US News Afghanistan: The Taliban at the doors of the city of Kunduz

13:05  22 june  2021
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two explosions make at least five deaths in Kabul

 two explosions make at least five deaths in Kabul Afghanistan-Explosion /: Two explosions make at least five deaths in Kabul Kabul, June 12 (Reuters) - Two explosions did at least five dead Saturday in Kabul, announced the Afghan Ministry of the Interior. These two explosions, whose officials are ignored, occurred in the West Afghan capital where lives an important community of the Hazara minority, taken regularly for target by the Jihadists of the Islamic State Organization.

Les Taliban ont encerclé lundi 21 juin la ville-clé de Kunduz, dans le nord-est de l'Afghanistan. © AFP The Taliban circled Monday 21 June the key city of Kunduz, in the north-east of Afghanistan.

According to several local sources, the Taliban encircled, Monday, the key city of Kunduz, in northeastern Afghanistan.

The Taliban encircled Monday 21 June The key city of Kunduz, in the north-east of Afghanistan , accentuating their pressure on the government forces constrained to give up several districts, according to local sources.

"The situation is worrying in Kunduz. Taliban fighters are at the gates of the city and they face the army," AFP Amruddin Wali, a member of the provincial council.

"This morning, they took control of the Achin bridge [north of the city, NDLR] and block access to Kunduz" from the border with Tajikistan, north and on the main axis leading to Kabul, To the south, continued Amruddin Wali.

Several thousand people walked against the ideas of extreme right everywhere in France

 Several thousand people walked against the ideas of extreme right everywhere in France © Joel Le Gall / West-France More than 1,200 protesters participated in the walk against the ideas of extreme right in Rennes. in Paris, Nantes, Rennes or Lannion, a few thousand people took part in the demonstration for freedoms and against the ideas of extreme right, this Saturday, June 12th. The event was marked, in particular, by a roll of flour against the leader of France unsuitable, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

"The Afghan forces has withdrawn. The Taliban took a stand on the main road and let only have the civilians," he added.

"One week of intense fighting"

This information has been confirmed at the AFP correspondent on site by a safe source refusing to be named.

Video: Afghanistan: the return of the Taliban? (France 24)

"If the Afghan forces do not receive air support, it will be a disaster," warns this manager.

According to their spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, attached by AFP, the insurgents "conduct operations around Kunduz but did not throw offensive against the city".

Kunduz is twice fallen in the hands of the insurgents

, 2015 and 2016, before being resumed. The Kunduz police spokesman, Inamuddin Rahmani, expressed the local media of "50 Taliban killed and 30 wounded in the last 24 hours". But according to him, "the security forces are at their post".

KSK gets a new commander

 KSK gets a new commander Berlin. The Command Special Forces (KSK) The Bundeswehr remains consisting of how Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has now decided - under a changed leadership. The Wehrbetrauts encourages further investigations. © - A KSK soldier ensures the peeling comrades in Afghan Masar I-Sharif at the beginning of June.

The Taliban multiplies their offensives on the ground since

the beginning of the withdrawal of the American forces in early May

, scheduled to end at the latest on September 11th. The Afghan army is assaulted on all sides, especially in the provinces of the North, Kunduz, Baghlan, Badakhshan, Faryab, Maimana, and loses ground at an alarming pace.

She recently suffered heavy losses, including in the ranks of her elite forces who recorded last week at least 20 dead in Faryab, or was forced to give up besieged forwards in remote areas.

Under the terms of the agreement signed with the insurgents in February 2020 in Doha, the Americans, who are withdrawing from Afghanistan, do not use the air force only if insurgents threaten the main cities.

The Taliban are present today in almost all Afghan provinces and encircle several big cities, as they had done in the 1990s to seize almost all of the country and install an authoritarian Islamic regime, driven by The US intervention in 2001.

The South is already largely under Taliban control with the exception of big cities.

A Taliban manager reaffirmed Sunday the willingness to introduce "an authentic Islamic regime by negotiation", but the Inter-Afghan talks started last September in Doha with the government are at a dead point.

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Wehrbupheritant Högl wishes public debate on Afghanistan use .
Berlin. After 20 years, the use of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan goes to an end. In order to be able to draw the balance sheet, the Wehrbupheritant Högl proposes the establishment of an Enquete Commission. © Michael Kappeler Bundeswehr soldiers go after an appeal over the dusty marching place in the customer .. the Wehrbeiter of the Bundestag, Eva Högl (SPD), wishes a public debate on the 20-year use of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.

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