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20:45  26 july  2021
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Karine The Merchant: These insults that pushed it to make a great decision

 Karine The Merchant: These insults that pushed it to make a great decision Karine the Merchant announced Sunday 18 July a great news after reading insults on his Instagram account. © ABACA Karine The Merchant: These insults who pushed him to make a great decision Karine the merchant prepares to find a program that had a significant impact in the media.

as if the flood disaster is not bad enough, now also: helpers who give everything to support the affected ones are attacked!

Zerstörung nach Flutkatastrophe © Christof Stache / Getty Images Destruction After Flood Disaster THW Employees will be threatened

Such news also had Thw-Vice-President Sabine Lackner not yet to practice the press when she talks about her staff: "If you are traveling with emergency vehicles They confused with garbage. That's time so far that our helpers are insulted. "

there are still persons who filmed the THW employees and is definitely not from of the press , though so private individuals. The unbelief that SoAdwas can actually happen is to be clearly to be noted.

Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters

 Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters The federal government has the THW, the countries are responsible, the municipalities must act: the civil protection in Germany is complicated, which has also shown the flood. © Imago Images The Technical Hilfswerk Zwickau started according to Ahrweiler catastrophic aid from Saxony: A water treatment plant should be transported to the catastrophe area. It can prepare around 20 thousand liters of water in drinking water per hour.

laterenker pencils restlessness

One wonders involuntarily: Who are these people who should be healthy, to have the THW at their side? It is so-called lateral think , which have mixed under the group of those affected and helpers and now spreader specifically incorrect information and restlessness.

No use has been aborted because of such incidents, but such a situation is psychic for the many volunteers very stressful. So much that some have already passed to remove their name labels. "That's very, very regrettable and burdens our emergency forces.", Says Lackner.

probably longer on-site use

At present, around 30,000 people in the flood areas have no drinking water , no electricity or they even lack both. Therefore, the THW on site is probably a longer commitment, at least three more weeks, so the estimate.

The healthy sense actually campaigns that the helpers should not suggest anything but gratitude in these weeks. But several people is exactly this mind then probably already rinsed from the heads from the flood wave.

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according to the flood: Insolvency request obligation is exposed to .
The Federal Cabinet has launched a temporary suspension of the bankruptcy obligation for companies, especially in the west of Germany, after the flood catastrophe. That informed the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday. © Picture Alliance / Alexander Heinl / dpa The federal government wants to suspend the loss of insolvency for companies after the flood catastrophe.

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