US News Immunization obligation: a possible suspension of the "catastrophic" salary for caregivers

19:10  26 july  2021
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coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Prostock-Studio / Shutterstock France had announced Monday, after Greece, Italy and Great Britain, mandatory vaccination for caregivers, and for all personal working in contact with fragile people. New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: the point on the latest developments in the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

Le projet de loi sur l'extension du pass sanitaire, adopté dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi par le Parlement, prévoit une suspension du salaire pour les professionnels soumis à l'obligation vaccinale contre le Covid-19 qui refuseraient de s'y plier.  © Philippe Huguen / AFP The bill on the extension of the sanitary pass, adopted on Sunday night to Monday by Parliament, provides for suspension salary for professionals submitted to the immunization obligation against CVIV-19 which would refuse to comply. "This measure is catastrophic," deplores Olivier Youinou, the South HP Health Union, Monday on Europe 1.

Parliament adopted on the night of Sunday to Monday the bill on the Extension of the Sanitary Pass in France for the professions submitted to the immunization obligation against the Covid-19 , as the caregivers, there will be no redundancy for the persons who do not respect the obligation but all of even a suspension of the salary. "This measure is catastrophic for the attractiveness of our careers and that, the government does not measure it", is Olivier Youinou, anesthetist nursing and co-secretary of the South HP Health Union (assistance Public-Hospitals of Paris), Monday, on Europe 1.

"An odious comparison": a survivor of the Vel'-d'Hiv denounces the instrumentalization of the yellow star by anti-vaccines

 © Copyright 2021, the obs "I would like to say my indignation before what It happened this week. Joseph Szwarc, one of the rare survivors of the raid of the Vel-d'Hiv , vigorously high this Sunday, July 18 against the instrumentalization of the yellow star by anti-vaccines.

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"We are already in subferential latent for years ..."

"Just come to our hospitals for see that it is really not the solution ", still storm the caregiver on Europe 1." We have already been subferential latent for years ... "For Olivier Youinou, this extra constraint is bad because" the question, in our establishments, is already the attractiveness and loyalty of our staff. Our careers are not engaging, not loyal ... there was a consensus in the population to say that we were underpaid, under-revalued, under -Reconus compared to the mission of general interest which is ours ", you care about it.

According to this anesthetist nurse, the measure is all the more penalizing as the hospital is already under strong tension. "No later than this morning, I have a colleague who has been moved from his service because he lacked staff in another," illustrates the unionist. "Disorganization, it is already daily in our establishments."

according to the flood: Insolvency request obligation is exposed to .
The Federal Cabinet has launched a temporary suspension of the bankruptcy obligation for companies, especially in the west of Germany, after the flood catastrophe. That informed the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday. © Picture Alliance / Alexander Heinl / dpa The federal government wants to suspend the loss of insolvency for companies after the flood catastrophe.

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