US News United States: To block the vote of a law, the Democrats of Texas fled their state

23:46  13 july  2021
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Des dizaines d'élus démocrates du Texas ont quitté leur Etat lundi afin d'empêcher, faute d'atteindre le quorum, le vote d'une loi électorale restrictive voulue par la majorité républicaine. © Reuters

of the dozens of Elected of Texas democrats left their state Monday to prevent, for lack of reaching the Quorum, the vote of a restrictive electoral law desired by the Republican majority.

We sometimes witnessing in France to some parliamentary maneuvers aimed at hooding the vote of a text, for example for example of deputies hidden behind the curtains of the National Assembly. In the United States, the elected officials go so far as fleeing to block a controversial electoral law. This happened in Texas where dozens of democratic elected officials left their state, so that the quorum fixed is not reached during a vote provided for in the House of Representatives, owned by the Republicans.

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If these managers have not just been content to stay at home, it is because the Texane law authorizes the arrest of the elected representatives to bring them back, possibly force, to the local parliament. Leaving the state allows the gorgers to escape the Texas police authority. Member James Talarico, for example, was on Twitter at the foot of an airplane to reach the Federal Capital, Washington. Several elected representatives then held a press conference upon arrival at Washington-Dulles airport in the state of Virginia. They indicated that they planned to stay out of Texas until the end of the current legislative session, on August 6th, stressing that they had taken the heavy decision to move away from their families and their loved ones .

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SPECIAL SESSION IS OVER. #txlege pic.twitter.com/sahtxvvmcq

- James Talarico (@Jamestalarico) JULY 12, 2021
Restrictions for minorities

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The Texian Democrats had sabotaged in the same way end the adoption of this text on the organization of electoral polls. The law desired by the Republicans plans to prohibit the vote in "Drive-in" and establishes many restrictions on the voting schedule and the vote by correspondence. These measures are intended, according to its detractors, to complicate the participation of minorities usually favorable to the Democrats. Since the presidential election won by Joe Biden , such initiatives limiting access to voting have flourished in republican states like Georgia or Florida.

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The case is very political. The American President must speak Tuesday from Philadelphia on his "actions to protect the sacred, constitutional law, to vote". His vice-president, Kamala Harris, held on a move in Michigan to salute these elected "who defend the rights of all Americans and all the Texans to express their vote by the vote, without obstacle".

The initiative of the Democrats caused the indignation of the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, for whom the Democrats "leave behind unresolved problems" crossing "the country aboard private aircraft comfortable".

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