US News beds in the Olympic village "stable" enough for sex

10:10  19 july  2021
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Tokyo Olympic organisers plan to give away about 150,000 condoms at next month's Games, but are telling athletes to take them home rather than use them in the Olympic village where social distancing rules and coronavirus measures are the top priority. "The distribution of condoms is not for use at the athlete's village , but to have athletes take them back to their home countries to raise awareness" of HIV and AIDS issues, said Tokyo 2020 in an emailed response to questions by Reuters. Officials have already barred overseas spectators and are asking those who do attend the delayed event to show

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The beds in the Olympic village in Tokyo are "stable" enough for sex. The insured the organizers on Monday after individual athletes have registered doubts about the stability of the designs made of cardboard.

Die Betten im Olympischen Dorf bestehen aus Pappe © Akio Kon The beds in the Olympic village consist of cardboard

The Irish Turner Rhys McClenaghan had filmed on Sunday itself, as he jumped repeatedly on a bed to verify a New York Post report. The newspaper had claimed the beds were intentionally built fragile to support social distance.

"The beds should be an anti-sex measure. They are made of cardboard, yes, but apparently they should break in sudden movements. This is a fake news," said McLenaghan in the video he posted at Twitter.

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The U.S. Olympic Committee, which had stayed largely silent, finally issued an apology late Thursday about the “distracting ordeal”: “The behavior of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of Team USA or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. Video that aired on the Globo TV network showed Conger and Bentz being escorted to the police station in the airport, according to the Washington Post. “Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were detained Wednesday night shortly before their flight was scheduled to depart from Rio,” the U.S. Olympic Committee said in a

On the official Olympia TwitterAccount, McClenaghan was thanked for the "exposure of this myth": "Sustainable beds are stable!"

The report in New York Post was based on an obviously awinking tweet of the US long-distance runner Paul Chelimo. This explained that the cardboard beds "aim to avoid intimacy among the athletes". The beds would only withstand the weight of a single person to prevent "situations outside the sport".

At the beginning of the year, the manufacturer AIRWEAVE had promised that the beds withstand a weight of 200 kg and have undergone strict stress tests. Previously, the Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut had already questioned its stability.

"We conducted experiments, like dropping weights on the beds," said a spokesman for the French news agency AFP: "As long as only two people lie in bed, they should be strong enough to carry the burden."

thousands of athletes are housed during the games in Tokyo, starting on Friday, in the Olympic village.

despite the warnings, "to avoid unnecessary forms of body contact," the organizers are expected to distribute 160,000 condoms. These are "not intended to be used in the Olympic village," said the Organizing Committee. Instead, they should "be taken by the athletes in their respective home countries and help to support the campaign for awareness of AIDS".

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Tokyo. also a fulminant spectacle would have worked without an audience probably. Host Japan also decided on the opening ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Games for a very reduced staging, which tanked the pandemic circumstances both in the extent and in terms of content. While that was tastefully, the already under no good star standing sports big event robbed more of his usual lovely stimulus.

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