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08:05  23 july  2021
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Start-ups: Rasant recovery after the crisis

 Start-ups: Rasant recovery after the crisis first a damper in the corona crisis, now the rapid recovery: German start-ups have experienced a money rinse in the first half of the year. Young companies received the record amount of 7.6 billion euros from investors - three times as much as in the same period of the previous year and more than in the full year 2020. © Fabian Sommer / DPA start-ups get records. also the number of financing rounds rose strongly by 62 percent to 588, as the consulting company EY calculated.

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Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn said the donation is only a " first step" and that further assistance is planned. The partners will give a check to the Aktion Lichtblicke e.V organization on Saturday, before the two clubs play a test match in the city of Villingen. North Rhine-Westphalia dam breaks, forcing hundreds to be evacuated. One -tenth of the city of Venlo in the Netherlands on the German border is in the process of evacuating to avoid having to do so at night, according to the municipality.

Oliver Zeidler launches custom in the rudder competition in one. Also the double villier of women convinced. The further boats of the DRV must be taken.

Start geglückt: Zeidler dominiert Einer-Vorlauf © Provided by sport1.de Start suded: Zeidler dominates one-forced

Rowing World Champion Oliver Zeidler has easily taken the first hurdle on the way to the hoped-for medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. ( News: Everything to Olympia )

The one-dominator won his lead on Friday morning sovereign and moved into the quarterfinals on Monday. In the first race in his Olympic premiere, he did not have to retrieve his full potential yet. ( Olympia 2021: Schedule )

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indictment Eric Dupond-Moretti troublemaker

 indictment Eric Dupond-Moretti troublemaker Video Your browser does not supporting this video The case has changed scale. The indictment of the Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti is now a political issue. An hour after the announcement of this new situation, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was quick to inform that renewed "every confidence" the Minister of Justice. "STORIES - Why Eric Dupond-Moretti should not leave the government if it is set review A little phrase that supports the position of President of the Republic.

A handful of countries will dominate . This is a nice way of avoiding the obvious point that in a bipolar or multipolar world – the USA vs China vs the EU vs Russia – global decision-making is going to be even more elusive and tricky, not less. In the post-Covid world, autarkical tendencies, not cooperation The changes that have happened have merely accelerated and crystallised earlier tendencies. The true state of affairs is clearer – namely, that the world is still in a state (both literally and figuratively), and that precaution and risk aversion and a sense of vulnerability still dominate the elite’s cultural zeitgeist.

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Olympic Feed: Zeidler comes well

"The race was important to get in. It was very manageable from the effort, "said Zeidler and supplemented," It went well as I had made it. I can not complain. I have come up very well. "

Olympia 2021: All decisions in the Sport1-Liveticker

Zeidler, who celebrates his 25th birthday on Saturday, sat down at the top of the field shortly after the start and was in the target 2.39 seconds before the Japanese Ryuta Arakawa.

its largest competitors in the race for medals, Dane Sverri Nielsen and Kjetil Borch from Norway, also moved as a flow winner into the next round.

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Men must be written

The German double villier of women won the lead and qualified for the final on Tuesday.

Morocco: Journalist Omar Ray sentenced to six years in prison

 Morocco: Journalist Omar Ray sentenced to six years in prison © Fadel Senna The mother of Omar Ray brandishing a poster of his son in September 2020. Pursued for facts of rape and espionage, he was sentenced at six years in prison. six years in prison, such is the sentence pronounced at the end of the trial in first instance of Omar Radi, on Monday. At age 35, the co-founder of the information site The Desk was detained since the end of July 2020, in a double case of "espionage" and "rape".

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It started with all health care workers in France having to get jabbed for the Fauci Flu, and now Macron is demanding that everyone living in France get an injection in order to eat, work or go to church. In order for an unvaccinated person to do anything in France, he or she will now need to show a “negative” Chinese Virus test result before being allowed According to the official numbers, less than half of the French population has gotten jabbed so far. France is said to have some of the highest levels of vaccine “skepticism” in the world. “They’re doing God’s work,” wrote one Twitter user about the French protests.

for the other boats of the German Rudder Association (DRV) was disappointing. The men's dual vier around the two-time Olympic champion Karl Schulze must also be in the hope of the men and women's twins.

In the run-up Zeidler had clearly formulated his ambitions. His goal is "clear: to become the Olympic champion," he said at Spox . In doing so, Zeidler was only changed from swimming to rowing in 2016, but since then, but since then put a steep climb in the world top. This year he won the EM title and dominated the World Cup season.

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OJ: French volleyers at the foot of the Russian wall .
© Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters French volleyers must cross the Russian wall at the edge of the chasm. The qualification of the France Volley team for the quarter-finals of the Olympic tournament only holds a thread. Extremely fine. With a single victory in three games, the Earvin Ngapeth band has experienced a difficult competition, not to say catastrophic. In front of the Americans, the Blues have foiled, undergoing a severe defeat into three dry sets and a senseless sense of helplessness.

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