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12:15  21 june  2021
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How much will you cost the L1 on Amazon?

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Berlin. At seven locations of the Amazon's online dealer, the employees strike on Monday. Occasion is the so-called "Prime Day". The company refers to an upcoming wage increase. Striced is also in Rheinberg and Werne.

 Ein Mitarbeiter von Amazon steht mit einer Verdi-Warnweste mit dem Slogan „Für bessere Tarife“ darauf vor dem Amazon-Logistik-Zentrum in Werne. © Guido Kirchner An employee of Amazon stands with a Verdi warning vest with the slogan "for better tariffs" in front of the Amazon logistics center in Werne.

At the online dealer Amazon, on Monday at the beginning of the discount promotion "Prime Day" employees came into the strike. In the Hessian Bad Hersfeld for example, in the morning, according to the union Verdi 200 to 300 employees participated in the strike; In the course of the day and about different layers "I calculate at 550," said Verdi strikeiter Mechthild Middke the news agency AFP. Called to strike until Wednesday, the union has at seven Amazon locations.

TV rights, the big explanation of Canal +!

 TV rights, the big explanation of Canal +! © provided by Sports.fr The President of Canal + did not appreciate that the league chosen Amazon as a new actor of French football. Theater coup on the rights of the Championship of France, the Professional Football League (LFP) has decided to give a cake from Amazon. An unexpected approach that pushed the encrypted chain to respond immediately. Canal + laid the sponge, to the general surprise, for the diffusion of Ligue 1 and League 2.

Amazon Mache at the action days of billions of revenues, "the customer tower must manage the employees in the shipping centers and get no cents for the additionally tight workload," Orhan Akman criticized by Verdi on Sunday. Called up to the strike, Verdi has in Werne, Leipzig, Rheinberg, Bad Hersfeld, Koblenz and Dig.

Amazon explained, the Group expects no impact on the customers. Amazon already offer "an excellent payment, excellent additional services and excellent career opportunities - all in a safe, modern working environment." A spokesman pointed out that the entry-level wages for all employees in the German logistics network would increase at least twelve Euro gross per hour from July. In addition, Amazon pays a special compensation for overtime, a life and disability insurance and contributions to occupational pensions.

United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19

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Verdi called the announced increase in the entry-level salaries to twelve euros per hour on Sunday "cynical and long-distance recognition and respect". Amazon would be "like a director", which has good mood "a few benefits for his day laborers has". The Federal Government calls for the union to facilitate the way to a general liability of collective bargaining provisions so that all companies are bound to each industry.

Verdi has been struggling for years that the Amazon employees receive a collective agreement and paid after the data for retail and mail order. Amazon always argues that the company is also without collective agreement "a fairer and responsible employer" and pay at the top of what is customary for comparable activities.

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