US News "Matisse in Corsica", the exhibition event on the painter's stay on the island of beauty to discover at the museum of Corte de Corte

20:50  24 july  2021
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"A wonderful country" that's what Matisse thought arriving in Corsica 1898. He then discovered the Mediterranean, new colors and sensations. A key stay in his work as an artist. "Matisse in Corsica" traces this adventure in an unprecedented exhibition to discover until December 30 at the Museum of Corsica of Corte.

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In 2019, the Corsica community acquired the sea in Corsica, the Scoud d'Henri Matisse (1869-1954). A work at the origin of this exhibition Matisse event in Corsica, a wonderful country presented until 30 December at the Museum of Corsica , in Corte. It brings together some of the 55 paintings painted by the artist during his stay of 6 months on the island of Beauty in 1898, among which canvases ever presented to the public. A trip that turned the artist and his work.

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The exhibition tells the decisive influence of Corsica on the life and work of Henri Matisse. In 1898, at the age of 28, he settled for 6 months in Ajaccio with his young wife Amélie for their honeymoon. A wonder for this native of the North who had never been further south than Brittany! "He discovers a light he had never known until then. He lived in Paris, knew Brittany and the North, it is all" explains Dominique Szymusiak, the Commissioner of the exhibition. "There he will discover pure colors, in nature, blue as he had never seen".

Matisse will paint 55 paintings during this period. Twenty are presented in Corte, thanks to exceptional loans. We also discover a part of his correspondence to grasp the importance of this trip on his work.

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The birth of Favism

The last part of the exhibition is attached to the life of Matisse between his arrival in Toulouse after his trip to Corsica in 1898 and the official birth to Collioure in 1905 of Fauvism. Seven years during which he grows more and further his work on color. A revolution that felt scandal at the time and gave birth to the first great artistic movement of the twentieth century, the Fauvism, of which he was the leader. Some people think that his stay in Corsica has been the trigger of this artistic turn. "Matisse himself said to a collector of Troyes, Pierre Lévy, by going to the bloodthirsty, he had a shock that would determine what we will call fauvism. It's Matisse who said it He himself "says Jacques Poncin, Commissioner of this unpublished exhibition that created the event in Corsica this summer.

"Matisse and Corsica, a wonderful country" , until 30 December 2021 at the museum of Corsica, Corte - Open every day from 10h to 20h until September 20, then every day except Mondays of 10h At 18:00 until 31 October and from 10h to 17h every day except Sundays, Mondays and public holidays from November 1st to December 30th.

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