US News to the one: a Brazilian on 425 carried away by the COVID-19

21:20  21 june  2021
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Covid-19 in Russia: A week of work stoppage in Moscow to counter the epidemic

 Covid-19 in Russia: A week of work stoppage in Moscow to counter the epidemic © Via Reuters - Moscow News Agency Temporary Hospital for Patients Covid-19 in the Krylatskoye Ice Palace in Moscow, 11 June 2021. In Russia, rising COVID cases worries the authorities. The Mayor of Moscow enacted new restrictions on 12 June to try to curb the progression of the virus. Non-essential workers are requested to stay at home throughout the week, but their wages remain guaranteed.

Le Covid-19 a fait plus de 500 000 morts en un peu plus d'un an au Brésil. © Reuters - Pilar Olivares The COVID-19 has made more than 500,000 deaths in just over a year in Brazil.

The Pandemic of Covid-19 dominates the big titles of the Brazilian press and for good reason: Brazil has become this weekend the second country in the world after the United States to exceed the threshold of the 500,000 dead. "A country at the edge of the precipice", Title the information site G1 . To understand the scope of the health disaster, it is sufficient to specify that a Brazilian on 425 was carried away by the disease, writes G1. The weekly Carta Capital recalls that it only took 51 days, so not even two months, to go from 400,000 to 500,000 dead.

"Why so fast? »Teen and parents hesitate before the start of the 12-18 years of vaccination

 © David Ademas / West-France The Vovid-19 vaccination center of Robert-Poirier Stadium in Rennes. From Tuesday, June 15, the 12-18 years will be able to receive the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine, first to have got the green light for use in minors. But whatsoever teens or parents, no one seems in a hurry to receive his first dose before the holidays.

According to specialists consulted by Carta Capital, the third wave of the pandemic is arriving. "The crisis is healthy, but also political", explains a doctor in the weekly, because to curb the spread of the virus, given the slowness of vaccination, restrictions should be put in place. For President Jair Bolsonaro, who continues to oppose barriers and traffic restrictions, "freedom is more important than life," says Carta Capital.

A disillusioned Youth

In any case, the pandemic already has an impact on the morale of young Brazilians. Disillusioned by the economic crisis that has only worsened with COVID, half of the Brazilians between 15 and 29 years old wishes to leave the country to settle abroad. This is a study published by the Folha Journal of São Paulo .

Covid-19: Bombay on alert, facing the risk of a third wave

 Covid-19: Bombay on alert, facing the risk of a third wave © Provided by Paris The Parisian few cities in India seemed also vulnerable to the pandemic of Covid-19 that Bombay, yet the more populated by South Asia. But she knew, better than Delhi, resist the frightful second wave and stay on the foot of war in the meantime ... the following. In May 2020, Abhignya Patra, 27-year-old anesthetist, was mobilized 18 hours a day at Lokmanya Tilak Hospital in the Maharashtra capital (west). "It was non-stop," she says.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, reached from Covid-19, will heal in Cuba

the former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide obtained the authorization to leave abroad to take care of the CVIV-19. According to the novelist which relies on government sources, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 68, will be treated in Cuba. President Jovenel Moses allowed the Aristide to obtain a diplomatic passport for humanitarian reasons, a passport that will be valid for one year. The former president has been prohibited since 2014 to leave Haiti.

Video: Covid: half a million dead in Brazil, demonstrations against Bolsonaro (AFP)

The reception of Covid-19 patients threatened by the Gangs War

The pandemic is expanding in Haiti while patient home capabilities remain limited. And these limited capabilities add the problem of insecurity. According to

Covid in Brazil: mobilization against Bolsonaro while the country exceeds the bar of 500,000 dead

 Covid in Brazil: mobilization against Bolsonaro while the country exceeds the bar of 500,000 dead © Reuters - Pilar Olivares manifestation against President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, in Rio de Janeiro on 19 June 2021. Thousands of people showed Saturday, June 19 in more than 400 cities in Brazil to denounce the management of the Pandemic of Covid-19 by President Jair Bolsonaro, the day the country exceeds the bar of the 500,000 deaths of COVID. with our correspondent in Rio de Janeiro, Sarah Cozzolino Marcia is mourning today.

the novelist , the Delmas 2 support center, caught up with armed gang clashes in Port-au-Prince, could be forced to close. heat wave and drought in Arizona In the United States, a heat wave has been abate for several weeks to the west of the country, with dramatic consequences for vulnerable people. Last week, the Phoenix thermometer posted 115 degrees Fahrenheit, so 46 degrees Celsius. A challenge for construction sites workers who fear "dying of hot", as written the

New York Times . More than a challenge, this heat wave represents a real danger for homeless people. More than 300 died because of the heat wave last year. The problem: the increase in the real estate market forces many people to leave their air-conditioned apartments to settle in motorhomes, even squarely sleep outside. This is the case of José Castro that the New York Times met in a park in Phoenix. His wife and lost their jobs because of the pandemic and can no longer pay their rent from $ 1,000. The city of Phoenix has set up air conditioning centers, but José says not to know. "Anyway, with my old cell phone I could not locate them," he explains to the reporter of the New York Times.

The heat wave has also resulted in a great drought in Arizona. The authorities could restrict the use of water, according to the

Arizona Republic log. But several golf clubs, whose watering is made from the groundwater, have already announced to oppose it, writes the daily. Restrict access to water would threaten the existence of these clubs, argue the owners.

in Brazil, the end of the crazy caval of a serial killer .
© Adriano Machado Lázaro Barbosa, suspected of murdering a family near Brasília, was shot down by the Brazilian police on Monday at the end of A man hunting XXL. Here during her hunt, in the state of Goiás, June 22. Three weeks of a race-pursuit worthy of a Hollywood movie, finished in fire and blood. The same images are looped on all Brazilian television Monday.

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