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06:30  24 july  2021
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Coronavirus: the United States will ship 25 million doses of vaccine in Africa

 Coronavirus: the United States will ship 25 million doses of vaccine in Africa in total, 49 countries should receive doses in the coming days © Alet Pretorius / AP / SIPA a police officer prepares to receive a dose From Johnson & Johnson to Soweto (South Africa), July 5th. Vaccination - In total, 49 countries should receive doses in the next days quickly their dose. The United States will ship 25 million doses of Vaccine against the Covid-19 in Africa , announced Friday of Americans and African officials. Shipments must begin in the coming days.

Carte présentant l'incidence (nombre de nouveaux cas sur 7 jours pour 100.000 habitants) dans les préfectures du Japon, pays hôte des Jeux olympiques © Clea Eculier Card with Incidence (Number of 7 days for 100,000 inhabitants) In the prefectures of Japan, host country of the Olympic Games

new measures, new Assessment and highlights: The point on the latest evolutions of the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

- Kit of the Tokyo Olympics -

The most anticipated Olympic games in history, delayed by the coronavirus, officially started Friday in Tokyo: the three shots of this fifteen sports were given At a sober opening ceremony, sometimes serious, in the context still weighing the pandemic.

Nombre de morts liés au coronavirus officiellement annoncés par pays, au 23 juillet à 10H00 GMT © Simon Malfatto Number of dead coronaviruses officially announced by country, July 23 at 10:00 GMT

- New Restrictions in Iceland -

Mecca: Second pilgrimage in limited numbers because of

 Mecca: Second pilgrimage in limited numbers because of coronavirus For the second consecutive year, a ultralimit pilgrims quota is accepted, because of the outbreak of coronavirus © AFP around the Kaaba, Great mosque in Mecca, July 16, 2021, the day before the Hajj. RELIGION - For the second consecutive year, a quota of pilgrims ultralimit is admitted, because of the outbreak of coronavirus Hundreds of Muslim worshipers arrived at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, western Saudi Arabia to participate from this Saturday at the annual pilgrimage.

Iceland, one of the first countries in the world to have raised its sanitary controls for travelers Vaccinated, announced new restrictions on Friday to deal with a sharp rise in CVIV-19 cases.

From Sunday midnight until August 13, public gatherings will be limited to 200 people, the one-meter distancing rule will come into effect again, and the bars and restaurants will have to close at 23:00.

Des personnes retournent vers leur ville d'origine après que le gouvernement du Bangladesh ait imposé un confinement pour enrayer la propagation Covid-19 à Dhaka, le 23 juillet 2021 © Munir UZ Zaman people return to their city of origin after the Government of Bangladesh imposed a containment to stop the propagation Covid-19 in Dhaka, July 23, 2021

- Moderna for the 12-17 years -

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the use for the 12-17 years of the Modern Vaccine, which becomes the second vaccine to be authorized for adolescents within the 27 countries of the European Union.

Leopoldina fears growing inequality by Corona

 Leopoldina fears growing inequality by Corona The National Academy of the Sciences Leopoldina fears long term a tightening of income inequality in Germany through the Corona Pandemic. According to © Hendrik Schmidt / DPA Leopoldina experts, the pandemic faces the economic and social policy in Germany in the medium and long term novel challenges. In the short term, the income losses of many people were limited by the social security systems.

Video: Sanitary Pass: The Government provides for a "breakdown period" of about a week (AFP)

- syringe donations in Cuba -

Cuba, which records a sharp rise in cases of COVID-19, received on Friday 1.7 million syringes and expects even more than 4 million, from US groups opposed to the US Economic Embargo.

Des employés déchargent un don de 1,6 million de seringues envoyé par des groupes de solidarité cubains basés aux États-Unis pour la campagne de vaccination contre le Covid-19, à La Havane, le 23 juillet 2021 © Yamil Lage Employees discharge a gift of 1.6 million syringes sent by US-based Cuban solidarity groups for the VVID-19 vaccination campaign in Havana on July 23, 2021

11 million island currently experienced a worrying increase in contamination and deaths from COVID-19. In total, the country recorded 316,383 reported cases and 2.203 deaths, according to official figures from Friday.

- France: Green light at the sanitary pass, under conditions -

Senators gave Friday a first green light in committee on the draft law against Cvid which provides for the vaccination obligation for caregivers and the controversial extension of the health pass. Linked the restoration of the state of health emergency.

Coronavirus in India: Explosion of cases of "black mushroom" among the patients of COVID-19

 Coronavirus in India: Explosion of cases of The mucormycosis, rare disease but whose mortality rate exceeds 50%, may require the ablation of the eyes, nose or the nose or the Joor © INA Photo Agency // Sipa A PCR test by a nurse in Jammu & Kashmir, India, May 22, 2021 (Illustration) disease - mucormycosis, rare disease but whose mortality rate exceeds 50%, may require the ablation of the eyes, nose or jaw the India recorded in the last two months more than 45,000 cases of " black mushroom ", an Fungal infection that spreads among the pat

The Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, will begin Friday night debates in the hemicycle but will not stand for the review of the articles only Saturday, the government aiming for adoption before the end of the weekend.

- Travel: Germany cures restrictions -

Berlin has decided to tighten the restrictions for traveling in Spain, including balearies and canaries, facing a resurgence of the pandemic in this popular holiday destination of the Germans.

The measure, which also applies to the Netherlands, intervenes at a time when Germany, the first European economy, itself tries to stem an acceleration of contaminations observed on its soil because of the propagation of the variant Delta and this, in the summer season.

- More than 4.1 million deaths -

The pandemic has made at least 4,139,040 people in the world since the end of December 2019, according to a balance sheet established by the AFP from official sources Friday in the middle of the day.

The United States is the country with the largest number of deaths, 610.431, followed by Brazil (548,340), from India (419,470), Mexico (237,626) and Peru (195,547).

WHO estimates, taking into account the overmortality directly and indirectly related to COVID-19, that the pandemic assessment could be two to three times higher than that which is officially established.

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Custom Animal Human - After Corona no rethinking in mobility? .
The Corona pandemic has temporarily changed the mobility of the Germans, to a true rethinking, according to a study, but not lead. © Provided by Finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images Karlsruhe (DPA-AFX) - "The results suggest that the large mobility revolution has failed," writes the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI (Karlsruhe) View of a representative survey.

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