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it is funny - in the field thrive the cucumbers flawlessly, in the greenhouse not! What you should pay attention to under glass during cultivation, our four professional phrases for plant election tell you about sowing up to care and education.

Mit den Profi-Tipps ist der Anbau von Gurken im Gewächshaus ganz einfach. © Provided by the house With the professional tips, the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse is easy. 1. Tip: Not every cucumber type does not like the greenhouse

not everything that grows outside is also satisfied in the greenhouse. salad cucumbers , also called snake cucumbers, thrive best here. With their smooth skin, they were specially developed for the cultivation in the greenhouse. Salad cucumbers usually make up only female plants and are self-fertilizing. In the trade, there are varieties that are resistant to diseases such as leaf burners and also have a high resistance to genuine mildew . Founded breeders have developed on pumpkin plants-refined young plants, which are equally robust and ideal for cultivation under glass.

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2. Tip: Go at the sowing carefully before

in heated greenhouses you can sow cucumbers from March / April, in unheated you should wait until May. The seeds need the seeds constant 20 degrees Celsius as well as a uniform soil moisture. As soon as the first samples show, they remove the weaker young plants and just leave the strongest cucumber plants. If these are 20 to 30 inches high, use a planting distance of 60 centimeters to their final square in the greenhouse. Finished cucumbers should be planted so that the refueling site is a finger wide over the ground. Since cucumbers also prefer in the greenhouse a nutrient-rich and humorous ground, it is important to enrich the earth from planting with mature compost . Alternatively, the planting is possible in large gaws. If you easily accumulate the cucumber plants, they promote the formation of adventive roots (sprout-coated roots) that are good for growth.

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3. Tip: Cucumbers in the greenhouse sufficient casting

so grow cucumbers in the greenhouse, they need a lot of light. But attention: with too strong sunlight - especially during hot days - but you should also provide shadows in the greenhouse. Shaded lines or networks on the glass roof protect the plant as well before the blazing sun as shady neighboring plants, for example tomatoes .

cucumbers have a high water requirement and rely on their care in the greenhouse. Therefore, threaten the root area best in the morning, with warmed water. To avoid fungal diseases, the leaves should remain dry or can dry well. A layer of Mulch ensures that the earth remains smoothly moist and not dried too fast. When the fruits form, they can administer a fertilizer in liquid form weekly - a cucumber plant comes about a liter of nutrient solution from organic liquid fertilizer.

4. Tip: Wrap the cucumbers around strings or supports

cucumbers in the greenhouse need a relatively high humidity. Therefore, you should always provide the necessary supply of fresh air. So they prevent the advent of fungal diseases like the wrong mildew. Open the doors and windows of the greenhouse regularly in the morning and in the evening, so that cool air can flow.

in both the field and in the greenhouse, cucumbers should be drawn to rank aids. For this purpose, scaffolding, grid or even stable cords, which lead the plants to the height. So the fruits are not on the floor, are better ventilated and can be harvested. The shell is attached to the roof construction or a retaining wire. The cucumber plants are spirally shaped around the stems and wraps the shoots until reaching the holder one to twice a week around the string. Tip: The caps of the side shoots behind the first flower ensures strong plants and increases the fruit approach.

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