US News 15 soldiers injured - several heavy: patrol of the Bundeswehr in Mali attacked

15:20  25 june  2021
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KSK gets a new commander

 KSK gets a new commander Berlin. The Command Special Forces (KSK) The Bundeswehr remains consisting of how Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has now decided - under a changed leadership. The Wehrbetrauts encourages further investigations. © - A KSK soldier ensures the peeling comrades in Afghan Masar I-Sharif at the beginning of June.

German soldiers of the UN troop Minusma were attacked in Mali and several heavily wounded. Apparently an autobombus was ignited.

Deutsche Soldaten – hier Ende 2018 – sind an der UN-Mission Minusma beteiligt. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA German soldiers - here at the end of 2018 - are involved in the UN Mission Minusma.

attackers at West African Mali attacked a patrol of German soldiers of the UN troop Minusma . The attack was carried out according to information of the German Press Agency on Friday about 155 kilometers north of Gao, where Bundeswehr soldiers are stationed at Camp Castor.

Local reports according to an autobombus was ignited. A spokesman for the application command in Potsdam confirmed that "German forces" are affected. As the news agency AFP reports on information from the Defense Committee, 15 soldiers should have been violated, twelve of them difficult. The "mirror" reports three seriously injured. These were currently flown over the neighboring country Niger to Germany. According to the AFP, the Air Force has been sent to the rescue of the injured in the West African country.

German armaments exports have dropped by a quarter 2020

 German armaments exports have dropped by a quarter 2020 Berlin. After the record year 2019, the government has allowed less exports last year. Your value is still at almost six billion euros. Which countries from Europe and around the world were most weapons and military equipment. © Carsten Rehder This picture comes from 2016: A new submarine is handed over to the Navy of the Arab Republic of Egypt. After a record in 2019, the export permits for German armaments have declined by more than a quarter last year.

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The Minusma confirmed that at a car bomb attack 15 soldiers injured had been. She did not comment on her nationality. The soldiers have become the target of Tarkint in the Gao region in the morning in the morning in the village of Tarkint, it was said to be a Twitter Embassy of the Minusma.

The UN Mission Minusma in Mali has an order to stabilize the country. More than 60 countries take part in her. Most of the approximately 1000 Bundeswehr soldiers in Mali is stationed at Camp Castor. According to

reputable sources, several soldiers from the Bundeswehr had been severely wounded from the expenditure quota minusma, wrote the FDP defense politician Marie-Agnes Strack Zimmermann on Twitter. "For further speculation it is too early. My thoughts are now exclusively with the soldiers, relatives and helpers. "

Rhissa Al-Sahraoui, a close to the leader of the EIFS, with the Hands of Allied Forces

 Rhissa Al-Sahraoui, a close to the leader of the EIFS, with the Hands of Allied Forces © AFP / File French Troops Have Been Deployed to Mali As Well As Neighbouring Countries Like Burkina Faso Since August 2014 AS Part of the Barkhane Mission Rhissa Al-Sahraoui, one of the arms Rights of the Leader of the Islamic State Organization in the Great Sahara Abu Walid Al-Sahraoui, was captured by the French forces engaged in the Sahel. It would be part of the four executives of the EIGs intercepted during recent operations in northeastern Mali.

Last Sunday, Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) announced, to support German soldiers in Mali again federal brigade helicopter to send to the West African country. "The decision has been fundamentally liked: First of all, the army should provide the Luftwaffe transport helicopter later," said Kramp cartauer of the "World on Sunday".

The helicopters are decisive in particular for the rescue chain for soldiers wounded outside the field camp in GaO. Since November 2020, this ability is no longer guaranteed by military transport helicopters, but by a private company.

The United Nations was not successful, "find a partner who provides helicopters," said Kramp carteworker. Now the civil helicopters are to be replaced by military again: "With the end of the Afghanistan insert, we have the opportunity to send your own machines again."

Kramp carteworker acknowledged that the leader of the two military coup in August 2020 and May 2021 , Assimi Goïta, also trained in Germany. "That's true, he was a different training in France, the US and Germany," said the CDU politician. For the continuation of German commitment to Mali, it provided clear conditions: "Further coups must be excluded."

Mali: The Barkhane force struck by a car trapped, several wounded (Info France 24)

 Mali: The Barkhane force struck by a car trapped, several wounded (Info France 24) © Daphne Benoit, AFP A vehicle of the French forces of Operation Barkhane, in Gossi, in the center of Mali, on March 25th 2019. An attack at the car trapped targeting the forces of Operation Barkhane has made several wounded, Monday in Gossi, in the center of Mali, according to information reported by local sources in France 24.

In addition, the transition process must be continued to a legitimated government by election. "That's the criterion in my view. Thereafter, the EU will decide whether we continue with our training mission, "said Kramp-Karrenbauer. "And as long as the coup regime does not provide a clear course towards a transition, the further planning for the expansion of the training mission in the center of the country is reserved." The EU has been the Malische Military since 2013 with the participation of the Bundeswehr.

Goïta was leader of the Putschisten, that had fallen in August 2020 the chosen President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta after persistent protests. Since then, the Colonel was involved as Vice President at the Transitional Government. In May, he then resigned the civilian tip of the transitional government. The procedure was convicted internationally.

Nearly three weeks ago, Goïta was sworn as a transitional president. He occupied key resorts in the new government with personalities from the military. Until February, elections should be held in the West African country. (DPA, AFP)

twelve soldiers were injured: Al-Kaeda cleavage is suspected behind attack on Bundeswehr .
security authorities assume that the Autobombs attack is due to German soldiers to the environment of Al-Kaeda. What are the pros? © Photo: Pao Minusma / Bundeswehr / DPA On Friday there had been a stop the soldiers in Mali. The attack on the Bundeswehr soldiers in Mali with 13 wounded, according to findings of German security authorities, probably goes to the account of a grouping from the environment of the terrorist organization Al-Kaeda.

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