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11:15  16 july  2021
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Merkel's man for the foreign: UN Ambassador Heusgen retired

 Merkel's man for the foreign: UN Ambassador Heusgen retired Christoph Heusgen was a long external and security policy adviser of Chancellor Merkel. Now the representative is retiring at the United Nations. © Photo: DPA / Luiz Rampelotto Christoph Heusgen, in his role as German UN Ambassador. never in the foreground, but always there, so you could call the role of Christoph Heusgen in the system Merkel. Angela Merkel is hardly too close to climbing its foreign policy competence in its first choice to Chancellor, 2005, as expandable.

disagreements for Angela Merkel's last official visit to the United States before leaving in September, the two leaders wanted to rebuild a strongly degraded relationship under the presidency of Donald Trump. View on euronews

  Angela Merkel à la Maison Blanche : des adieux amicaux et quelques désaccords © Susan Walsh / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Rebuild a strong partnership, after the degradation of German-American relations under the chairmanship of Donald Trump. It was the goal, successful, from the meeting between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel Thursday at the White House.

The German Chancellor welcomed this "good opportunity to discuss the relationship between the two countries" and "geopolitical challenges" of the moment, during a short statement from the Oval Office. A place she has visited many times, emphasized the American president, sitting with her sides, greeting "a friend of the United States".

Lead 1-Coronavirus-like Maintains Restrictions and Encourages Vaccination

 Lead 1-Coronavirus-like Maintains Restrictions and Encourages Vaccination Health Coronavirus / Germany (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Coronavirus-Lalemagne maintains restrictions and encourages vaccination (updated with quotes , context) by Andreas Rinke Berlin, July 13 (Reuters) - Angela Merkel advocated on Tuesday the maintenance of restrictions and prompted the Germans to be vaccinated against the CVIV-19 with the risk of a fourth epidemic wave at the Autumn, while excluding the hypothesis of mandatory vaccination. "We do not intend to take this path.

Angela Merkel and Joe Biden spoke for nearly two hours, first head-to-face, then with advisers, before a common press statement. Many themes have been addressed, such as the European "sanitary pass", relations with China, the situation in Haiti or Cuba. The visit was also bereaved by the deadly floods that strike Germany and who caused the death of several dozens of people.

Some sixties in Germany, in unprecedented floods for 20 years

Other topic of discussion: the ban for European citizens to go to the United States. Joe Biden promised that his Covid team, in charge of advising him on the question, was studying the possibility of lifting these restrictions. An answer could be given "in the next 7 days", according to the president.

Merkel says people in flood areas Help to

 Merkel says people in flood areas Help to Washington. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has promised man in the flood areas in the West Germany's support of the state. She spoke of a "tragedy". © Andrew Harnik Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the US Vice-President Kamala Harris. Where to help, you will do that, she said on Thursday on the edge of her visit to Washington. "These are terrible days for people in the flooding areas. My thoughts are with you.

Video: Angela Merkel received at the White House, Joe Biden consolidates the relationship with Berlin (France 24)

"we had an exchange especially on the variant delta, which is increasing and which Represents a new challenge for us two, "said Chancellor at the press conference. "Before taking such a decision, we must think and it must be a sustainable decision. It would certainly not be reasonable to go back after only a few days and I have all confidence in the President's Covid team."

North Stream 2, a recurring point of disagreement

Despite this friendly visit, the Chancellor, who will leave his position in September, lets open a number of delicate files, starting with the North Stream 2 pipeline, which connects Russia to the Germany via the Baltic Sea without going through Ukraine. He is supported by Berlin, but very criticized in Washington and Eastern Europe.

The US see their restrictions on trips to Europe-biden

 The US see their restrictions on trips to Europe-biden USA-Travel / Biden (photo): The US reviews their travel restrictions in Europe-biden Washington, July 16 (Reuters) - the United States examines When they will be able to lift the restrictions prohibiting most foreigners from going to the United States from Europe after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, raised the issue during his visit to Washington, said Thursday the President American. "It's in progress," said Joe Biden. He added to express themselves on the question "in the coming days.

"My point of view on North Stream 2 has been known for some time, and even good friends can be disagreement," said Joe Biden. "But when I became president, the project was 90% completed and imposing penalties did not seem to have made sense. He was more logical to work with the Chancellor to know how to proceed, depending on the attitude of Russia with respect to Ukraine. "

North Stream 2, the pipeline of the discord within the European Union

In general, Joe Biden "needs Angela Merkel, and especially his successor, has a less wobbly attitude against Russia and China ", according to Sudha David-Wilp, from the German Marshall Fund, a Transatlantic Relations Center.

Washington would like the first European economy, so concerned with its opulent exports, put its commercial interests in favor of a more aggressive diplomatic attitude.

Gold, Angela Merkel is, above all, a follower of the consensus. She attempted to organize a European summit with Vladimir Putin, before renounceing the opposition of several members of the European Union.

Chancellor also militates for an investment agreement between the EU and China, where Washington would like to convince Europeans to adopt its last line against Beijing. Nothing says that the Conservative candidate, Armin Laschet, a favorite of the September election, will adopt a different line if he becomes Chancellor.

Merkel's last summer press conference: I'm then there .
Angela Merkel completes her probably last appearance in front of the Federal Press Conference. Draw the balance? Become wistful? Not with the Chancellor. Only a little economic policy self-lobe, it may then be. already this beginning: Typical Angela Merkel. The Chancellor sits on the podium of the Federal Press Conference, behind the whopping blue of the wall, and speaks a few introductory words.

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