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13:32  21 july  2021
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floods in Germany: "I do not know where my neighbor is, I do not know if he still lives ..."

 floods in Germany: © Handout around Cologne, Erfstadt has been submerged by a landslide caused by floods ( Aerial view posted on the Twitter account of the Cologne District Government).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the cabinet in Berlin on Wednesday in order to approve an enormous emergency relief package to rebuild Germany 's flood -ravaged regions. The worst flooding in living memory killed at least 169 in Germany late last week. And including numbers from neighboring Belgium and the Netherlands, the death The damage caused by the torrential rains shocked officials and left residents reeling as they seek to rebuild their lives. After the cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said that the federal government agreed to allocate €200 million in emergency aid funding.

Germany floods : Government to announce financial aid for victims 21.07.2021. With the recent floods causing billions of euros in damage to homes, businesses, roads and rails, Berlin is set to release emergency aid to rebuild the affected regions. Germany needs better climate policy, Merkel says from flooded region Wildfires in Australia, blizzards in Texas, now flash floods in Germany and Belgium: The growing likelihood of extreme weather has insurers and homeowners alike wondering how to best minimize risk. Germany floods : Officials rebuke criticism amid cleanup efforts 20.07.2021.

Des débris sont vus dans une zone touchée par des inondations causées par de fortes pluies à Schuld, en Allemagne, le 20 juillet 2021. © Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters debris are seen in a zone affected by floods caused by heavy rains in Schuld, Germany, July 20, 2021.

A first help Emergency, with a total amount of several hundred million euros, will be released by the German government to help the victims of the deadly floods in western Germany, on Wednesday, July 21.

The Government of Angela Merkel will unlock Wednesday a first emergency aid of several hundred million euros to relieve the victims of the deadly floods in the West of Germany , where the reconstruction s Long and expensive ad.

These floods, larger natural disaster in recent decades in Germany, have caused the death of 170 people in the country, according to one last balance sheet Wednesday.

Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters

 Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters The federal government has the THW, the countries are responsible, the municipalities must act: the civil protection in Germany is complicated, which has also shown the flood. © Imago Images The Technical Hilfswerk Zwickau started according to Ahrweiler catastrophic aid from Saxony: A water treatment plant should be transported to the catastrophe area. It can prepare around 20 thousand liters of water in drinking water per hour.

Top German officials have defended their handling of the country's worst flooding in decades. Local residents in western Germany are reeling from the devastation, as cleanup efforts persist. Local residents and volunteers were picking up the pieces after catastrophic flooding in western Germany . The German military has deployed around 1 ,000 soldiers for relief efforts in the three states most impacted by the flooding . Search and rescue operations are still ongoing. DW correspondent reports from hard-hit Ahrweiler.

In Germany , aid agencies and state governments have all chipped in by setting up hotlines and emergency aid funds to which the public can donate money as well as clothes and other necessities. The state premier of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, said in a press release announcing a new donations account that the state The German Football League and the German Football Association have also promised financial aid to the victims of the flood disaster in western Germany . Chancellor Merkel called the level of destruction 'surreal and eerie' as she met with survivors and volunteers.

201 Victims in Europe

in Belgium, 31 people died, bearing the temporary balance sheet of the bad weather in Europe at 201 Victims.

However, the number of victims should increase again felt Sabine Lackner, Vice-President of the German Federal Technical Rescue Agency (THW), unconficiously to still find survivors nearly a week after the floods.

"Currently, we are always looking for missing people, for example when clearing the paths or pumping cellars" , she told RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland.

"However, it is unfortunately very likely that we will not be able to help " of survivors, she added.

In a project to be adopted in the Council of Ministers, Berlin and the regions, competent in the field of civil protection, undertake to pay equal a sum of 400 million immediate aid, according to a document which filtered in several German media.

China: Diluvian rains create chaos in the east, a dam threatens to collapse

 China: Diluvian rains create chaos in the east, a dam threatens to collapse © supplied by the Parisian the Parisian the Germany and Belgium are not the only ones to face the caprices the weather. In China, in Henan Province, bad weather has caused impressive floods. In the city of Zhengzhou, cars have even been carried away by the waters, giving rise to images barely belierable. ???????? China: ???? ️ The city of Zhengzhou affected by important floods this Tuesday in the province of Henan (???? via @shanghaieye ) pic.twitter.com/amicmrcwxb - Alexandre (@alex_le_bars )

Germany 's oldest Grand Prix race track has been turned into a provisional center to help the victims of the recent floods . Oliver Pieper reports from the scene. People have been coming from all over Germany and even Switzerland to help and to donate clothing. The Nürburgring has now even had to ask people to send help to other sites, explaining that all that is still needed here is drinking water and food. The police, fire department and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) have also set up their operations at the Nürburgring because of its central location.

Although Bavaria was better prepared for extreme flooding than communities in the west of Germany , that is of little comfort to those whose homes have been destroyed. Elliot Douglas reports from the scene. Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria came through flooding in much better shape than other regions of Germany . "We have been really supported by tourists and visitors coming up here and asking what was going on," Hopf says. Among the visitors on Sunday were Bavarian Premier Markus Söder and German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz — both of whom pledged financial aid for the area.

Parener at most pressed

It is a matter of looking at more in a hurry, such as securing damaged buildings and infrastructure in the most bruised regions by floods, for some deprived of drinking water and electricity.

visiting Tuesday in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the medieval city of Bad Münsteifel devastated by the diluvian rains, Angela Merkel promised a quick help, " in the next days " and " without bureaucracy ".

A "Reconstruction Program in billions of euros"

These sums are a first step. They will be supplemented by "a billion euro reconstruction program, to quickly retap Out" , "said Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz in an interview at Rheinische Post.

He must hold a press conference at 09 h GMT to detail the project, together with the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Berlin also plans to appeal to the European Solidarity Fund that financially supports EU Member States in the event of a natural disaster.

offer rents in metropolitan areas Hardly risen

 offer rents in metropolitan areas Hardly risen In the German metropolitan areas, the required apartment rents of a study have risen slower. © Soeren Stache / DPA Central Image / DPA In Berlin, the only metropolitan area in Germany has risen the required housing rents in the middle segment 2020 compared to 2019. In the first half of 2021, the average offer rental rates in the eight major markets are an average 2.4 percent grown, the real estate service provider JLL reported today in Frankfurt.

In Germany , local districts are responsible for deciding relevant measures, not the DWD. Cloke said that a unified, national approach was necessary, adding that local authorities often lack the necessary resources to properly deal with such issues. Gesture of support from Tel Aviv. After arriving the town of Schuld, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the situation in the flooded regions as "surreal" and "terrifying." She pledged quick financial aid . " Germany is a strong country," Merkel continued. "We will stand up to this force of nature, in the short term, but also in the medium and long term."

As Germany mourns after deadly floods devastated swaths of the country, the cleanup operation goes on. The situation remains tense in some areas. Follow DW for more. The EU's Agricultural and Fisheries Council declared its support for farmers in Germany , the Netherlands and Belgium who had been affected by the floods . EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski pointed to tools and mechanisms that already exist in the Common Agricultural Policy for restoration after natural disasters.

On the other hand, the state reflects on the creation of its own fund, also fueled by all German regions in order to unblock aid even more quickly in the event of a new disaster.

"Long-term work"

The rehabilitation of cities and infrastructure will be "a long-term work", recognized the Chancellor Tuesday. We will not forget you soon, "she assured the inhabitants of Bad Münsteifel.

The conservative pretender for his succession, Armin Leschet, had spoken to him of "month, or even years" before erase the wounds of the drama.

During the floods of the Elbe and the Danube in eight regional states in 2013, the state had set up a fund of more than 8 billion euros.

Seven days after the incident, it is still too early to establish a precise assessment of the damage, said the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer. "In the AHR valley, we have 20 on 35 bridges that are destroyed. This suggests the enormous task that awaits us ", he emphasized in an interview at the local newspaper Passauer Neue Press.

The public railway company reported " Massifs damage" in 80 stations. In Rhine-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, the two most affected Länder by the Diluvian rains, more than 600 km of ways have been destroyed.

Insurers expect in all cases to pay record compensation.

The year 2021 may become the most expensive for sector companies since 2013, when the damage had reached 9.3 billion euros, said Jörg Asmussen, leader of the Federation of the Branch.

Fusion of Vonovia and German Wohnen failed .
After the out of the merger of the two largest German housing companies Vonovia and German Housing, politics demands clarity about the consequences. © Christoph Seder / DPA The facade of the central office of the listed housing company German living in Berlin. Vonovia had announced on Monday that the takeover bid for German living has missed the self-set target of 50 percent. The largest German landlord was able to secure 47.62 percent of the share capital and the voting rights of German living

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