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15:06  22 july  2021
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Brazil: Bolsonaro leaves the hospital after four days of treatment

 Brazil: Bolsonaro leaves the hospital after four days of treatment © provided by the point L e President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro left Sunday the hospital of Sao Paulo where he had been treated four days for for intestinal occlusion. "I had to submit to a diet, I did what it was necessary. I wanted to leave from the first day, but they did not leave me. I hope that in a few days I can Eating an entrecote, "said Bolsonaro coming out of the Vila Nova Star Private Hospital.

of the tens is a classic competition distance for recreational runners and ambitious runners who regularly participate in running events. The 10-kilometer distance is offered for very many economies, and the tens time is a frequently used scale for the performance of runners. With a running training plan for ten kilometers, you will prepare optimally on such a 10-kilometer race.

An Ethnic woman is outdoors in a field on a sunny day. She is wearing athletic clothing and shoes. She is jogging through tall grass. © E + An Ethnic Woman is Outdoors in A Field on a Sunny Day. She is Wearing Athletic Clothing and Shoes. She Is Jogging Through Tall Grass.

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In the video, training expert Martin Grüning explains the advantages of a training plan.

North Stream 2: Angela Merkel defends the agreement with Washington

 North Stream 2: Angela Merkel defends the agreement with Washington © Wolfgang Kumm / AP The German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the agreement with the United States on the northern gas pipeline 2. during its Summer Conference This Thursday morning, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned to the agreement between the United States and Germany for the North Stream Pipeline 2. An important project for Gas Supply of Germany, but which causes diplomatic tensions in Europe and across the Atlantic.

The hour mark cancel with our training plan for "10 kilometers under 60 minutes". Of course, we also offer the appropriate training plan for advanced runners and ambitious competitors of all performance classes. With our training plan for 10 kilometers under 33 minutes, top runners are at the top of the city's run, appropriate training river assuming. But also with the other training plans for target times between 35 and 55 minutes, they achieve strong achievements and certainly the one or the other 10-kilometer best time.

When selecting the right 10-kilometer training plan you should realistically assess your current performance. If you have reached a destination, for example, have cracked the 50-minute mark, first set an regeneration phase : The day after the 10-kilometer race you run 15 minutes, very slow! The rest of the week are pausing to further intensify the running training in the following weeks and (depending on the racing date) to enter the next challenging training plan.

"We need people": Russian firefighters facing the Siberian fires .
© AFP F Ace with the vast fires ravaging the forests of the Siberian Republic of Iakoutie, Egor Zakharov and his team struggle tirelessly, but men are missing To cope with one of the worst seasons that the region experienced. At the head of a forest protection brigade, Egor Zakharov and her men spent the evening patrolling a five-kilometer long trench they dug near the village of Bias-Kiouïol, to stop A fire that approached dangerously the area.

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