US News China: Diluvian rains create chaos in the east, a dam threatens to collapse

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bad weather in China: a dam "can yield from one moment to the other"

 bad weather in China: a dam © provided by the point the Chinese army warned on Tuesday against the imminent risk of rupture of a dam in the center in the center of the country, subject to diluvian rains that have made at least three deaths. The regional command of the People's Liberation Army explained in a statement that a 20-meter breach had appeared this day in the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang, a city of about 7 million people in the Henan region. . "The dam can yield from one moment to another," he warns.

China ’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced on Tuesday that “a 20-meter breach” occurred in the dam , and that the entire structure “could collapse at any time.” In a post to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, the PLA said that troops had been sent to blast the dam and divert floodwaters. Flooding is common during China ’s rainy season, yet the country’s rapid development in recent decades has seen a glut of dam building, and as a result rivers that once drained into flood plains have been diverted. Two dams collapsed on Monday in China ’s Inner Mongolia, flooding more

The Chinese army warned that a stricken dam in the centre of the country “could collapse at any time” after being severely damaged in torrential storms that killed at least three people and brought the region to a standstill. Weather authorities have issued the highest warning level for central Henan province as downpours caused widespread disruption and the evacuation of residents of flooded streets. In the Henan city of Zhengzhou, at least one person died and two more were missing since heavy rain began battering the city, according to the state-run People’s Daily, which reported that houses have collapsed .

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the Germany and Belgium are not the only ones to face the caprices the weather. In China, in Henan Province, bad weather has caused impressive floods. In the city of Zhengzhou, cars have even been carried away by the waters, giving rise to images barely belierable.

???????? China: ???? ️ The city of Zhengzhou affected by important floods this Tuesday in the province of Henan

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This metropolis of 4.5 million inhabitants found themselves completely paralyzed and several metro trains have also been plunged under the waters, at full time. Several videos circulate in which we see metro users standing on the seats to avoid drowning.

Floods in Germany: Berlin decides first financial aid

 Floods in Germany: Berlin decides first financial aid © Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters debris are seen in a zone affected by floods caused by heavy rains in Schuld, Germany, July 20, 2021. A first help Emergency, with a total amount of several hundred million euros, will be released by the German government to help the victims of the deadly floods in western Germany, on Wednesday, July 21.

Torrential rain has caused severe flooding in parts of central China , leaving train stations and roads submerged. More than 10,000 people in Henan province have been evacuated to shelters following the record rainfall . Meanwhile, at least one person has died and two more are missing in the city of Zhengzhou after its subway system was inundated with rushing water. More than a dozen cities in the region have been affected by the flooding. Henan province, which is home to some 94 million people, has issued its highest level of weather warning following an unusually active rainy season.

from ZeroHedge: Two dams collapsed in China ’s northwestern region of Inner Mongolia after heavy rains , Reuters reports, citing a statement from the water ministry on Monday. Both dams were located in the Inner Mongolian city of Hulunbuir and collapsed on Sunday. There were more than 1.6 trillion cubic feet of water capacity between both dams . Anyone can become informed about their world. "United We Stand" Click Here To Create Your Personal Citizen Journalist Account Today, Be Sure To Invite Your Friends.

1/3 Some Really Distressing Videos Coming Out of Zhengzhou in Central China - This Driver Looks Rather Calm Under Pressure. Purpose Other Videos on Wechat Show What Appear to Be People Clearly Struggling to Keep Their Heads Above The Flood Waters. Death Toll So Far Is 1, 2 Missing Pic.twitter.com/p8dek1b1ic

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Video: China launches the second largest hydraulic dam (Dailymotion)

The City's Metro Manager company has announced the closure of the network. According to the daily life of the people, these bad weather has also caused the collapse of houses. For now, no official balance sheet is available.

Nevertheless, the disaster could become even more important. A dam "can collapse from one moment to another," have alerted the authorities. According to the regional commander of the People's Liberation Army, a breach of 20 m has appeared in the Yihetan Dam, near the city of Luoyang populated by 6.5 million. The army sent soldiers to conduct an emergency action to deviate the floods.

Controversial Dam on the Nile: Ethiopia completed the second phase of filling

 Controversial Dam on the Nile: Ethiopia completed the second phase of filling © Adwa Pictures, AFP (Archives) Aerial view of the Grand Dam of the Renaissance on the Nile in Guba, in the north-west of the Ethiopia, taken on July 20, 2020. Ethiopia has arrived at the end of the second phase of filling its controversial megabar on the Nile. The latter, supposed to become Africa's largest hydroelectric infrastructure once completed, is at the origin of a diplomatic conflict between Addis Ababa and the countries downstream, Egypt and Sudan.

China does not face these problems or pitfalls. It has an increasingly educated workforce, universities which are increasingly competitive globally, a number of “unicorn” startups to rival the US and record levels of foreign direct investment in 2020. Does this really seem like a society “on the brink” with no Whilst the book highlights upcoming challenges, such as demographic decline, these are treated in a fatalist manner as if China has no way to absolve them, such as encouraging inbound immigration in the way Western nations have done. If anything, last year should have been a stark warning that

The China Meteorological Administration issued a "No. 1 Flood" warning as a second month of rain and earthquakes risks collapse of Three Gorges Dam and the safety of 400 million. Southern China in June suffered its worst flooding since 1940 with the overflowing of 250 rivers impacting 15 million residents and causing China 's paramount leader, Xi Jinping, in his first public statement on the crisis, called on the country to "put people first and value people's lives most in the fight against the floods," according to the Xinhua official state news agency. Human rights advocates complained as a record 1.2 million

200 mm rain in Zhengzhou

Weather services in Zhengzhou recorded the highest rainfall since the beginning of the surveys, 60 years ago. Indeed, over the last four days, more than 150 meteorological stations raised levels greater than 250 mm of rain, according to Reuters . On this period of time, the numbers even rise up to 500 mm in the city of Lushan. In Zhengzhou, he fell 200 mm of rain in a few hours. The metropolis had been placed on red alert due to heavy rainfall. More than 10,000 people had been evacuated preventively. Yet floods are not exceptional during the rainy season in China. Last year, southern country had been struck by diluvian rains for several weeks. Nevertheless, the extent of precipitation in the last hours in the Henan has all an exceptional episode.

The economic and cultural sectors threatened

these bad weather significantly threaten the economy of the region. Indeed, the province of Henan is a major logistics hub in China. However, for the moment, all the railway services of the province have been suspended as many aerial links. Several roads have also been closed. Is also threatened the cultural heritage of the region. The Yi River, flooded for several days, is likely to flood the Caves de Longmen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Shaolin Temple of the city of Dengfeng had to be temporarily closed.

According to weather forecasts, rains should gradually calm down until stopping completely by Thursday.

east of China swept by typhoon in-fa, transport interrupted .
© AFP The is China was swept Sunday by the typhoon in-Fa which touched land at midnight Day, at the moment when cleaning the damage due to the devastating floods of a few days ago beats its full on a part of its territory. accompanied by wind gusts blowing up to 38 meters / second (nearly 137 km / h), this tropical storm reached the region of Ningbo's freight port, one of the largest in the world with Shanghai's, announced. Chinese meteorological services.

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