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13:25  24 july  2021
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Macron recognizes "a debt" of the state towards French Polynesia for nuclear tests

 Macron recognizes © Copyright 2021, the obs no excuses, but a "debt". Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday, July 27th in Papeete that France had "a debt" towards French Polynesia for nuclear tests carried out from 1966 to 1996 in the Pacific. "I assume and I want the truth and transparency with you," said the Head of State in a speech to the Polynesian officials, saying that the victims of these tests had to be better compensated.

Paris: French centrist Emmanuel Macron has already achieved an immense task: A former outsider with little political experience, he is now the front-runner in France's presidential race, banking on a promise to revive the country through radical pro-business measures and pro-European policies. And the 39-year-old independent held his own against his more-experienced far-right rival Marine Le Pen in a bruising debate this week — just the boost Macron needed for Sunday's presidential runoff. His solid, intellectual performance showed voters that despite his young age he has the shoulders to helm a

French President Emmanuel Macron has told his citizens that they’ll need to be vaccinated to visit bars and board trains, and health workers face mandatory Covid jabs. Reuters noted on Monday that France has an “entrenched” anti-vaccine movement that will likely be unhappy with Macron ’s aggressive vaccination drive. Yet more French citizens will likely be unhappy about Macron ’s proposed pension reforms, which he announced on Monday will be launched once the pandemic is “under control.”

President Emmanuel Macron begins this Saturday its first trip to this Pacific Archipelago

Emmanuel Macron à Tokyo le 23 juillet 2021. © Nicolas Datiche / SIPA Emmanuel Macron in Tokyo on July 23, 2021 . Politics - President Emmanuel Macron begins this Saturday its first trip to this Pacific archipelago

nuclear tests, sanitary pass, military strategy, climate change .. President Emmanuel Macron begins this Saturday his first displacement in French Polynesia with a program loaded.

The head of state had had to postpone a trip to French Polynesia scheduled for mid-April 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, and made no trip in the overseas territories from the beginning of the sanitary crisis of Covid-19. The last presidential displacement in this Pacific archipelago was François Hollande in February 2016.

Emmanuel Macron does not want to see the wind projects "damage the landscape"

 Emmanuel Macron does not want to see the wind projects in an interview in Franceinfo, the head of state, currently on the move in French Polynesia, advocates the "case per case" for wind projects. © Ludovic Marin / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron, covered with garlands, pronounces a speech after his arrival on the atoll of Manihi, in the archipelago of the Tuamotu, in French Polynesia, July 26, 2021 of pragmatism, not of jostling ... Emmanuel Macron wants to avoid crumpling people and the landscape with respect to wind and solar projects.

When Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election on Sunday, his victory capped a highly unusual presidential race. Neither he, nor his opponent, Marine Le Pen, were representatives from France’s major political parties, the left-leaning Socialist Party and the center-right Republicans. While Le Pen was able to move on to the second round of elections, and her eventual finish with nearly 34% of the vote was a historic high for her National Front party, her campaign was marred by widespread accusations of racism and xenophobia. But what do we know about the winner, Macron ?

Emmanuel Macron is beginning his first day as French president, with picking a prime minster top of his to do list. The appointment is crucial for Mr Macron , who needs to do well in next month's parliamentary elections to push through his planned economic reforms. Later he will travel to Germany to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. He had never contested an election before and only formed his centrist movement a year ago. Mr Macron is France's youngest leader since Napoleon and the first to be born after 1958, when a presidential system was set up.

Visit to the Hospital Center

Not surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic will occupy an important place in this three-day trip. The head of state also reserves his first visit to the hospital of French Polynesia where he will "meet the caregivers," said the Elysee, while a manifestation against the sanitary pass is planned this Saturday morning in Papeete.

The French state provided more than 224,000 doses of vaccine at French Polynesia, 226,000 in New Caledonia and 18,000 in Wallis and Futuna.

The Elysee ensures that the president "will of course have a look" on his other two French Pacific territories, who each live an important moment, with the third self-determination consultation scheduled for 12 December 2021 in new. Caledonia and celebration on July 29th of the 60th anniversary of overseas territory in Wallis and Futuna.

Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated Franchi, Announcement Macron calling to "Continue"

 Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated Franchi, Announcement Macron calling to © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron indicated on his Twitter account on Monday that the Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated people had been crossed. He also called on to continue vaccination while the number of people infected with coronavirus increases considerably in recent days. "It is all together that we defeat the virus.

The centrist Emmanuel Macron decisively won France’s presidential election on Sunday, beating the far-right into submission with a liberal, internationalist agenda. With more than 99 percent of local areas counted, Macron had taken 65 percent of the vote to his far-right rival Marine Le Pen’s 35 percent. Sunday brought a remarkable campaign to an end. But what happens now, and what to make of the result? Here’s what you need to know . Trending: John Oliver Explains Why Net Neutrality Is in Trouble Under Trump. The real fight starts now. At times during the campaign, it felt hard to believe Macron ’s

We need to support Emmanuel Macron . On the one hand, I recognize the extreme skill of a man who surprised everyone, especially the political world, by surfing the wave of French discontent with traditional parties. On the other hand, I fear that his already sensitive authoritarianism will lead him to a confrontation with a people who abstained from voting at 57% for the election of deputies to the National Assembly, which seems to me proof of disagreement on at least two points: the labor law and tax measures.

These two communities are currently "Covid Free", and visit them would imply forty who is "not compatible with presidential displacement," said the Elysee.

The head of state can not respond to the invitation launched by the authorities of Wallis and Futuna, a delegation will meet him in Polynesia to have a "special interview" on Tuesday.

Video: Emmanuel Macron in French Polynesia: What are the stakes of this trip? (Europe 1)


The South Pacific has indeed a strategic importance for France, and Emmanuel Macron "will have the opportunity to evoke the indo -acific strategy and the positioning that France wants in this space which is polarized according to the Elysée.

Macron denounces "irresponsibility" and "selfishness" of the antivaccins

 Macron denounces © Copyright 2021, Obs "It's not freedom, it's called irresponsibility, selfishness," Tuning the head of state, believing that freedom is based on "a sense of reciprocal duty". on the move in French Polynesia , Emmanuel Macron urged the Polynesians, but also all the French, to be vaccinated, visiting the main hospital of the archipelago immediately after arriving in Tahiti Saturday night (Sunday morning in Paris ) He took the opportunity to send a severe message to the AntiVaccines.

What to know about Emmanuel Macron 01:32. Story highlights. Final first -round results show Macron 's party heading for majority of seats. Established parties underperform in first round on night of low turnout. (CNN) Emmanuel Macron 's centrist La Republique En Marche is projected to win a huge majority in the French Parliament after a strong showing in Sunday's first round of voting. The novice political party and its Mouvement Démocrate (MoDem) allies won a combined 32.3% of the vote, while the established Les Républicains trailed with 15.8% of the vote. The scale of En Marche's win was

Emmanuel Macron is not a representative of a party. He does not personify a political structure that relies on a certain social basis that expresses its views and interests. Germany would need to hand over the role of the leader in Europe's foreign policy and business to France. Needless to say that Germany will not go for it. European solidarity is a good thing, but Germany's giant companies will not give way to their French competitors. On the whole, the first round of the presidential election in France has seen the victory of a weak politician who does not decide much, nor does he have a clear

at the end of June, the French Air Force deployed three gusting aircraft, two MRTT A330 Phenix tankers and two A400M transportation devices in Tahiti, demonstrating its ability to deploy its planes to the other end of the world. Less than 48 hours.

ENERGIES: Between wind and atom, a clarification is necessary

 ENERGIES: Between wind and atom, a clarification is necessary by taking note of the protest against the wind, Emmanuel Macron implicitly calls into question the objective of a strong declination of nuclear power. If this is the case, the head of state must agree to complete the debate in any transparency during the presidential campaign. Editorial of the "World". Symbols of ecological conversion, wind turbines have become, in France, a passionate object of debate.

Climate crisis

The President of the Republic also relies on the way to evoke the risks of climate change for the archipelago, vulnerable to the rise of oceans, and cyclones.

The President will visit the Island of Hiva OA to support the candidacy of the Marquises to the UNESCO World Heritage Registration, and on the Atoll of Manihi in the Tuamotu where he will visit a hybrid power station (photovoltaîque / Diesel) that facilitated the electrification of the Atoll.

Dialogue around nuclear tests

The displacement was preceded in early July of a Round Table on the consequences of nuclear tests in Polynesia which brought together a Polynesian delegation conducted by President Edouard Fricch, and the Ministers of Health, armies and overseas.

"French Polynesia has greatly contributed to the construction of our deterrent and it is necessary to assume all the consequences, human, societal, health, environmental and economic", then declared Geneviève Darrieussecq, Minister delegated to the memory and the Veterans.

"The President of the Republic will be at heart, during this displacement, to promote this close and transparent dialogue by encouraging the rapid and concrete implementation of several actions, both on the issue of memory with the opening of the archives. on individual compensation issues ", according to the Elysée.

At the end of its displacement, and after a speech, Emmanuel Macron will chair the Council of Ministers in videoconference from Papeete, before regaining the plane.

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Case Pegasus: Investigation Open in Paris, Macron and the King of Morocco Among the targets .
L E President French Emmanuel Macron and the King of the Morocco Mohammed VI appear on the list of potential targets of the Pegasus software, have revealed Tuesday members of the consortium who revealed this spying scandal of journalists, activists or political figures the case, revealed Sunday, is now in the hands of French justice which opened an investigation on Tuesday to examine the complaint Spiped journalists using the Software of the Israeli NSO firm.

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