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14:35  19 july  2021
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Lyon, Bordeaux ... The residence tax of second homes in the viewfinder

 Lyon, Bordeaux ... The residence tax of second homes in the viewfinder © SYSPEO / SIPA The Côte Niçoise Map - Lyon and Bordeaux announced in early July that the increase of the housing tax - applicable to Secondary residences - would reach 60%, the maximum rate authorized by law. But currently, what cities have activated this device at full speed? While the housing tax of the main residences is dedicated to disappearing , the cities depart at war against second homes.

The experiences from the Corona pandemic could drive many people from the great German cities.

Idylle im Grünen? Die Kleinstadt Gadebusch im Landkreis Nordwestmecklenburg. © Jens Büttner / dpa central picture / dpa idyll in the countryside? The small town Gadebusch in the district of Northwestmecklenburg.

more than any eighth resident (12.9 percent) of the cities with more than half a million inhabitants wants to leave this, according to a survey of the Munich IFO Institute and the real estate portal immovelt within a maximum of a year. Almost half of them call Corona as an important reason for the decision to go to the country or in a smaller city.

Of course you do not know how many people really put this into action, but plans to leave within six or twelve months the city, you can see as relatively concrete, says Study author Mathias Dolls. All almost 13 percent would certainly not leave the big cities.

Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the

 Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the sanitary pass in the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne © Bertrand Guay protesters against the sanitary pass, Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Paris . Epidemics - In the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne "No to the Pass Sanitaire , Stop to dictatorship", "Freedom", " Macron dictator" ...

conspicuous should also be that the people outside the big cities does not have a particularly high wish to draw in them. They are not a longing place, says Dolls. Nevertheless, it will of course continue to give people who go to the big cities. Whether there will be more immigration or more leaving, nobody can say at the moment.

concretely said 5.3 percent of the Responsters of the great major cities surveyed within six months wanted to leave the city, another 7.6 percent want to do that within twelve months. Removals in other large big cities did not count with them.

Aim of the city-tired residents were mostly smaller big cities or the bacon belt. Especially families with children and people in the family founding phase sought into the suburban room and in smaller cities, it was called from the Ifo. Dolls therefore warns that the connection of the bacon belt and the education infrastructure will become more important. At any rate,

Chassé-Cross Weekend. Orange and red on the roads this weekend

 Chassé-Cross Weekend. Orange and red on the roads this weekend © Archives Thierry Hollow / West-France according to the forecasts of bison trafficking, the plugs will be consistent and the dense traffic everywhere in France for this weekend of the mid-July, from Friday's day. This weekend in mid-July marks a croop-crossed departures on the roads of France. Saturday's day will be particularly crowded but traffic difficulties will be observed on Friday. Bison Futé sees red for this weekend of mid-July.

The trend could continue: Beyond the fast moving plans, many more residents of the big cities are covered with moving thoughts. 18.5 percent want to go away in the coming two or five years. Another 24.4 percent say such a move would basically challenge for you. Not even half - 44.2 percent - rejects it to leave the big cities. For comparison: In rural areas, more than two-thirds leaned away a move. For the survey, around 18 000 people were interviewed in May 2021.

How many people want to leave the big cities varies greatly from place to place. This is particularly common in Hanover, where 16.5 percent of respondents said, want to pull away within one year. Behind it follow Frankfurt with 16.2, Dortmund with 14.2 and Berlin and Stuttgart with 14.1 percent each.

relatively close to average located Dusseldorf with 13.7, Cologne with 13.5, Munich with 12.5 and Nuremberg with 12 percent. In Hamburg with 11.4 and Bremen with 11.1 percent, the movement desire is rather distinctly pronounced. The rarest people want to leave Leipzig with 10.5, Dresden with 9.5 and food with 7.6 percent their city.

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