US News collapse of a hotel in China in the big tourist town of Suzhou, at least one dead

16:55  12 july  2021
16:55  12 july  2021 Source:   lepoint.fr

Building collapsed in Florida: the balance sheet climbs to 27 dead, very little chance of finding survivors

 Building collapsed in Florida: the balance sheet climbs to 27 dead, very little chance of finding survivors © provided by the Parisian the Parisian ten days after the collapse of a building in Florida , the balance sheet continues to increase. Three bodies were found on Monday in the rubble of the building, bearing the balance sheet at 27 deaths, announced the authorities. The research continues even if the chances of finding survivors are "near zero", says a manager.

Effondrement d’un hôtel en Chine dans la grande ville touristique de Suzhou, au moins un mort © Pixabay collapse of a hotel in China in the big tourist town of Suzhou, at least one dead at least one death and 10 missing are to be deplored in the dramatic collapse of a hotel in Suzhou, high tourist place in China. The origin of the drama remains unknown at this stage.

Human drama in China . An Hotel collapsed Monday in Suzhou's large tourist town (East), making at least one death and 10 missing, according to an official media. "Rescue operations are continuing and an investigation is underway to determine the causes of the tragedy" which took place at 15:33 local time (07:33 GMT), indicated CCTV public television. Seven people have been lively out of the rubble of the Hotel Siji Kaiyuan, but three are in a state deemed worrying, according to the same source. The average range opened in 2018 and included 54 rooms, as well as a banquet room, according to its description on the Chinese site of Ctrip tourist bookings.

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It was unknown immediately if the entire hotel collapsed, or only part of the buildings. Images disseminated by CCTV public television showed dozens of rescuers in orange combination, headset and busy next to a stack of rubble. On other photos, we see glass debris constellating the ground around the rescuers and pipes exceeding what seems to be parts of the building still standing. The Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management has published a video showing rescuers taking out the rubble, with the help of a stretcher, a naked torso man touched in the leg.

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luxury hotel of the white blouse, who seemed conscious, at the foot of the debris mound. According to the department, more than 500 firefighters have been sent to the disaster locations to ensure relief operations. Other videos published by Internet on social networks showed shocked onlookers observing the operations, some filming the scene with their smartphones. Suzhou, known for its classic gardens, has a rich historical and architectural heritage that attracts many tourists. This city of more than 12 million inhabitants, whose multiple canals sometimes are worth the nickname "Venice de l'Est" is located about 80 km west of Shanghai.

After the Caribbean, Hurricane Elsa now threatens Florida

 After the Caribbean, Hurricane Elsa now threatens Florida © Mark Wallheiser Diluvian rains fall on Steinhatchee, a small town in Florida Tuesday. After hitting the Caribbean, the ELSA storm strengthened in hurdling and headed on Tuesday night towards Florida 's ribs, while in Surfside near Miami, the rescue would have a race against the watch to search the The rubble of the building whose collapse has made at least 36 dead. The storm charred with her torrents of rainfall and some tornadoes are possible, according to Florida's forecasters.

Building collapses occur regularly in China. Most of the surveys that are then carried out highlight the non-compliance with standards. In March 2020, a hotel requisitioned as a place of quarantine against the epidemic of Covid-19 had collapsed in the coastal city of Quanzhou (East), killing 29 people. The authorities had discovered during the investigation that three floors had been illegally added to the building, which originally counted four.

The previous year, the collapse of a commercial building under renovation in Shanghai caused the death of a dozen people. In 2016, at least 20 people were dead when multi-story summary buildings, where workers were housed, collapsed in the city of Wenzhou (East). More recently, in May this year, Seg Plaza, one of the most emblematic skyscrapers of Shenzhen's (southern) metropolis, had squeezed, causing panic scenes and leading to the evacuation of the building. . Most surveys highlight the non-compliance with the standards of.

bad weather in China: a dam "can yield from one moment to the other" .
© provided by the point the Chinese army warned on Tuesday against the imminent risk of rupture of a dam in the center in the center of the country, subject to diluvian rains that have made at least three deaths. The regional command of the People's Liberation Army explained in a statement that a 20-meter breach had appeared this day in the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang, a city of about 7 million people in the Henan region. . "The dam can yield from one moment to another," he warns.

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