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00:30  07 july  2021
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Fear of the delta variant: No stricter controls for travel returns

 Fear of the delta variant: No stricter controls for travel returns Fears several federal states, holiday returners could show the delta variant. But stricter rules can not agree with federal and state governments. © Photo: Imago Images / Ralph Peters travel returners at the airport. On travelers, for the time being, no sharper corona rules occur when entering or returning to Germany. This is the result of deliberations from the Confederation and countries from Monday, as the German Press Agency learned in Berlin.

Christoph Heusgen was a long external and security policy adviser of Chancellor Merkel. Now the representative is retiring at the United Nations.

Christoph Heusgen, in seiner Rolle als deutscher UN-Botschafter. © Photo: DPA / Luiz Rampelotto Christoph Heusgen, in his role as German UN Ambassador.

never in the foreground, but always there, so you could call the role of Christoph Heusgen in the system Merkel. Angela Merkel is hardly too close to climbing its foreign policy competence in its first choice to Chancellor, 2005, as expandable. The fact that the rapidly changed that the Chancellery went out a network of information flows, which has been perceived as competitive in the Foreign Office, was very strong at that Christoph Heusgen, the current representative of Germany at the United Nations .

Prague claims a "complete compensation" to Russia for explosions in 2014

 Prague claims a © Fotolia Two Czechoslovak flags on a building in Prague. The explosion of a civil deposit of ammunition and arms at Vrbetice, in the Czech Republic, caused the death of two people in 2014. Prague, which accuses Russia, requests a "complete compensation", this Monday, June 28th .

from 2005 to his order as a German ambassador at the UN 2017, Heusgen was the foreign and security policy adviser of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Rhineland born in Düsseldorf in 1955 (something more interesting than the Schützenfest in Neuss does not exist) studied economics in St. Gallen and entered the Foreign Service in 1980. First stations were the German Consulate General in Chicago and the Embassy in Paris. He learned the whole variety of foreign policy in the years between 1995 and 2005 as head of the political rod of Javier Solana, the high representative for the common foreign and security policy of the European Union.

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Delta variant: As a tourist, the British now get their new EU outsider role

 Delta variant: As a tourist, the British now get their new EU outsider role British tourists become the EU dispute theme. Because of the delta variant, Spain is now controlling them Stricter - Germany but that is not enough. And not only British threatens complications on vacation. © dpa normally can countless people on the beach of Arenal in Mallorca. For British, it has now become much more complicated to arrive after Spain. Before Chancellor Angela Merkel meets the British Premier on his country on this Friday, the British Boulevard Press makes neat mood.

as Christoph Heusgen 2017 the item The Permanent Representative of Germany took over the UN was clear that this task had been transferred to him at a very crucial phase. In 2019 and 2020, Germany was routinely non-stable member of the United Nations Security Council, and would chair in April 2019 and in July 2020. Heusgen, in this role, remedy the ambassadors of Russia or China's sometimes verbally when they seemed blindly in the Syrian crisis for the suffering of the civilian population. He used global reputation in Germany and again in the fight for human rights issues . At his farewell, at the change of monthly, he retired, praised the former US President Barack Obama the clear positions of Heusgens - and the ambassador of China said, good that we are going on you!

both are likely to have Christoph Heusgen well.

The US see their restrictions on trips to Europe-biden .
USA-Travel / Biden (photo): The US reviews their travel restrictions in Europe-biden Washington, July 16 (Reuters) - the United States examines When they will be able to lift the restrictions prohibiting most foreigners from going to the United States from Europe after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, raised the issue during his visit to Washington, said Thursday the President American. "It's in progress," said Joe Biden. He added to express themselves on the question "in the coming days.

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