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No, these images of Athens do not show monstrate mobilization against vaccination

 No, these images of Athens do not show monstrate mobilization against vaccination © Louisa Gouliamiki the mobilization of January 20, 2019 before the Greek Parliament on the call of the struggle committee for the greccity of Macedonia. Nothing to do with the Vaccine against Covid-19 ... Question on Twitter on July 16, Hello, Your question is about a tweet, published this Friday, July 16th.

Huge demonstrations in England, France, Australia, Italy , Japan, and more after governments announce COVID "health passes " to determine vaccination status. Massive protests erupted across Europe and Australia on Saturday against mandatory COVID passports and continuing lockdowns.

Irate Italians in Turin reacted by immediately hitting the streets. WATCH: Thousands protest Turin, Italy against the newly announced vaccine passport. The crowd chanted, “No green pass , no green pass !”, “No dictatorship, no dictatorship!” and “freedom, freedom!” during the demonstration. The new measures were justified by “a spike in infections driven by the Delta variant,” although the 5,057 new coronavirus infections reported on Thursday are around 10 times lower than the peak in infections the country experienced back in November.

  Manifestations contre le pass sanitaire en Italie © AFP

D Es Thousands of Italians demonstrated Saturday across the country against the introduction of new measures affecting non-vaccinated persons in order to slow down the rise in infections.

"Freedom!" And "no to the dictatorship", champsted the protesters from Naples in the South, in Turin in the North, while in Milan, they shouted, under a swing rain, "no to the sanitary pass!".

The vast majority of them did not wear a mask.

The Italy will introduce on 6 August a mandatory sanitary pass to access the closed places like bars and restaurants, but also swimming pools, gyms, museums, cinemas and theaters and game rooms .

Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the

 Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the sanitary pass in the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne © Bertrand Guay protesters against the sanitary pass, Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Paris . Epidemics - In the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne "No to the Pass Sanitaire , Stop to dictatorship", "Freedom", " Macron dictator" ...

The pass will also be available to anyone who presents proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours before accessing any of the activities under restriction, and to those who have recently recovered from Covid-19. On Thursday, Italy registered 5,057 new coronavirus infections, mostly caused by the Delta variant Italy has a small but vociferous anti -vaccination movement, which has held several protests in recent months against the green pass initiative. There has been opposition to the scheme from far-right parties. Giorgia Meloni, who leads the opposition Brothers of Italy , said on Thursday that it would

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities for the second weekend in a row to protest against health passes and mandatory vaccination for medics. In Paris, rallies ended up in scuffles with police. In another incident, a crowd attacked a police motorbike by pelting it with bottles, forcing law enforcement officers to intervene. Tension now rising in Paris at the demonstration against the PassSanitaire.

Video: Italy: event in Rome against the sanitary pass (AFP)

The sanitary pass, baptized "green pass" in the peninsula, can be delivered from the first dose of vaccine, but also to Healed people from Covid and those who have obtained a negative test within 48 previous hours.

"Better to die free than living as a slave", could we read on a sign in front of the cathedral of Milan, when in the historic center of Rome, another presented a photo of the portal of the extermination camp of Auschwitz ( Where the registration "Arbeit Macht Frei", "the work makes it free", NDLR), with these words: "The vaccines make you free".

A Genoa, the protesters wore yellow stars where "No Vacciné" was registered.

events were announced on social networks in at least 80 cities this Saturday.

The decision of the Government, announced Thursday, to introduce a compulsory health pass, led to a rush on immunization appointments, up to + 200% in certain regions, according to General Francesco Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner in charge of The vaccine campaign.

Italy currently has a few thousand new cases every day but few deaths, respectively 5,000 and Saturday, but the background trend is on the rise.

24/07/2021 20:44:08 - Rome ( AFP ) - © 2021 AFP

Direct. Covid-19: many protests against the current healthcare this afternoon .
© Jérôme Fouquet / West France manifestation against the sanitary pass in Saint Brieuc on July 17, 2021. Stock Photo Illustration. While the number of new coronavirus contaminations continues to increase, manifestations against the sanitary pass take place for this 3rd consecutive Saturday. In Martinique and the meeting, confines were decreed in the face of the influx of the Delta variant. 3rd Saturday of Events . 150,000 people are expected this Saturday in more than 150 cities in France.

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