US News Red Cross demands massive expansion of material reserves for disasters

15:19  23 july  2021
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After the devastating flood catastrophe in West Germany, the German Red Cross (DRK) has demanded a massive expansion of national material reserves for missions in destroyed crisis areas. It would have to be drawn teachings from the experience of large-scale losses in electricity and water supply, DRK President Gerda Hasselfeldt said on Friday during a visit to the flood area in the North Rhine-Westphalian Euskirchen. "We need more material stock preservation at federal level."

Nach der Flutkatastrophehat das Deutsche Rote Kreuz (DRK) einen massiven Ausbau der nationalen Materialreserven für Noteinsätze gefordert. Es müssten © Christof Stache After the floodcatastrophe, the German Red Cross (DRK) requires a massive expansion of national material reserves for emergency inserts. It would have to be pulled "teachings" from the most recent experiences, said DRK President Gerda Hasselfeldt.

also the accommodation and initial supply of the people made of the flood area in safety of safety was encountered in some places on capacity limits, said Hasselfeldt. Germany needs a larger supply of emergency generators, water treatment plants, tents, beds and blankets for fast supply and accommodation of many people. The Federal Government approved the construction of two central bearings last year. These are currently helpful. "But we need it ten," Hasselfeldt added.

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Extreme rainfalls had triggered flooding in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia and destroyed many communities with their infrastructure. More than 170 people died. Since by last week, thousands of helper of rescue and aid organizations as well as authorities are in use to provide people. Among other things, the red cross and the technical relief organization (THW) operate treatment plants for drinking water and build an improvised emergency power supply.

In addition, countless volunteers in flood areas are used to help with the cleanup. Among other things, huge amounts of rubble and bulky waste must be disposed of in the destroyed areas. Hasselfeldt spoke in Euskirchen from a "huge task". So the sludge of floods must be removed quickly from cellars before drying.

Floods: Germany will ask the support of the EU to rebuild its infrastructures

 Floods: Germany will ask the support of the EU to rebuild its infrastructures Europe-Intemp-Ries-Germany: Floods: Germany will ask the support of the EU to rebuild its infrastructures © Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay Floods: Germany will ask the support of the EU to rebuild its infrastructure Berlin (Reuters) - The German Government intends to solicit the financial support of the European Union Solidarity Fund to repair as soon as possible the damage caused by the Deadly floods that affected the west of the country, according to a draft document consulted by Reuters Tuesday.

Hasselfeldt also referred to the mental stress for those affected and helpers. This is very high. Among other things, the Red Cross have also sent numerous psychologically trained specialists for emergency response from the entire federal territory.

Currently, the priority still applies to the supply of flood victims and cleanup, Hasselfeldt said. But after that, however, "swift" in the construction of national material bearings for catastrophes will be worked. Aid organizations would have worked out a concept for a long time ago. This could be implemented quickly.

The concept submitted by the Red Cross and other organizations provides for the construction of ten central material bearings for greater evacuation campaigns in catastrophic cases. After earlier information of the authors, these should contain enough equipment to build emergency accommodation for 50,000 people. The costs were estimated at 109 million euros. According to DRC, the federal government approved the financing of two camps last year.


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