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11:47  29 june  2021
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Possible causes of long-covid discovered

 Possible causes of long-covid discovered has survived COVID-19, it often occurs too long-term sequences. How could that be, researchers have investigated from Erlangen. Apparently, the blood cells change during the disease. © Picture-Alliance / dpa / Max Planck Society Changed blood cells could be a key to post-Covid Many former Covid-19 patients suffer after infection under heavy long-term sequences, on long-Covid. The symptoms include, above all, fatigue, deferredness and headaches and respiratory distress.

The COVID - 19 pandemic in Nepal is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID - 19 ) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first case in Nepal was confirmed on 23 January 2020 when a 31-year-old student

India's Covid sick struggle to get treatment at home due to black marketing of oxygen and drugs. This is a familiar story not just in Delhi but also in Noida, Lucknow, Allahabad, Indore and so many other cities where families are desperately cobbling together makeshift arrangements at home. But most of India's population cannot afford to do this . There are already several reports of people dying at the doorsteps of hospitals because they couldn't afford to buy essential drugs and oxygen on the black market.

Au Népal, la saison des ascensions, qui voit d'avril à juin, des centaines de touristes étrangers grimper sur le toit du monde, a eu des conséquences inattendues sur la gestion de l'épidémie de Covid-19. Hospital beds © AFP

in Nepal, the climb season, which sees from April to June, hundreds of foreign tourists Climbing on the roof of the world, has had unexpected consequences on the management of the CVIV-19 epidemic.

In the image of the border India, Nepal is hard hit by the COVID-19 for three months and the variant delta is ravaging. But it did not discourage the many foreign tourists trying to rise the peaks of the Himalayas. After a confined year 2020, the country opened the season of mountaineering as if the virus did not exist. For the regulated period of April to June, 408 mountaineers have, for example, a state license to climb up the Everest.

Maas demands deduction of foreign fighters from Libya

 Maas demands deduction of foreign fighters from Libya in Berlin seeks the second Libya conference for solutions for the North African crisis state. The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas already presents first course. © Reuters / G.

The COVID - 19 pandemic in Nigeria is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID - 19 ) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Vaccine demand in the United States was well below supply. Some states refuse new shipments altogether, as the drug goes to waste. As previously reported by News Front, in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the American authorities took the path of national selfishness. They began stockpiling vaccines in the United States, limiting poorer countries’ access to life-saving drugs. But such a policy was hampered by extremely low demand for the vaccine among Americans. Louisiana, for example, has already stopped asking the federal government for the full amount of COVID - 19 vaccine.

But this tourism, necessary for the revival of the economy of the country, had two consequences on the management of the pandemic. First, climbing on the roof of the world requires oxygen bottles. According to the specialized website altitude.News , each foreign customer attacking at one of the six peaks of more than 8,000 meters consumes an average of five bottles of oxygen, their sherpas a little less. Oxygen whose hospitals needed for respirators of resuscitation services.

hundreds of oxygen bottles reserved for foreign mountaineers

The fact that a significant part of the oxygen bottles has been reserved for foreign mountaineers at the beginning of the season helped generate a shortage across the country in May , explained the Nepali Times in early May. The Government had to order 40,000 bottles of oxygen, especially in South Korea, and benefited from a gift from China from 800 bottles ... While about a thousand bottles were stored in the Himalayas high valleys, at Destination of the tourists.

"Stalinism and state terror have no place": EU Foreign Ministers agree on further sanctions against Belarus

 The pressure on Lukashenko grows: Because of the forced landing of a Ryanair machine, the EU has decided new economic sanctions against Belarus. © Photo: Imago / Photothek Federal Outset Heiko Maas (M.) and its EU colleagues increase the pressure on the Belarussian preident Lukashenko. The EU increases the pressure on the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko .

Knowing this , rather than attempting to create a weakened virus, which can take years, or break the virus into bits, the vaccine researchers decided to use Sars-Cov2’s RNA against itself. To do this , they isolated the section of RNA which codes for the ‘spike’ protein – which is the thing the virus uses as a ‘key’ In addition, we will also have very little information on such things as whether or not the vaccine actually reduces serious infections or death, as noted by Professor Haseltine in a recent article: “ These [vaccine] protocols do not emphasize the most important ramifications of COVID - 19 that people are

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao has demanded US authorities reveal what they’re hiding about the origins of Covid - 19 , going as far as to suggest the coronavirus may have been brought to China by the US military. “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” Zhao suggested, calling for the CDC – and the US in general – to “be transparent” and share what they know about where and when “Patient Zero” was first diagnosed. In the video, Redfield acknowledged that some cases of coronavirus were misclassified as influenza as the medics did not have an accurate

The country has also been saved by the unpublished initiative of an NGO, the Nepal Ventilator Services, created by local doctors. The latter imagined a "bank" of respirators who rents public hospitals of devices at a lower cost.

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The NGO, thanks to donations, has been able to acquire a park of 85 respirators that it turns according to the needs of each establishment. Thanks to this initiative, the number of cases drastically decreased, about 1,900 cases in recent days after a peak of 9,000 new cases mid-May.

two Icelanders rise at the top of the Everest ... with the COVID-19

Second consequence of the presence of foreign tourists in Himalayas: the supposed appearance of clusters in the shelters and base camps. Several cases of coronavirus have been reported in May among foreign climbers and several evacuations and / or hospitalizations have been necessary. The Nepalese Government, however, refuses at this stage to talk about soaring CVIV-19 cases on Everest and continues to allow progress towards the summit.

Merkel's man for the foreign: UN Ambassador Heusgen retired

 Merkel's man for the foreign: UN Ambassador Heusgen retired Christoph Heusgen was a long external and security policy adviser of Chancellor Merkel. Now the representative is retiring at the United Nations. © Photo: DPA / Luiz Rampelotto Christoph Heusgen, in his role as German UN Ambassador. never in the foreground, but always there, so you could call the role of Christoph Heusgen in the system Merkel. Angela Merkel is hardly too close to climbing its foreign policy competence in its first choice to Chancellor, 2005, as expandable.

The Covid - 19 coronavirus vaccination campaign in Russia has been underway since last December, but so far, only four percent of the population has been vaccinated. The country’s flagship shopping mall on the Red Square was the first vaccination station in Russia to be opened outside a medical institution. Direction signs posted among the window displays state that the station is situated on the second floor, on the premises of a former bookstore. Reminders are broadcast on the public address system that anyone who wants to can be vaccinated, without appointment.

In response to the COVID - 19 pandemic, national responses have been varied, and have included containment measures such as lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews. As of 25 June 2021, more than 180 million cases of COVID - 19 have been reported, resulting in more than 3.9 million deaths.

The authorities have been contradicted by the account of two Icelanders who have managed to conquer Everest despite a proven contamination at CVIV-19. At the end of May, the two seasoned climbers, Sigurdur Sveinsson and Heimir Hallgrímsson, began to cough and suspected a CVIV-19 infection near the summit at more than 7,000 meters above sea level, according to a message they published on May 27 where they tell their difficult return to the base camp.

"At that time and here there was no possibility to be tested," said the two Icelandic in this publication on the Umhyggja website, a charity for children with long illnesses for which They collected funds.

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The two friends had been negatively tested before the climb to the "roof of the world" , of which they finally reached the summit. They managed to return healthy and sound at the base camp on Wednesday, where a CVIV-19 test came to confirm their infection. Both suspect having caught the coronavirus at the top, in one of the basic camps frequented by other foreigners.

Equality women-men strengthens democracy, says Kamala Harris .
France-Equality: gender equality strengthens democracy, says Kamala Harris © Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein Women-Men's equality strengthens democracy, Says Kamala Harris Paris (Reuters) - Women's Freedom of Freedom or Freedom of Vote must fight for their rights and know that the United States stands at their side, the American Vice President Kamala on Wednesday said Wednesday Kamala Harris at an international conference on gender equality in Paris.

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