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22:40  16 july  2021
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animator, comedian and now singer ... Sandrine Quétier will surprise you in rocker

 animator, comedian and now singer ... Sandrine Quétier will surprise you in rocker © Olivier Corsan Sandrine Quétier, comedian and former animator of TF 1, gave his first rock concert with his group "this is" at the POC from Alfortville (Val de Marne) last May. LP / Olivier Corsan We knew for a long time Sandrine Quétier Fan of rock and stage. With the Jokers, a group of times and friends born in the corridors of TF 1, she gave the microphone more than 80 concerts in ten years, including recent first parts of Jean-Baptiste GUÉGAN, the vocal Sosie of Johnny Hallyday .

Le 16 juillet 2011, Zebra et le bagad de Carhaix sur la scène des Vieilles Charrues. © Archives Jean-Michel Niester, West-France on July 16, 2011, Zebra and the Bagad of Carhaix on the stage of the old Plows.

Saturday, July 16, 2011, Zebra and Carhaix Bagad delivered a show always engraved in the memoirs of the festival-goers of the old plows. Ten years later, Zebra and Yann Péron, Penn-sneer of Bagad, tell this memory.

You were there, there is a ten-year-old battery, Saturday, July 16, 2011, in front of the Kerouac scene old plows ? Zebra and Yann Perron, from Bagad of Carhaix (Finistère), tell their memories, this July 16, 2021.

"Already, it was a huge surprise to see as many people, in front of the scene, at 3 pm at the opening of the day. Any Carhaix was there! There was great intensity, great energy, " recalls Zebra, multicast artist, DJ, musician, and now programmer of the factory, famous Geneva Showroom, Switzerland.

, abandoned by their leaders, Afghan soldiers tell their escape to Tajikistan

, abandoned by their leaders, Afghan soldiers tell their escape to Tajikistan © supplied by the C Ernées, isolated, abandoned by their leaders, Afghan soldiers defending Shir Khan Bandar, the main border post with the Tajikistan , told the AFP had no other choice at the end of June, to flee with a thousand comrades in Tajik territory, wearing the wounded. "We had been besieged at Shir Khan Badar for a week, our refueling lane was cut off," explains, "explains," returning to Kabul, Mehrullah, 27 years old - who as many Afghans bears only one name.

Zebra, à la guitare. © Archives Thomas Bregardis, West France Zebra, on the guitar.

"It was black world"

throughout the concert, Zebra and forty musicians chained the times: Iggy Pop, Fatboy Slim and even the imperial march (Star Wars) of John Williams.

"When we finished, it was black world. There was a real communion with the public », remembers Yann Péron, Penn-Snail. He was Bagad's conductor this afternoon. "Incredible energy, sensations that are difficult to describe. It was a great moment for us.

At the end of 16 July 2011, Zebra and Bagad resume Right Here Right Now of Fatboy Slim in front of a unleashed audience despite the rain.

"It made us happy to have this confidence, continues Yann Péron. We always enjoy watching the videos.

"In 2011, it became serious"

China: The History of Reunion Between a Kidnapped Son 24 years ago and his parents

 China: The History of Reunion Between a Kidnapped Son 24 years ago and his parents © provided by Le Parisien The Parisian The story went around the world. Tuesday, the Chinese authorities announced that Guo Gangang and his wife, whose name is not known, had found Guo Xinzhen, their kidnapped son 24 years ago . The father had never stopped looking for him. In 1997, Guo Xinzhen, then 2 years old, plays in front of the family home when he is removed. For several months, research is carried out in the Shandong region where its family lives, but without success.

The two teams knew each other for three years already. A first experience on the plow scene in 2008 launched the adventure. "I knew Bagad's music well. In 2008, I make a concert in Carhaix and I invited them at the beginning of Set. I did not know that it was as much connecting the young people of Bagad. One could only repeat an hour in their premises, says Zebra. Then we saw four to five times until 2011. Every time we increase the directory. We made a big concert in Paris in 2010. And the 2011 concert at the plows, it was a real pledge of confidence. We thought it was serious. It was not a one-shot.

A tour and an album

in October 2012, the album Zebra & Bagad Karaez is born with creations and several guests: Cali in the Power of Stones, Arno in Long live my freedom and Tom Hogg in Gone with the wind.

A tour of twenty dates followed itself with a date at Olympia, November 4, 2012 in Paris. "Wherever we played, we were taken for UFOs, remembers Zebra. For the media in Paris, Breton music, it was old music, frozen music.

video. Old plows: what to remember concerts of July 14th

 video. Old plows: what to remember concerts of July 14th © West-France A person in the public brandished a sign to thank the organizers, artists and volunteers. Sharp shark, fire! Chatterton and Benjamin Biolay animated the evening of Wednesday, July 14, 2021 with old plows. A rise for the festival that announces a nice weekend in Carhaix (Finistère). For this second week of festival to the old plows , the atmosphere Monte Crescendo.

"It was dared! complete Yann Péron. It's not a repertoire that we are used to playing. Collaboration stops in 2013, each returning to its projects.

"It was a complex project because we were volunteers. It was necessary to take on our time for the tour. I missed school days to play! We adapted, " details Yann Péron.

"We played with professionals for the first time"

the following year, in 2014 the Bagad of Carhaix focuses on the Bagadoù National Championship and accesses the first category. "The project with Zebra helped us reach this category (until 2016). that allowed us to have a much more framed music. We played with professionals for the first time.

Is there a hope to see them together on stage? "We would not be against, assures Yann Péron. I think one day we will pick up, we would be super happy. But there are few places for this type of project. In particular because of the competitions that come back too often "

" I would have loved back to the plows for those ten years "

" for the ten years of this concert, I would have loved to return to the plows. I hope there will be other occasions! , responds Zebra.

three titles made with the Carhaix Bagad have been remixed and appear on the track-list of the album Dance Music, released in 2020. Zebra will be on the stage of Festideruz , to Fouesnant, August 12, 2021.

MAINTENANCE. "I like to brutalize the fans of Kaamelott" book Alexandre Astier .
© Jacques Morell / M6 Archives This series aired between 2005 and 2009 on TV, comes to the cinema tomorrow. "Kaamelott" is the first of a trilogy. humorous television series hit, inspired by the Arthurian legend, Kaamelott comes cinema Wednesday, July 20. Its director gave us some explanation. Introduced in 2005, the series Kaamelott has accumulated 458 episodes in six seasons. She wowed millions of viewers and created a loyal fan base.

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