US News maintenance. "Despite the protocol, it is necessary to go": Kid Francescoli rejoys in concert near Angers

20:20  23 june  2021
20:20  23 june  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Avec « Lovers », son cinquième et dernier album, Kid Francescoli revendique un travail plus en rapport avec Marseille, plus personnel en sorte. © @vittorio Bettini with "Lovers", his fifth and last album, Kid Francescoli claims a more related work with Marseille, more personal so.

After a yearled year by the CVIV-19 crisis, Kid Francescoli found the path of the stage. His European tour stops, Wednesday, June 23, at the Castle of Plessis-Macé, near Angers. There are places for the concert that will start at 8:30 pm. Small discussion to get in the atmosphere.

Mathieu Hocine, Alias ​​Kid Francescoli, is in concert, this Wednesday, June 23, at the castle of Plessis-Macé , near Angers . In full tour in the West, Kid Francescoli Singer-Composer electro-pop from Marseille, took the time to talk about his pleasure to come back on stage, the evolution of his electro style and his last album Lovers. Interview with a figure of electronic pop.

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Your style, kind of synthetic pop often languid, is it easily?

anyway, it's been waiting for this tour. Despite the protocol, it is necessary to go without what one will only be played in 2023! Otherwise, music can listen to, of course. There is always a dancing ingredient, especially live. Dance is not just the Beat. This can be a series of agreements. My music, rather melancholy, can be appreciated as well. It's an interesting inner.

Your tour will crisscross France and Europe for a year. How do you apprehend?

The show will be about the same thing in Paris, with two singers by my side, Andréa and Lena. Here, this first date that happens after three days of residence will allow us to refine the details. But the real developer is the welcome of the public. We are all delighted to find him.

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How is Lovers, the last album, in your artistic course?

Before, my influence was more referring to trips or tour abroad, from Beirut to Djakarta via Istanbul. Lovers work has a narrower relationship with Marseille. I am always touched by what surrounds me, which causes a kind of a little mysterious mechanism. This restitution is all the unknown of music.

Is there also a common base, influences that are lost?

necessarily. I use a lot of playlists, pieces that inspire me. There, I listen to a bass agreement, there a keyboard sound. It depends.

Work on the image, through your clips, also holds its share in creation?

I love the world of a John Cassavetes for example. I also inspire myself with a lot of photos, films extracts. The light of a neon, the way to hold a cigarette, the attitude of Michel Piccoli in the films of Claude Sautét ... It creates an aesthetics in which I try to find a style, an atmosphere. During the confinement, I had the chance to be able to compose the original band of Matthieu Rozé's first feature film, Azuro, with Valérie Donzelli and Nuno Lopes. The story takes place near Marseille elsewhere!

Practice: this Wednesday night, at 8:30 pm, outdoors, at the castle of Plessis-Macé. There are places. Reservation on The website of Chabada . Distancied seated placement.

"intense but so positive": the spring carton of bourges despite the COVID .
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