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19:55  19 july  2021
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"will never open a business": how the flood company meets

 a flooded open pit, pulled out pipes, destroyed shopping streets, production and deposits: the companies in the region hit the flood disaster hard. Noticeable consequences for people in crisis areas, for example, had the significant damage to energy companies EON and RWE. © dpa A helper conveyed in Bad Münstereifel garbage and debris along the Erft. By damaged electricity and gas networks, up to 200,000 customers in the area of ​​the EON subsidiary West Netary were without electricity.

flooded company premises and resting machines: The flood catastrophe has also hit many companies in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate hard.

Der vor einigen Jahren wegen des Tagebaus umgelegte Fluss Inde hat sich nach schweren Regenfällen ein neues Bett gegraben und strömt unkontrolliert in den Braunkohle-Tagebau Inden. ) © Olaf Rossbroich / DPA The river in the year a few years ago had dug into a new bed after heavy rains and flows uncontrollably into the lignite-aebody. )

A devastated work of the car supplier ZF in the Rhineland-Palatinate Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler stands for companies since the flood as well as production facilities of the copper recycler Aurubis in Stolberg near Aachen. RWE had to interrupt the promotion in the lignite building in the lignite and reduce production in his Wisweiler power plant. The Outlet Center Bad Münstereifel reports on its homepage: "Closed indefinitely."

Tourism in Crisis Mode: Corona is followed by the flood catastrophe

 Tourism in Crisis Mode: Corona is followed by the flood catastrophe devastated campsites, destroyed holiday homes and hotels, damaged bridges, tracks and streets. © Provided by Finanzen.net Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images The flood disaster, especially in the west of Germany, hits tourism in the affected areas. "For the hosts, which after the long Corona-Lockdown now in the worst case has lost their existence basis, it is an absolute disaster," said Michelle sulfur, head of the German Ferienhausverband.

A spokesman of the association of German machine and plant construction NRW said the German Press Agency on Monday: "Several companies are affected by us." He did not call company names.

In the high-water ZF plant, according to enterprises, no resumption of production is in sight. The extent of the damage is not to be considered, said a spokesman for the Group headquartered in Friedrichshafen on request.

In the work concerned, approximately 280 is employed by ZF data. Through the flood, among other production and warehouses were flooded at night to Thursday. The water stood up in the factory up to two meters high. From the outside, twelve vehicles, including a caravan, had been rinsed into the halls. The work was devastated. The floor had been covered with a thick mud layer. There was no injured person according to company specifications.

Red Cross demands massive expansion of material reserves for disasters

 Red Cross demands massive expansion of material reserves for disasters After the devastating flood catastrophe in West Germany, the German Red Cross (DRK) has demanded a massive expansion of national material reserves for missions in destroyed crisis areas. It would have to be drawn teachings from the experience of large-scale losses in electricity and water supply, DRK President Gerda Hasselfeldt said on Friday during a visit to the flood area in the North Rhine-Westphalian Euskirchen. "We need more material stock preservation at federal level." © Christof Stache

Video: Backgrounds The flood catastrophe: Global heat has fueled the rains (Glomex)

Already last week, the copper recycler Aurubis had reported that he had to stop production in Stolberg due to strong storm effects and had to evacuate the work. The factory with its approximately 400 employees could therefore no longer meet his delivery obligations. "The impact of the storm for our work in Stolberg are all shocking for us," said Aurubis boss Roland Harings. Flooding has affected the entire company premises. "We will do everything to rebuild the factory and start the production as soon as possible."

In the electricity supplier RWE, the lignite building industry were strongly affected and the attached Wisweiler power plant. The power plant also ran on Monday with reduced performance, as a corporate speaker reported. On Thursday, the river Flünt had rinsed a dike and went into the open pit. The coal promotion had to be set and was allowed to be resumed at the end of the week. The power plant has been working with reduced performance since then. Also numerous hydropower plants of RWE in the Eifel, on the Moselle, Saar and Ruhr had to temporarily adjust the operation. The damage could achieve a mean double-digit million euro amount forecast RWE.

Natural Disaster Costs R + V Insurance 387 million euros

 Natural Disaster Costs R + V Insurance 387 million euros Natural disasters such as the flood in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia have hatched the R + V insurance enormous costs. According to the storms Bernd alone, so far 9545 damage amounted to 167 million euros were reported, the company announced today. © Thomas Frey / DPA A house in Marienthal is completely torn after the flood.

hit hard was also the Outlet Center Bad Münstereifel. The "textile economy" managed reported that almost all transactions in the Outlet Center were destroyed.

At Volkswagen, the impact on logistics are limited. As at the end of the past week, there are "only local disorders in a few supplier locations," it said on Monday from the Wolfsburg Group Headquarters. Overall, the network of parts supply works despite the storm following. The production is therefore not limited.

Bundesagraph Minister Julia Klöckner demanded that flood helps would also have to benefit agriculture. According to first impressions, the damage to agricultural land, buildings and infrastructure sew on a "partly existence-threatening measure", shared their ministry. For example, cereal reserves were destroyed in many places, all animal stocks drowned and furnished facilities of wineries and winegrowers. About the immediate aids of the federal government will be advised on Wednesday in the Federal Cabinet.

The Secretary General of the German Farmers Association, Bernhard Krüsken, supported Klöckner's push. "It is important and right that the agricultural enterprises are also considered in the immediate aids. The agriculture is massively affected by the flood catastrophe, "said crooks of the German Press Agency.

Merkel: "A surreal, spooky situation" .
The Chancellor showed itself at one of the places where the consequences of the flood are particularly dramatic. Merkel traveled immediately after its US visit to the Eifelogommunity - and announced to come back.

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