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19:30  21 june  2021
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Israel: Herzog, Bennett ... Who are Netanyahu's graves?

 Israel: Herzog, Bennett ... Who are Netanyahu's graves? © Y. Sindel / AFP 25717_1517082_K2_K1_3506958.jpg The new leaders come from Parliament and have been ministers and party leaders. But their profiles diverge. H ASARD Calendar, Isaac Herzog, 60, was elected President of the Hebrew State by the Knesset on June 2, only a few hours before the training of the government that will end the Netanyahu era. At his head, we should find Naftali Bennett, 49 years old. On the ideological level, the two men are antipodes.

with Zsolt Balla, for the first time since 100 years, there is another military rabbi in Germany. The 42-year-old was introduced on Monday with a ceremony in the Leipzig Synagogue in his office. Balla highlighted the historical responsibility of his own office. "I feel the burden of history on my shoulder," he said. Federal Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) spoke of a "very special day".

Erstmals seit rund 100 Jahren gibt es in Deutschland wieder eine jüdische Militärseelsorge: In Leipzig wurde am Montag der neue Militärbundesrabbiner Zsolt Balla in sein Amt eingeführt. © Axel Home For the first time for about 100 years, there has been a Jewish military gelselorge again in Germany: in Leipzig, the new Military Bundesrabbin Zsolt Balla was introduced in his office on Monday.

The borne Hungary Balla lives since 2002 in Germany. In addition to its new task as a military corn rabbi, he remains local benchmark of the Israelite religion community Leipzig as well as land rabbi of Saxony.

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Zsolt Balla called the beginning of the military rabbin in the Bundeswehr an "important sign". "German society and the Jewish community in Germany have a long way to reach this historic moment," he said.

After signing a military gelsorgastate contract in December 2019, the Bundestag had freed the way for the appeal of military rabbi in May 2020. Their number should rise to ten in the medium term. Military rabbi are supposed to look after Jewish soldiers in Germany and abroad pastors, but also contact persons for all soldiers to ask Judaism or if this mental assistance would like. The Ministry of Defense estimates the number of Jewish soldiers to about 300.

"We strengthen and reaffirm a thing today, which weigh a lot just against the background of German history, although it almost sounds a banal: normality," said Kramp cartauer in Leipzig. With the first military bond cabbin, a piece of normality is created, the show that Jewish life belonged to Germany and Judaism to the Bundeswehr.

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The establishment of the Jewish military soulsorge is not only expression of the care for the Jews in the Bundeswehr, but turn to all soldiers. They also manage "very authentic and practical encounters with Judaism," said Defense Minister. At the same time this is a "great commitment to our democracy, for our open, diverse and tolerant society". Kramp Karrenbauer emphasized the obligation of any Democrats to face anti-Semitism.

The President of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, expressed joy and gratitude that around 75 years after the end of World War II Jewish military gelsor in the Bundeswehr take its service. This is also an important step in combating anti-Semitism. "This is strangled to Judaism," said Schuster.

with regard to right-wing extremists incidents in the Bundeswehr memorized by the Central Council President to meet such tendencies. "Right extremists in uniform damage the reputation of the entire Bundeswehr." It not only applies to banish right-wing radicals from the Bundeswehr, but to consolidate all other soldiers in their democratic attitude.

of the anti-Semitism officer of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, called the Jewish military lensorge "a strong political sign against anti-Semitism". They underlaim the importance of Jewish life not only in the troupe, but in society as a whole, said small the newspapers of the Funke Media Group.

The military rabbin with its headquarters in Berlin will have four field offices in Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Frankfurt am Main in the future. The military gelsorge is so far characterized Christian. The great Christian churches have been creating military lectors for decades. Today there are 178 military powers in Germany and six abroad.


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