US News Herpes of the Monkey: What is this new deadly virus for the worried man?

19:25  22 july  2021
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Herpes du singe : quel est ce nouveau virus mortel pour l’homme qui inquiète ? © Istock Herpes of the Monkey: What is this new deadly virus for the worried man? The Chinese health authorities have just revealed the case of a man who died last May after contracted the herpes of the monkey, a frequent virus among primates. Explanations.

While the world faces the sanitary crisis for more than a year and a half, and that the Variant Delta now actively circulates , a new deadly man virus has just been identified in China.

Herpes of the Monkey: The death of an infected man reported in China

based on information communicated by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Washington Post reports The case of the death of a Chinese infected with a rare virus from the monkey.

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This man, aged 53 would be a veterinarian who exercises Beijing. This fiftieth anniversary would have contracted the monkey B virus, an infectious disease rare also called herpes b or "herpes of the monkey", being in contact with primates.

The Chinese health authorities explain that this man, after "dissecrated two monkeys in March", would have been taushed, Vomiting and Fever , a month later, before deceased last May.

"Its blood and saliva samples were sent to the center in April, where the researchers found evidence of the presence of the monkey virus B", says Washington Post, which adds that people with whom this veterinarian could be In close contact were not positive tested for this virus and would therefore be out of danger.

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Herpes of the monkey: What are the risks for man?

This Virus B, Herpes B, or "Herpes of the Monkey", is a relatively common virus in macaques, but very rare in humans, since less than 100 cases of transmissions to humans have been identified so far . These infections were observed mainly in people in contact with infected primates.

The latter can be mortal in humans because it will touch the central nervous system and causes inflammation at the brain, as Kentaro Iwata explained, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of Kobe in Japan. In humans, an infection with the herpes of the monkey exposes to a risk of mortality of about 80% in the absence of care.

This virus, could it be responsible for an pandemic as the Coronavirus currently rampirous? Specialists are reassuring, like Professor Nikolaus Osterrieder, the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences of Hong Kong, which explains that the big difference is that "in the case of herpes B is An impasse. He does not go from one human to another ".

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The specialist believes that if herpes B is common in monkeys, an mutation responsible for a spread in humans is unlikely.

If this virus does not currently represent a threat to the man, the Chinese health authorities have nevertheless announced closely monitor the establishments where people would be in contact with primates.

Source: First Human Infection Case of Monkey B Virus Identified in China, 2021, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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