see the two Camps compete.

Temptation to ally with LREM

Such a hypothesis remains in a small number of regions. As in the Loire country, to keep it, or in central Val-de-Loire, to take it on the left - but also in a more advantageous configuration than expected, since the candidate LR Nicolas forissier did Better than Minister Modem Marc Fesau.

In these areas, the temptation will be strong for LR candidates, while party leaders will meet Monday to discuss the second round strategy. To them will then arise a difficult alternative: condemn these agreements, without much chance to be obeyed; Or take note of it, in a painful denial of all the tirades on the incompatibility of both parties. The average hypothesis would see the proceeding on a case by case, putting here its buffer on the alliance, refusing it there. Not enough to clarify the identity of the party, but a small methodological progress: we now distinguish the good macronism of the bad. Always that took.

Ethiopia: 64 dead in the air strike on a market with Tiger .
© provided by the point to U Less 64 people were killed and 180 wounded in an air strike from the Ethiopian army that affected a market Tuesday to Togoga, in the Tiger region, said Thursday to AFP a health manager of the Regional Transitional Administration. "So far, there are 64 dead and 180 wounded in Togoga.

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