US News Senegal: Inauguration of a Data Center near Dakar, a "Revolution"

02:40  23 june  2021
02:40  23 june  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Senegal: Is President Macky Sall in the election campaign before the time?

 Senegal: Is President Macky Sall in the election campaign before the time? © Eric Piermont / AFP Some analysts believe that the trips from President Macky Sall are political tours in anticipation of elections. (Image of illustration) After a series of so-called "economic" tours that led it in the center of the country, President Macky Sall started since Saturday, June 12 a second tour this time in the regions of Saint -Louis and Matam in the North.

Senegal : Tigo will invest 4.6 million euros in a data center in Diamniadio. Sénégal : Tigo va investir 4,6 millions d’euros dans un centre de données à Diamniadio. Breton said his company’s presence in Senegal will ensure that Atos launches a digital platform to provide jobs for Senegalese engineers in the area of software development for large global programs. Breton launched a desperate plea to African countries to prioritise training and build quality infrastructure if they wanted to see the continent’s ICT sector move forward.

Physical foundations are central to a strategy to develop economy and alleviate poverty. Looking ahead: the entrance to the business-focused city of Diamniadio being built near the new airport © Ricci Shryock for the FT. Dakar ’s 1m citizens no longer experience the water and power cuts that plague many cities in west Africa. Rural regions, where more than 70 per cent of Senegal ’s 16m people live, are becoming more connected both digitally and physically. More land is being irrigated as the nation, which imports even staples such as rice, strives for food self-sufficiency.

Le data center de Diamniadio a été inauguré le 22 juin 2021. © RFI / Charlotte IDRAC The Data Center of Diamniadio was inaugurated on June 22, 2021.

in Senegal, a State Data Center. Diamniadio was inaugurated Tuesday, June 22, near Dakar. The infrastructure, presented as a "digital sovereignty tool" will help store administration data, and those of the private sector. A "revolution" according to the authorities, in particular to facilitate the dematerialization of administrative procedures. A project that is part of the Senegal plan emerging, realized with Chinese cooperation.

with our corresponding in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

The new data center is out of the ground on one hectare, at the end of a track, in the middle of the site of the new city of Diamniadio. A "new era" for Sheikh Bakhum, Director General of the State Informatique (ADDI): "Africa has barely 1% of the Data Center at the global level, so that today ' Hui, the data, we are obliged to pay to access it. So, today, Senegal has the largest Data Center last generation of West Africa, with almost a thousand square meters of technical rooms and 1.4 MW energy power.

Visitors 3: Why have waited 18 years?

 Visitors 3: Why have waited 18 years? released 18 years after the second part, "Visitors 3 - The Revolution" is broadcast tonight on TMC.

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When Microsoft hauled its underwater data center up from the bottom of the North Sea and conducted some analysis, researchers found the servers were eight time more reliable than those on land. Project Natick, Microsoft’s research program to assess the feasibility of lights-out underwater data centers During the last two years, researchers monitored the performance of 864 standard Microsoft data center servers installed on 12 racks inside the pod. They also learned more about the economics of modular undersea data centers , which can be quickly installed offshore near population centers and

A project that will simplify the lives of citizens and businesses, according to President Macky Sall: "All the administration must be connected. I set up the government accordingly to do the datased by the state data and platforms in the state.

Outside, activists dispatched by the political parties of the majority applaud, even if for some, the interest of the data center remains quite obscure. "What will it serve? Really, I have no idea. "We are all proud, because personal data is personal! The President also paid tribute to China, a partner of this project. But the very expression of "digital sovereignty" asks, underlines a sector specialist, while the Data Center is equipped with the Chinese Huawei Group, suspected of "espionage" by the United States.

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