US News Delivery Service Flex: Amazon Algorithm Fires Suspected Packaging

17:00  29 june  2021
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Amazon employee for discount promotion "Prime Day" in strike

 Amazon employee for discount promotion Berlin. At seven locations of the Amazon's online dealer, the employees strike on Monday. Occasion is the so-called "Prime Day". The company refers to an upcoming wage increase. Striced is also in Rheinberg and Werne. © Guido Kirchner An employee of Amazon stands with a Verdi warning vest with the slogan "for better tariffs" in front of the Amazon logistics center in Werne.

at Amazon Delivery Service Flex runs much automated. Obviously even the HR department, because it will be voices of employees louder that claim to have been fired by bots.

Zustelldienst Flex: Amazon-Algorithmus feuert mutmaßlich Paketboten © Cineberg / Shutterstock Delivery Service Flex: Amazon Algorithm Fires Suspected Packaging

For a release or termination without notice, there may be many reasons. Studoof only if the dismissed at all can not for delays or misses, an algorithm but still decides to put them in front of the door. This is exactly how this happens according to an Bloomberg report at the Flex delivery program of the E-Commerce Group Amazon.

Accordingly, drivers and drivers of closed entrances, broken tires or poor weather report as reasons for termination by an algorithm. The correct execution of an order is only controlled by software and that can ever provide problems with unpredictable uncertainties. Amazon gets so only with that the goods were not delivered correctly, the reasons for this are unknown to the company.

Brazil: Resignation of Ricardo Rooms, the Polow Minister of the Environment

 Brazil: Resignation of Ricardo Rooms, the Polow Minister of the Environment © Dado Galdieri / Bloomberg via Getty Images in Brazil, the deforestation of the Amazon continues without discontinuing (picture of illustration). Exit Ricardo Rooms: The Brazilian Minister of the Environment, close to President Bolsonaro, has just resigned. After denied the gravity of the problem of deforestation in the Amazon, it was recently suspected of complicity of smuggling of wood.

bots reliable than humans? Seeing the drivers differently

Amazon started the Flex program in 2015. For example, large package quantities should be handled for the Prime-Now service in a short time. For the Flex system, private subcontractors will gain jobs via an app. Mostly these are packages left behind by official delivery vehicles. The same app the drivers are also evaluated on the basis of different categories. These include, punctuality or whether the package was reasonably hidden when the recipient was not encountered.

The Flex drivers should be ensured that the packages can still be delivered on the order day. However, the whole thing is not controlled by people, but of algorithms. Especially how Bloomberg quoted Amazon insider, because CEO Jeff Bezos believes that bots can meet certain decisions faster and more correctly than people would do.

At Amazon, Anonymous sources are known to know that the algorithms would sometimes meet false decisions in the evaluation of certain events, which in the worst case lead to layoffs. Nevertheless, it is cheaper for the group, continue on bots, rather than putting on people, as they would always quickly find new people as a substitute for the dismissed.

faithful disciple of Jeff Bezos, experienced ... Who is Andy Jassy, ​​Amazon's new boss? .
© Copyright 2021, Obs It is Amazon's new face. At 53 years, Andy Jassy took the reins, this Monday, July 5th, of the group he joined twenty-four years ago, three years after the creation of a start-up become a giant of the global economy . Taxes, Jobs, Environment ... Amazon trial graduated from an MBA in the prestigious Harvard Business School in 1997, this lieutenant Jeff Bezos joined Amazon in his step-off phase, at the head of the marketing department.

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