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06:33  16 july  2021
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afghanistan: a withdrawal without glory, but without real political risk for Joe biden

 afghanistan: a withdrawal without glory, but without real political risk for Joe biden © provided by the point c ' is without noise, without glory, but without taking a major political risk that joe biden orchestrated the withdrawal Final of the American troops of Afghanistan , in the diapason of a public opinion tired of the longest of the wars of America. The last American military - with the exception of the troops that will keep the embassy - must leave Afghanistan at the end of August.

USA-Travel / Biden (photo): The US reviews their travel restrictions in Europe-biden

Washington, July 16 (Reuters) - the United States examines When they will be able to lift the restrictions prohibiting most foreigners from going to the United States from Europe after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, raised the issue during his visit to Washington, said Thursday the President American.

"It's in progress," said Joe Biden. He added to express themselves on the question "in the coming days. I'm waiting for our collaborators of the CVIV-19 working group tell me when it should be done."

Angela Merkel indicated that she had spoken with Joe Biden of the impact of the Variant Delta. "We need to make a decision that is sustainable," she said.

Airlines urged the administration to remove the restrictions on most non-American citizens who have recently stayed in Great Britain, in the 26 European countries of the Schengen area without border control in Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil.

Many countries not subject to travel restrictions have much higher coronavirus rates than many European countries covered by the restrictions in place since March 2020.

(David Shepardson, French Version Camille Raynaud)

biden reiterates US support to President Afghan-Maison .
Afghanistan-Conflict / Biden: Biden reiterates US support for President Afghan-White House Washington, July 24 (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden reiterated Friday United States Diplomatic and Humanitarian Support in Afghanistan as the Taliban offensive puts the Afghan government under pressure.

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