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22:05  22 july  2021
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Lead 1-Coronavirus-like Maintains Restrictions and Encourages Vaccination

 Lead 1-Coronavirus-like Maintains Restrictions and Encourages Vaccination Health Coronavirus / Germany (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Coronavirus-Lalemagne maintains restrictions and encourages vaccination (updated with quotes , context) by Andreas Rinke Berlin, July 13 (Reuters) - Angela Merkel advocated on Tuesday the maintenance of restrictions and prompted the Germans to be vaccinated against the CVIV-19 with the risk of a fourth epidemic wave at the Autumn, while excluding the hypothesis of mandatory vaccination. "We do not intend to take this path.

Angela Merkel completes her probably last appearance in front of the Federal Press Conference. Draw the balance? Become wistful? Not with the Chancellor. Only a little economic policy self-lobe, it may then be.

already this beginning: Typical Angela Merkel. The Chancellor sits on the podium of the Federal Press Conference, behind the whopping blue of the wall, and speaks a few introductory words. Of course she starts with the flood, how should it be different, she mentions the "terrible devastations", the immense damage, it promises money and help to then note that the country will be a "long breath".

Merkel says nothing new, nothing more important or surprising. She says what needs to be said and expects it. Surprising is how fast she turns to her second topic: Corona. She has recognizable to put the topic in the foreground, despite the storm disaster and all the suffering of the past days. The Chancellor holds a fairly detailed plea for vaccination. "We want," she says, "all our normality back."

Merkel says people in flood areas Help to

 Merkel says people in flood areas Help to Washington. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has promised man in the flood areas in the West Germany's support of the state. She spoke of a "tragedy". © Andrew Harnik Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the US Vice-President Kamala Harris. Where to help, you will do that, she said on Thursday on the edge of her visit to Washington. "These are terrible days for people in the flooding areas. My thoughts are with you.

Your emphasis on this day does not apply to the nearby, not short-term. Merkel deprives to a certain extent the urging political moment. Do not impress, just keep going to break the problems, step by step by step. Typical.

Here, this would have been such a day of the farewell, the prelude to the final tour of an era. It was Merkel 29. And probably the last appearance in front of the capital press; In any case, at least your last summer press conference, with which you otherwise traditionally passed yourself to the holidays. But strokes and big words, pathos and polished testimonies - that's just not your thing. At least that's the undisputed master, the yearning will not let you know. Almost anyway.

"The balance sheets should do others," will be one of their answers on this Thursday. "What you miss, you only notice if you do not have it anymore," another. And: "I'll be able to do something with the time." Every stick that keeps the questioning - Merkel kicks it just briefly with the foot tip. And if you enjoy the fun of what is going on, you can not say that with any emotion.

The US see their restrictions on trips to Europe-biden

 The US see their restrictions on trips to Europe-biden USA-Travel / Biden (photo): The US reviews their travel restrictions in Europe-biden Washington, July 16 (Reuters) - the United States examines When they will be able to lift the restrictions prohibiting most foreigners from going to the United States from Europe after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, raised the issue during his visit to Washington, said Thursday the President American. "It's in progress," said Joe Biden. He added to express themselves on the question "in the coming days.

Video: Merkel's probably last government statement: Commitment to Europe (AFP)

Chancellor parsed any question with the usual detailed knowledge (Afghanistan, North Stream 2, Incidence Values), scatters here and there a bit of self-criticism (climate protection, women's promotion), Otherwise bouncing each of the (rather harmless) for himself. Weler? Pain? The great self-presentation? Not with her.

I'm there then.

Where, a little bit of material for compliant positioning in the history books, she has then. Merkel speaks very accurately (and twice), how much more green electricity production was built in the 16 years of its term of office, so it does not work as if it did not get anything for the climate.

It reminds of immense growth of state promotion of research and development and it is not too a pity at all to remember five million unemployeds at its expense - and that it is hardly more than three million today, despite all the crises. Oh, by the way, the lowest youth unemployment in Europe you have too.

The rest is Merkel as you know. Even the unknown comic is when she talks about the CDU as the party, which she had near. It happens when she is asked where she will be on election night. Recently, she had already described the approaching moment in elsewhere, where she will get up with the realization in the morning that others would have to make the decisions. And that's good too.

maybe then Angela Merkel actually succeeds an Angela Merkel outlet at the end.

More about: After 16 years Angela Merkel leaves an unsettled and shaky Union. CDU and CSU now realize that they have to reassure their economic policy claim. But how? The new generation has suggestions.

US border remains closed for Europeans .
Many had hoped that Americans soon loosen their entry restrictions soon. But unlike the EU, the US government remains hard - and calls a certain reason. © Susan Walsh / AP Photo / Picture Alliance PressPrecherin Jen Psaki could not tell when the provisions are being relaxed The US deny Europeans and other foreigners because of the Coronavirus continues to enter the country.

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