US News Towards a reopening of the terrestrial border between Senegal and Guinea

02:30  22 june  2021
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 a place for a trip to space with Jeff Bezos sold $ 28 million © Jim Watson / AFP Jeff Bezos, who will leave her post of Amazon boss in July, had announced early June that It would be part of the first flight inhabited in the New Shepard rocket. A rich and happy winner paid auction on Saturday $ 28 million to accompany Jeff Bezos in the first spatial tourism flight of Blue Origin scheduled on July 20th.

The Senegalese Interior Ministry has blocked the border with Guinea “until further notice” over the terrible outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has already killed 70 people during the last two months. The crossings at Kolda and Kedougou between Guinea and Senegal are constantly used by traders, in particular for weekly markets, so the move is set to affect regional trade relations. The Ebola virus kills from 25 percent to 90 per cent of those who are infected, and no vaccine or treatment is available.

Some alternative accommodation for asylum seekers being held by Australia in Papua New Guinea is not yet fit to live in, the UN refugee agency says. A senior official who visited the sites told Australia's ABC radio he found "major earthworks in progress". Australia has held asylum seekers who arrive by boat on both Manus Island (in PNG) and Nauru, a small Pacific nation. However, the Manus Island centre was shut on Tuesday after a PNG court ruled last year that it was unconstitutional. Under its controversial policy, Australia refuses to take in anyone trying to reach its territories unofficially by boat.

Le président sénégalais Macky Sall et le président guinéen Alpha Condé lors d'une précédent sommet de la Cédéao. (image d'illustration) © AFP - SIA Kambou Senegalese President Macky Sall and Guinean President Alpha Condé at a previous Cédao Summit. (Image of illustration)

Conakry had closed its borders with Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone at the end of September, just before the presidential election. Several official sources then mentioned "security reasons", and "possible destabilization operations" conducted from outside in the electoral context. The situation was already unlocked with Freetown, it's going on it with Dakar, but is not yet news with Bissau yet.

With our corresponding in Dakar, Charlotte IDRAC

The carriers impatiently await him for nine months. The reopening of the border between Senegal and Guinea is "imminent", according to the final statement of Cédéao, of which the 59th Summit held Saturday, June 19 in Accra.

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 flying in space with Jeff Bezos: the auction winner pays $ 28 million © Copyright 2021, Obs A rich and happy winner paid Saturday, June 12, $ 28 million (23 million euros) A pocket auction to accompany Jeff Bezos in the first flight of spatial tourism of the company Blue Origin scheduled on July 20 - Anniversary date of the first steps on the moon in 1969. The winner, whose identity will be known in the coming Weeks, has capped at the post about twenty participants in these online finals auctions that lasted less than ten minutes.

The maritime frontier between Guinea Conakry and Guinea Bissau was defined by a decision. of an International Arbitral Tribunal of 14 February 1985, as a result of a Special Agreement. between the two adjacent States, established on 18 February 1983. Cape Roxo. This is an important beacon that delimits the northern boundary, nearby the. western coastline, and marks the terrestrial origin of the maritime frontier line, between the. two countries as well as the joint exploitation maritime zone. The geographical fieldwork and respective outputs produced before the independence were.

The reopening of the border is expected to be gradual, and will depend on the number of COVID-19 cases in both countries. Canada is hit hard by the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, more so than the U.S. This is because a vaccine rollout in Canada has slowed due to supply issues. Trudeau has said that Canadians are likely to be fully vaccinated by September. Canada’s vaccine campaign, however, has gained steam in recent weeks and the country is now recording among the highest vaccination rates per capita among OECD nations. What do travellers need to do?

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The organization "welcomes" a military and technical cooperation agreement signed "posing the basis of the reopening". The result of long negotiations. At the end of March-early April, the president of the organization of the organization had made the trip to Conakry to "encourage" the President Alpha Conde to accelerate the discussions with Senegal

that this agreement contains? No comment from the Senegalese authorities, remained discreet since the announcement of the closure. But the establishment of "mixed patrols along the border" was a request from Conakry, recalls a Guinean official source, which indicates that the text should still be ratified by the parliaments of the two countries.

United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19

 United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine © Halfpoint Images / Getty Images United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse anti-Covid-19 vaccine A federal judge rejected the complaints of employees at Houston Hospital, Texas, who did not want the VVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory to work. In the United States, the issue of mandatory vaccination seems to be taken very seriously. A hundred employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, has made it the bitter discovery.

The Mauritania– Senegal Border War was a conflict fought between the West African countries of Mauritania and Senegal along their shared border during 1989–1991.

President Léopold Senghor advocated close relations with France and negotiation and compromise as the best means of resolving international differences. To a large extent, the two succeeding presidents have carried on Senghor's policies and philosophies.

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voters so it is a new step, after the normalization of the situation with Sierra Leone, from the month of February. But the discussions with Guinea-Bissau seem blocked. At the Accra Summit, his president took him directly to his Alpha Conde counterpart.

"The Guinean President did not have the right to close the borders" with his neighbors. "I will never send ministers to sign this type of agreement," said Umaro Sissoco Embalo, before being interrupted by Ghanaian Nana Akufo Addo, President-in-Office of the Cédao.

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The Joint Nigro-Burkinabè Staff of Operation Taanli draws up a positive assessment .
© Michele Cattani / AFP soldiers Burkinabe train in shooting in northern Burkina Faso on November 12, 2019 (image of illustration ) called "Taanli" ("Cohesion" in Gulamanchema), the operation, in progress since June 10, has been planned by a joint staff between Burkina Faso and Niger. with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI This operation mobilized terrestrial and air forces of the two countries and several hundred men, according to the general staff of the Burkinabè armies.

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