US News "It's barbrant, but it's important", the six months of Biden to the White House

02:50  21 july  2021
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The manifestations force biden to seize the cuban folder

 The manifestations force biden to seize the cuban folder © Jim Watson a cuban flag brandi in front of the White House in Washington on July 12, 2021 The historical events in Cuba Force the American President Joe Biden to seize a File that was "not a priority" but could remove, according to experts, the prospect of a rapid relief of the sanctions of the United States.

And these last six months , about 90 percent down due to our vaccination program. And I want to thank you all for the great job you did in getting that done. But we have to stay vigilant, especially with the Delta variant that’ s out there. While COVID-19 cases are rising, virtually all of the COVID death — virtually all of the COVID deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. We'll be in touch with the latest information on how President Biden and his administration are working for the American people, as well as ways you can get involved and help our country build back better.

July 20th marks the six - month mark of the Biden presidency, and look at what his administration has wrought on the border. What’ s occurring is simply mind-boggling, though not surprising. The numbers are way up, at least a million have crossed so far, and thousands of foreigners are being resettled in Humic & Fulvic Trace Minerals Complex - Nature' s most important supplement! Vivid Dreams again! HNEX HydroNano EXtracellular Water - Improve immune system health and reduce inflammation.

Le président Joe Biden entouré de ses ministres, six mois après son arrivée au pouvoir, le 20 juillet 2021 à la Maison Blanche © Saul Loeb President Joe Biden surrounded by his ministers, six months after his arrival in power on July 20, 2021 At the White House

"barbrant" but "important". This sentence slid at the turn of a speech by Joe Biden himself summarizes his bet, made by entering six months ago at the White House: favor the bottom rather than the form, to give a prosperous America to the center of the game worldwide.

bringing together Tuesday his ministers at the White House to score a first semester in power, he again recalled the analysis that he has ceased to climb from January.

For him, the United States is in an existential "competition" with countries, like China, "who thinks the future belongs to authoritarianism." Joe Biden wants to demonstrate on the contrary that "democracy can more", both to innovate, fight against climate change and ensure prosperity.

United States: Joe Biden's vibrant advocacy for the right to vote

 United States: Joe Biden's vibrant advocacy for the right to vote © Reuters - Leah millis Joe Biden in Philadelphia, July 13, 2021. In a speech in Philadelphia, the US president denounced the assaults of the Republican camp against the right to vote. Seventeen states have changed their electoral laws this year and restricts access to the polls. According to the President, it is the foundation of democracy that is targeted.

Six months of Joe Biden ’ s presidency has been represented by six months of mainstream media largely fawning over the 46th president, despite an influx of illegal immigration, a surge in violent crime across the nation, and rising inflation affecting nearly every industry. The praise began long before Biden was elected, but reached a fever pitch on Inauguration Day, with MSNBC' s Joy Reid heralding the first couple’ s "great love story," saying "we haven’t had a love story in the White House in over four years."

US president Joe Biden reacts next to Buccaneers owner Bryan Glazer and quarterback Tom Brady as the president welcomed members of the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a reception on the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday. Brady took to the lectern and joked about Trump’ s baseless claims of voter fraud, which have convinced many Republicans that Biden did not win the election, and his description of Biden as ‘Sleepy Joe’, without mentioning Trump by name. Brady said his team’ s performance took off after starting last year’ s NFL season with a tepid 7-5 record.

Le président américain Joe Biden avec un jeune enfant le 7 juillet à Crystal Lake (Illinois), où il est venu promouvoir ses projets économiques et sociaux © Saul Loeb The American President Joe Biden with a young child on July 7 in Crystal Lake (Illinois), where he has come to promote his economic and social projects

it passes, according to him, by Pharaonic expenses in the roads, the Bridges, broadband Internet, but also in health, education and support for families. On the outside, it involves reviving traditional alliances under evil for four years.

Major files, but who do not necessarily passionate public opinion, he says it himself.

"I know it's a barbatical speech, but it's important," launched the US President on July 7, in the large suburbs of Chicago.

He came, in front of a hearing, whose applause gradually weakened, to make the article of his gigantic economic and social projects, by wishing many figures and examples.

UPDATE 1-Biden and Merkel stressed their friendship despite their differences on the

 UPDATE 1-Biden and Merkel stressed their friendship despite their differences on the pipeline USA-GERMANY / (UPDATE 1, PICTURE) UPDATE 1-Biden and Merkel stressed their friendship despite their differences on the pipeline (Refreshes all along ) by Jeff Mason and Andrea Shalal WASHINGTON, July 16 (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged Thursday their differences concerning the Nord Stream gas pipeline project 2 before reiterating their commitment to stand together against Russia and China.

A White House staffer and one in Speaker Nancy Pelosi' s office tested positive for COVID after attending an event with Texas Democrats. Both staffers were fully vaccinated. Also White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed there have been other break through cases in the administration. Harris raised eyebrows when she said that she did not need to quarantine as she had limited exposure to the group. Jen Psaki, Joe Biden ' s press secretary, told reporters during a briefing Monday that the vice president did get tested and 'there was no detection of COVID-19.'

Six months into the tenure of President Biden , Chinese leaders have yet to find an effective strategy to counter the U. S . approach.Credit Mark Schiefelbein/Associated Press. Although both sides have said that they want to avoid a new Cold War, they are plunging into an increasingly ideological conflict that shows little sign of easing. The result has been a deterioration of relations that, to the surprise of many in Beijing, has surpassed even the four tumultuous years of dealing with President Donald J. Trump.

"It really needs to be barbrant, barbatically barring for you, especially those and those under the age of 13," he once joined the 15th of July, in front of parents and children to whom he exposed a measure financial support for families.

- Anti-Trump -

After a Trump Presidency made of outlets and diatribes, the 78-year-old Democrat and its team stick to an extremely controlled communication, by creating language elements.

"Biden tries to overthrow something for a long time, his very school way of expressing himself," says Robert Rowland, professor at the University of Kansas, expert in presidential communication.

Joe Biden "tries to project someone who is boring but competent, and produces concrete results".

Faced with the press, at rare exceptions, the president is based on the teleprompter and his notes, and his team of communicators hastens to bring out journalists who are trying to ask questions at the end of each speech. Following the opposite of a Donald Trump that loved to hold impromptic monologics and send raw tweets, while the Biden administration makes a very institutional use of social networks.

Angela Merkel at the White House: Amical farewells and some

 Angela Merkel at the White House: Amical farewells and some disagreements for Angela Merkel's last official visit to the United States before leaving in September, the two leaders wanted to rebuild a strongly degraded relationship under the presidency of Donald Trump. View on euronews © Susan Walsh / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Rebuild a strong partnership, after the degradation of German-American relations under the chairmanship of Donald Trump.

" The White House Medical Unit has conducted contact tracing interviews and determined no close contacts among White House principals and staff. The individual has mild symptoms," the official continued. Vaccinated people who have breakthrough infections are much less likely to get severely Two months after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vaccinated individuals didn't need to wear masks in most settings, a growing number of experts are warning it ' s time to put them back on. First, there was Los Angeles County, where the rising menace posed by the delta variant of

Biden mistakingly thought South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was skipped during the introduction at the summit. Brendan Smialowski/Pool via REUTERS. On Friday, the Jewish Voice also posted a video clip of Biden being asked a question by a reporter who shouted, “How are your meetings going And a Sunday news conference at Cornwall Airport Newquay was marked by several Biden gaffes, including repeated references to the international COVAX vaccine distribution program as “COVID” — which the White House corrected, using brackets, in its official transcript of the event.

His predecessor vituperated, Joe Biden rarely increases the tone. Sometimes even, he whispers.

"Listen (Joe Biden speaks) can be painful. He stumbles on the words, he loses the thread ..." Notes Lawrence Jacobs, Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota.

, however, recognizes him "more insurance when he speaks about foreign affairs or national security issues", which he practiced a lot during his long career as a senator.

Example Recently with the withdrawal of the latest American soldiers from Afghanistan, a major decision of the mandate, defended without clustering by Joe Biden.

The President "does not underestimate the rhetorical power attached to his function," according to Lawrence Jacobs. "It would be a mistake to believe that he can not set the tone."

Last Friday, before leaving the White House for the weekend, Joe Biden accused Facebook and other social networks to "kill people" by letting circulate false information. His remarks turned all weekend on continuous TV channels.

But Joe Biden is especially spontaneous when he gives free rein to his empathy. The President, marked by family tragedies - death in a car accident from his first wife and daughter, then the death of his son darling beautiful following a cancer - falls with the habit of "Comforter-in-Chief".

It has recently maintained long hours with the families of victims of a particularly murderer building in Florida.

"He has a donation to comfort people", according to Robert Rowland.

For the moment in any case, Joe Biden's popularity rating remains anchored above 50%, a level that Donald Trump had never had.


biden chose Mark Gitenstein as the US Ambassador to the EU .
USA-Biden / EU: biden chose Mark Gitenstein as the US Ambassador to the EU Washington, July 27 (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden Named Mark Gitenstein as the United States Ambassador to the European Union, Tuesday announced the White House. Mark Gitenstein, who was ambassador to Romania in the administration of former President Barack Obama, is a lawyer and board member of the Biden Foundation.

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