US News Coronavirus: the pandemic will have a "long-term" impact on everyone's mental health, warns the WHO

17:40  22 july  2021
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the confines do not harm the health that the COVID-19 itself, according to a study

 the confines do not harm the health that the COVID-19 itself, according to a study © Shocky / Stock.Adobe.com several studies have so far shown that the pandemic had had consequences for the state of general mental health. This is an issue that agitated the spirits during successive confines, in France and abroad: and if these restrictive measures were in the end more harmful for our well-being than the CVIV-19 epidemic. even? Several researchers decided to be interested.

the quarantines, the confines, the closure of the schools or the unemployment are all sources of anxiety to which have had to face the

La pandémie de coronavirus aura un impact à long terme sur la santé mentale des populations © Holgersfotografie / Pixabay populations the coronavirus pandemic will have a long-term impact on the mental health of populations repercussions - the quarantines, the confines, the closure of the schools or the unemployment are all sources of Anxiety faced by populations

another harm to fight, and quickly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus pandemic that has been scattered around the world since 2020 will have a "long-term impact and great scope" on people's mental health. "Anxiety related to the transmission of the virus, to the psychological impact of the confines and self-isolation, with the consequences of unemployment , to financial difficulties and social exclusion, (...) Everyone is affected in one way or another, "warns WHO, in a statement, at a meeting in Athens Ministers and Health Officers.

Leopoldina fears growing inequality by Corona

 Leopoldina fears growing inequality by Corona The National Academy of the Sciences Leopoldina fears long term a tightening of income inequality in Germany through the Corona Pandemic. According to © Hendrik Schmidt / DPA Leopoldina experts, the pandemic faces the economic and social policy in Germany in the medium and long term novel challenges. In the short term, the income losses of many people were limited by the social security systems.

WHO estimates that "it is not just contamination, or fear of being contaminated that affected the mental health of the population". But "the stress provided by the socio-economic inequalities and the effects of quarantine , confinement, the closure of schools and places of work have had enormous consequences," says WHO. Lift Taboo around Mental Diseases

Video: Mental Health, Emergency State - 24/06 (BFMTV)

Your Browser Does Not Support This Video "We have to speak openly about the stigma that accompanies mental health . We are talking about a key component of our health. It requires an action now "of governments," urged Prime Minister Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the opening in Athens of a two-day forum of the Ministers of the Europe of

WHO , which includes 53 countries.

Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point in the World

 Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point in the World © Clea Eculier Card with Incidence (Number of 7 days for 100,000 inhabitants) In the prefectures of Japan, host country of the Olympic Games new measures, new Assessment and highlights: The point on the latest evolutions of the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

"The pandemic has shaken the world. More than four million lives have been lost in the world, revenues have been destroyed, families and communities have been separated, companies have been established ... ", reminds the director of WHO in Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge. "Mental health and well-being should be perceived as fundamental human rights," he continues, calling on states to rethink access to care.

Among the WHO recommendations are the strengthening of mental health services in general, improving access to digital care, the increase in psychological support services in schools, universities, on the workplace and for people working on the front line in the fight against CVIV-19.

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Lead 1-China rejects the WHO project on the original survey of Coronavirus .
Health - Coronavirus / WHO - China (Lead 1): Lead 1-China rejects the WHO project concerning the 'Survey of Origins of Coronavirus (Actualize All of Long) Beijing, July 22 (Reuters) - China rejected Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO) project on the second phase of an investigation The origins of the coronavirus, which includes the hypothesis that it has been able to escape from a Chinese laboratory, said a Chinese health manager.

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