US News Ravaged by fires, the California summoned to modernize its infrastructures

13:25  23 july  2021
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anger and despair in Iraq after a murderous fire in an

 anger and despair in Iraq after a murderous fire in an hospital © supplied by the point L angry and the frozen dominate Tuesday in Iraq in the aftermath of the terrible fire in a hospital of Nassiriya (South), which Unemployed the Gabegie and the dishesiveness of the health system, two and a half months after a tragedy similar to Baghdad. At least 64 people perished in the flames that ravaged Monday night the 70-bed Covid unit of Al-Hussein Hospital in Nassiriya, according to a final assessment of medical sources, and a hundred people were injured.

  Ravagée par les incendies, la Californie sommée de moderniser ses infrastructures © AFP / Archives

A through California, thousands of kilometers of air electric cables travel cities, campaigns and forests. It will have been enough for one tree to fall on one of these lines to launch this summer a devastating fire.

With its fragile and aging infrastructure, the most populous state of America is launched in a race against climate change, far from being won.

Every summer, the inhabitants of California know it: they may be plunged into the dark. As soon as the red fire alert flag is hoisted, preventive cuts can deprive thousands of people - even millions - electricity.

In recent weeks, residents of Los Angeles were also sometimes summoned to cut off their air conditioning, turn off the oven and disconnect their devices, to avoid an overvoltage of the network.

South Africa: more soldiers deployed, calm relating to Johannesburg

 South Africa: more soldiers deployed, calm relating to Johannesburg © Provided by Point The South African Army mobilized its reservists and the government is preparing to deploy thousands of military to stem the violence that Shake the country for nearly a week. Johannesburg, where looting and fires spread last weekend after first incidents in Zulu Country (EST) related to the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma, found a relative calm.

Fifth World Economic Power, California suffers from dilapidated equipment, some electric operators have long been accused of gaining their profits before public safety and the modernization of their network.


To reinforce this security, the private electricity supplier Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E) has precisely announced with great pomp this week its intention to bury more than 16,000 kilometers of electric lines over the next ten years, in order to To prevent its facilities from provoking other fire departures.

Video: United States: A gigantic fire ranging in California and drags evacuation (Le Figaro)

Patti Poppe, the operator president that supplies electricity millions of people. North and the center of California, said that this announcement was originally planned for in several months, but that it "could not wait", after the group was implicated in the departure of a new fire -Jul, Dixie Fire.

After ravaged over 400 hectares, the fire on the French-Spanish border is controlled

 After ravaged over 400 hectares, the fire on the French-Spanish border is controlled © Provided by The Parisien Parisien It took nearly 48 hours to overcome the flames. The fire that devastated since Friday more than 400 hectares of forest in a park on the Catalan coast, near the French-Spanish border, is now "under control", announced Sunday evening firefighters Catalonia. The firefighters' estimate that the forest fire of Cap de Creus is under control ", they said in a statement.

According to a preliminary investigation, this destructive brazier was caused by the simple fall of a tree on a power line.

worse, the Dixie Fire burns just a few kilometers from where a high-voltage line of PG & E had triggered in 2018 the most deadly fire in the recent history of California: 86 dead and 18,000 buildings destroyed around the city Paradise.

Governor of State Gavin Newsom who had already accused the operator of "greed and mismanagement" required this week that PG & E and other suppliers "make accounts" and invest in their fire disposal strategy .

Agile Infrastructures

Burling the electrical cables, is it the miracle solution?

This will make it possible to reduce the risk of fires, that fewer cables are damaged due to extreme heat, and will give this operator an opportunity to modernize on the same time its equipment, estimates with AFP Mikhail Chester , Professor in Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University.

But, he warns, climate change progresses for the moment much faster than infrastructures are redeemed.

If 2020 was the worst year of the modern history of California in the field of fires, it is indeed very likely that 2021 bat this record.

"To deal with climate change, we need to make the infrastructures more agile and flexible in order to meet changes as quickly as they occur," says the expert.

Which far exceeds the framework of California forest fires. Faced with hurricanes, tornadoes or extreme episodes - events that multiply due to global warming - millions of Americans will be, if not, in turn forced to learn to live in the dark.

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"We need people": Russian firefighters facing the Siberian fires .
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