US News the typhoon in-fa arrives on the east of China, already touched by the floods

10:55  25 july  2021
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floods in Germany: "I do not know where my neighbor is, I do not know if he still lives ..."

 floods in Germany: © Handout around Cologne, Erfstadt has been submerged by a landslide caused by floods ( Aerial view posted on the Twitter account of the Cologne District Government).

Des personnes cherchent à s'abriter de la pluie et du vent à Ningbo, le 25 juillet 2021, alors que le typhon In-Fa frappe la côte orientale de la Chine. © Hector retamal, AFP people seek to shelter from the rain and wind in Ningbo, July 25, 2021, then that typhoon in-fa strikes the eastern coast of China.

East of China was swept Sunday by the bursts of typhoon in-fa, at the moment when a part of the country is still occupied by the cleaning of the damage generated by the devastating floods of a few days ago.

After floods , Typhoon's review on east of China . The territory was prey to the bursts of Typhoon in-Fa, Sunday, July 25, while part of the country was still occupied by the cleaning of the damage due to the floods a few days ago.

Air traffic, rail and marine traffic has been interrupted on a whole fringe of the eastern coast, while the tropical storm should affect Earth Sunday at the end of the afternoon in the vicinity of Ningbo and Shanghai, two of the largest ports at world.

China: Diluvian rains create chaos in the east, a dam threatens to collapse

 China: Diluvian rains create chaos in the east, a dam threatens to collapse © supplied by the Parisian the Parisian the Germany and Belgium are not the only ones to face the caprices the weather. In China, in Henan Province, bad weather has caused impressive floods. In the city of Zhengzhou, cars have even been carried away by the waters, giving rise to images barely belierable. ???????? China: ???? ️ The city of Zhengzhou affected by important floods this Tuesday in the province of Henan (???? via @shanghaieye ) pic.twitter.com/amicmrcwxb - Alexandre (@alex_le_bars )

in Shanghai, the largest Chinese city, the wind was already blowing very strong Sunday morning, but the precipitation remained measured.

All flights were suspended on the two international airports of the city, as well as dozens of trains as well as the activity in the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo. Some amusement parks like Shanghai Disneyland have been closed. And locals were invited to avoid outdoor activities.

Further in the West, in the province of Henan, where historical floods have made at least 58 deaths this week, the authorities continue to evacuate cars and debris that hinder traffic on the roads.

Video: As the typhoon in-fa, Taiwan is prepared (Le Figaro)

new intense rains to come because of the weather Typhoon

Floods in Germany: Berlin decides first financial aid

 Floods in Germany: Berlin decides first financial aid © Thilo Schmuelgen / Reuters debris are seen in a zone affected by floods caused by heavy rains in Schuld, Germany, July 20, 2021. A first help Emergency, with a total amount of several hundred million euros, will be released by the German government to help the victims of the deadly floods in western Germany, on Wednesday, July 21.

have hit millions of people, some Finding blocked without water or food for several days, others have been rescued in bulldozers' shovels.

More than 495,000 people were evacuated, according to the Government of Henan, and the damage counts in billions of euros.

The Chinese Meteorological Agency has expected that typhon loses intensity overland. But it should cause intense rains for several days in eastern China, including areas affected by floods.

"It is necessary to be extremely vigilant and prevent disasters that can be caused by the extreme precipitation" of typhoon in-fa, Sunday indicated the weather office.

China has always has its rainy season but the record rainfall in Henan have discarded doubts about the ability of Chinese cities to cope with these weather phenomena, whose experts plan that they become more frequent and more intense because of climate change.

Strown of rivers, the province of Henan is equipped with dams and tanks designed to curb the flow of water and irrigate agricultural areas. But their construction goes back several decades and the galloping urban expansion puts under pressure the water evacuation network.

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China tests in mass due to new contaminations at COVID-19 .
© UNSPLASH China tests by mass due to new contaminations at COVID-19 millions of people have suffered on Sunday a CVIV-19 screening test In several major cities of China after 75 new contaminations. China has decided to test massively to curb an increase in coronavirus cases. 75 new contaminations were identified on July 31 by the authorities. The epidemic home appeared at Nankin airport (East) at the end of July, has now spread more than twenty cities and more than ten provinces.

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