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09:30  20 july  2021
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magnitude earthquake 6.1 in the east of Indonesia

 magnitude earthquake 6.1 in the east of Indonesia The powerful earthquake struck 258 kilometers north-east from the city of Manado, located in the north of the island. Its depth was 68 kilometers. © Googlemaps A magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred on Saturday off the east coast of Celebes Island in Indonesia, announced the American Institute of Geophysics (USGS). No tsunami alert was launched and no damage reported immediately.

Fatalism is a family of related philosophical doctrines that stress the subjugation of all events or actions to fate or destiny, and is commonly associated with the consequent attitude of resignation in the face of future events which are thought to be inevitable.

the disaster risk reduction objectives of governments, donor agencies, and the United Nations. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Keywords: adaptation, adaptive capacity, climate, disaster , economic growth, geographic information systems (GIS), Hyogo, infrastructure systems, resiliency. From fatalism to resilience 179. In data-limited cases, this framework is valuable even if ordinal rankings are used. as it provides a means of establishing, comparing and applying transparent and easily.

The federal government has the THW, the countries are responsible, the municipalities must act: the civil protection in Germany is complicated, which has also shown the flood.

Das Technische Hilfswerk Zwickau startete nach Ahrweiler Katastrophenhilfe aus Sachsen: Eine Wasseraufbereitungsanlage soll ins Katastrophengebiet transportiert werden. Sie kann pro Stunde rund 20 tausend Liter Wasser in Trinkwasser aufbereiten. © Imago Images The Technical Hilfswerk Zwickau started according to Ahrweiler catastrophic aid from Saxony: A water treatment plant should be transported to the catastrophe area. It can prepare around 20 thousand liters of water in drinking water per hour. Who is responsible for catastrophes

of civil protection in Germany is complicated. If there are extreme rainfalls with floods and floods as well as mostly in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, but also in Bavaria and Saxony, then in the best case a bike reaches the other. Professional helpers and appreciated 1.8 million volunteers develop a force that can provide affected protection and help. But there are also criticism for years. There is talk of competence-friendly, a job did not know what the other tarpaulin and make. Especially with larger emergencies.

coronavirus: the contaminations climb quickly, the cases doubled in seven days with 38,700 people positive

 coronavirus: the contaminations climb quickly, the cases doubled in seven days with 38,700 people positive The Variant Delta is responsible for almost all of these new cases in France © Philippe Lopez / AFP Hospitals welcomed 7.054 patients Infected with COVID-19 this Thursday. epidemic - The Variant Delta is responsible for almost all these new cases in France Hospitalizations due to the Covid-19 were stable, with 7,054 patients, while the contaminations climb quickly for a week, according to the figures of Public health France published this Thursday. 3.617 people have been tested positive to the

Man is responsible for ‘natural disasters ’ because when Adam chose to do as Eve requested(at the behest of the Serpent), instead of what God Commanded, he(Adam) brought the Curse of Sin=death to the earth and it polluted absolutely everything in the Creation. Animals could now get sick, get old “Surely if something is a natural disaster , it will not have been as a result of human activity. We are not responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. There have been suggestions that the recent bush fires devastating parts of Australia were a result of climate change, and thus was caused by us

Russian fatalism is actually a high tolerance towards problems. And Russians are not unique here, look at Inuits for example. Russians are tough, curious and prefer to solve their problems themselves. Personally, I lived through 3 revolutions, crisis, defaults, starved, went on without any money for several months and never gave up or accepted Most Russians don't think about that stuff. At the same time, most Russians (over 30) would pretend that they understand what you are saying. As for some part of true intellectuals, yes, some share the idea of fatalism , but it's a small part. High speed never ending train?

is the responsibility of the federal states, where the supervisory authorities sit there. The practical preparation and assessment of the situation is the responsibility of the counties and county-free cities. If uniform threatens somewhere in Germany, the local district administrator or the mayor of a local city involves the disaster. Last done in the circles Berchtesgaden, volcaniceifel, Rhine-Erft-Kreis or Hof. These should also warn the population with announcements or sirens. In addition, warning messages go via the smartphone apps Nina of the Confederation or the Katwarn app of the Fraunhofer Institute. Local media need to warn radio and television.

The country council and mayor offices then resort to their usage plans that they have previously developed. They indicate police, fire brigade and rescue service. In addition, Johanniter, Workers-Samariter-Bund and Maltese are in alert.

Floods: The phenomenon of "cold drop" originally from the weather in Europe

 Floods: The phenomenon of © Oliver Berg The banks of the Rhine, in the German city of Cologne, Wednesday, July 14th. The trombbels of water that has been abate from Germany and Belgium for several days are caused by a meteorological phenomenon, whose intensity is exceptional in this season. The diluvian rains that have fallen on a part of Europe since the beginning of the week, overflowing many streams and causing of dramatic floods in Germany and Belgium , are caused by what meteorologists call "cold drop".

The disaster is not really a disaster . There will be major population shifts, but the population will plunge after 2035 when the Baby-boom dies… around 2040/5 they will be dead and negative population growth will reduce the population to significantly lower levels. The flywheel effect will keep temperatures high for a It will help to make it possible for those who desire to be housewives or househusbands to do so while the other spouse earns the living—also working at home if the situation allows. If you are an employer, make it possible for as many of your employees as possible to telecommute; if you are

Fatalism in the academic sense isn't the emotional state of giving up; it's rather the logical doctrine that people will do what they do without being able to change their future, either by a kind of determinism or by some other means like a Calvinist version of Christianity. In other words, to understand fatalism What I always found compelling against Abrahamic religions was that they condemned you to eternal hell if you didn't worship them. Hinduism and Buddhism are exempt from this because they have Karma/Reincarnation. What if you 're born in a devout Christian family and raised Christian, if Allah is the creator how is

The country can request help from the federal government, for example from the technical relief work

in storms, snow chaos, floods or forest fires, which relate to several circles, the Ministry of the Interior of the federal state takes over the coordination. This can request help from the federal government to which the technical relief organization is subject. Since 2001 there is a "disaster relief mechanism" of the European Union, which promises mutual aid. He was activated as well as the "military catastrophesal arm" of the Federal Ministry of Defense last week. As a result, Bundeswehr forces were able to decide partly by their actions on site and did not have to wait for approvals. This should have caused approximately in the city of Hagen that cut-out districts were quickly accessible.

Otherwise, the federal government has no competence in civil protection. The Confederation is responsible for civil protection in wartime, which has led since the end of the Cold War that sirens were degraded and mass bearings were dissolved. Politics for some time dawned that this bill does not focus; According to the Elbe flood of 2002, it therefore founded the Federal Office for Population and Disaster Protection (BBK). But only in June 2020, the federal and state governments could agree on the establishment of a "competence center".

BBK President Armin Schuster wants to design a "national resilience strategy", so make the land resistant to disasters. So should be determined about which locations there are still sirens and where they are missing. He complains a "massive investment requirement", and he must hope that the federal states have to support him. As long as that does not happen, he has two tips on the population in flood waves: the water comes to avoid cellar rooms and turn off the power.

Haiti: a responsible for the security of the assassinated president arrested .
Haiti-political: Haiti: a responsible for the security of the assassinated president arrested © Reuters / Ricardo Arduengo Haiti: a responsible for the security of the assassinated president arrested by Andre PaulTre Port-au-Prince (Reuters) - A Security Officer of the Haitian President was arrested by the police, who suspects him from having participated in the conspiracy led to the murder of Jovel Moise, said Tuesday his lawyer .

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