US News United States. Amazon supports the legalization of cannabis, will his lobbyists come into play?

02:47  21 july  2021
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Amazon snaps Facebooks team for satellite Internet

 Amazon snaps Facebooks team for satellite Internet Project Kuiper receives growth: a dozen experts changed from the social media group to the StarLink competitor. In addition to Manpower, they also brought know-how and property. © Amazon Amazon has been working on the satellite internet project since 2019. In April, the deal of the two tech corporations should have gone over the stage. Amazon purchased Facebook the team for satellite-based Internet technology.

Amazon n'a pas indiqué, pour l'instant, si elle se lancera dans le commerce de cannabis s'il est légalisé aux États-Unis. © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters Amazon did not indicate, for the moment, if it will launch in the cannabis trade if it is legalized in the United States.

While Amazon announced on July 1st, the bill for the legalization of marijuana in the United States, many defenders expect that the e-commerce giant lobbyists put pressure on Washington.

Amazon announced, Tuesday, July 1st, support a bill that would legalize marijuana to the United States and would erase criminal records of many convicted persons. With this announcement, the e-commerce giant has not only become the largest American company to support legalization, it has also captivated the cannabis industry .

Study GECE / Episto: Amazon welcomed with reluctance by the fans of L1

 Study GECE / Episto: Amazon welcomed with reluctance by the fans of L1 © provided by Sofoot Study GECE / Episto: Amazon welcomed with reluctance by the supporters of L1 the tone is given. in a study conducted in June 2021 (by the GECE Survey Institute in partnership with the Startup Episto) on 2566 Fans of Ligue 1 (mainly those of the PSG, Lyon, Lille, Marseille and Rennes), It appears that these are perplexed as to the arrival of Amazon in the landscape of French TV rights .

While the bill remains blocked at the Congress, the activists who fight for a liberalization of cannabis laws hope that Amazon will go to the next stage and will use his power and portfolio to tip the scales in Washington.

Legalization defenders rely on the team of experienced Amazon lobbyists and its deep pockets to help them launch advertising campaigns and persuade parliamentarians opposed to the bill to change their minds.

"I'm quite disappointed that we have not yet seen any movement at the federal level" , told Politico Matthew Schweich, Deputy Director of Marijuana Policy Project. "If Amazon was able to provide political support to federal reform and to finance campaigns at the state level, it would be a net advantage for the cannabis reform movement in this country" added.

Canada will reopen all its borders to foreigners vaccinated in September

 Canada will reopen all its borders to foreigners vaccinated in September © Istvan Kadar Photography / Getty Images Canada will reopen all its borders to foreigners vaccinated in September at first, Canada will only reopen its terrestrial border with the United States in August, a month before reopening all its borders to foreign travelers. Canada will reopen its land border on August 9 for completely vaccinated American citizens against CVIV-19 and all frontiers on September 7 for foreign travelers, announced Monday, July 19 the government.

68% of the Americans in favor of legalization

one-third of the Americans currently live in a state where cannabis is or will soon be sold legally to adults, while 68% of voters are favorable to federal legalization, according to a Gallup survey conducted in 2020.

But at the level of US companies and the congress, mentalities change more slowly. Many companies - as well as the federal government - continue to submit their employees to drug testing, even in states where cannabis is legal.

Amazon adopts one of the most flexible positions on cannabis among the great American employers. It supports legalization and has decided to no longer submit employees to these cannabis screening tests, which will expand the company's potential employee basin. "We no longer include marijuana in our extensive drug test programs" , said Dave Clark, boss of Amazon's global operations. As for alcohol, tests will only be performed in case of incident, a posteriori. Prerequisites simply check that employees are able to work.

Although its online delivery infrastructure is unparalleled, no indication leaves, for the moment, that Amazon will launch in the cannabis trade if it is legalized at the national level.

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