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at least ten deaths in a suicide attack at Mogadishi

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Omar Raddad devant le ministère de la Justice à Paris, en décembre 2008. © Mehdi Fedouach / AFP Omar Raddad before the Ministry of Justice in Paris, in December 2008.

The Defense of Omar Raddad, convicted for the murder of Ghislaine Marchal In 1991 in Mougins, will file a request for a review of the Moroccan gardener's trial after analyzes of new DNA traces.

The Defense of Omar Raddad , Moroccan Gardener Condemned for the Murder of Ghislaine Marchal In 1991 to Mougins ( Alpes-Maritimes ), will table Thursday 24 June a new request for revision of the trial on the basis of news Analyzes of DNA traces discovered in 2015, she announced on Monday, June 21 in a statement.

In November 2015, four genetic fingerprints corresponding to four unidentified men, two perfectly exploitable footprints and two other partially, had been found on two doors and a chevron that were on the crime scene. On these two doors had been written "Omar kill me" (sic) and «Omar t» , with the blood of the victim.

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A rich widow of an automotive equipment manufacturer

Ghislaine Marchal, the rich widow of an automotive equipment manufacturer, was 65 years old when she was found bathing in her blood in the cellar of her property on June 23, 1991.

The request for revision Relys on the subsequent analyzes of an expert, rendered in 2019 and unveiled Monday by the world . This report concludes with the presence of about thirty traces of a comprehensive male DNA not belonging to the gardener and found in one of the registrations made with the blood of the victim, who designated Omar Raddad as the murderer.

sentenced in 1994 to 18 years of imprisonment, without the possibility of appealing at the time, Omar Raddad had a total of more than seven years in prison.

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In its 2019 report, the Laurent Brenial Expert, cited by the world and whose conclusions were confirmed at AFP by Omar Raddad's lawyer, Mr. Sylvie Noahovich, pronounced on the origin of that thirties. Traces of DNA and leans in favor of the "direct or indirect primary transfer assumptions at the time of the facts" . In other words, DNA would have been deposited potentially by the author of the message.

These new traces of DNA had been compared with a list of relatives of Ghislaine Marchal, comparisons that proved negative.

Continued investigations at the Nice

Public Prosecutor's Office, the existence of which had been known since 2019 , but not its content, had led to the continuation of the investigations in the public prosecutor's office, but they relaunched in 2015, but these. have not resulted in this day. The former gardener's lawyer will put his request on Thursday at the Paris Palace of Justice, in the presence of Academician Jean Marie Rouart, author of a book on this criminal case, one of the most famous in France, and former MP Georges Fenech, one of the craftsmen of the reform which has relaxed in 2014 the conditions for the revision of a definitive conviction, according to the statement.

"Thanks to the new items discovered since the last rejection decision of the Revision Court"

in 2002, "The truth about the innocence of Omar Raddad will be recognized, it is our intimate conviction" , continues the statement . Omar Raddad had benefited from a partial grace of President Jacques Chirac and a parole in 1998 but this grace is not worth canceling the conviction and does not innocent. It is only thanks to the law of June 20, 2014, which has relaxed the conditions for revising a criminal trial, that new investigations could take place.

other traces of DNA not corresponding to those of Omar Raddad had already been found at the scene of the crime, resulting in a first referral of the Revision Court which had refused a new trial in 2002.

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