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22:10  26 july  2021
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coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Prostock-Studio / Shutterstock France had announced Monday, after Greece, Italy and Great Britain, mandatory vaccination for caregivers, and for all personal working in contact with fragile people. New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: the point on the latest developments in the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world.

The rising Corona infection levels have a debate about more restrictions for unvaccinated fanned. A general vaccination issued Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht clearly rejected.

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In an interview with Germany radio reaffirmed Christine Lambrecht, that there would be no general vaccination Federal Minister of Justice. "I take the view that this would not be possible," she said. "This has to do one thing with the fact that this vaccination is not so long in the market, and I do not think is necessary."

same time, the SPD politician also issued a compulsory vaccination for employees such as health care a rejection. Impfverweigerer in nursing homes or hospitals could instead be tested regularly mandatory.

Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the

 Paris: Thousands of people parade against vaccination and the sanitary pass in the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne © Bertrand Guay protesters against the sanitary pass, Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Paris . Epidemics - In the procession include Florian Philippot, Martine Wonner and Francis Lalanne "No to the Pass Sanitaire , Stop to dictatorship", "Freedom", " Macron dictator" ...

Corona test at his own expense

Lambrecht cast instead of a compulsory vaccination on the ability that unvaccinated that could be vaccinated in theory, continue to pay for corona tests and "not at public expense" go this. to foray Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) to restrictions on non-vaccinated pointed Lambrecht on the constitutional right of freedom of contract. This allows, for example the catering already to host only vaccinated.

received support Lambrecht also from the ranks of the opposition. Thus the FDP party leader Christian Lindner has also spoken out against mandatory vaccination. In the ZDF interview, he demanded instead a continuation of the test strategy.

"Test-based opening concepts have already proven themselves in the past during the last wave", the FDP leader said. These are also "a way that we can keep open in the fall of society with increasing numbers of life". There must be a "political guarantee" that a new lockdown is excluded, demanded Lindner.

Rising contamination, sanitary pass ... what to remember from Castex's passage to 13-hour TF1

 Rising contamination, sanitary pass ... what to remember from Castex's passage to 13-hour TF1 © Copyright 2021, the Obs not new Announcement of Health Restrictions during the Prime Minister's Intervention TF1 JT. Leaving the prefects the charge to put in place territorialized measures, Jean Castex, however, made details on the extension of the sanitary pass and the immunization strategy, particularly with the youngest. "In the fourth wave, we are there," he warned at the end of a health defense council at the Elysée on Wednesday, July 21.

Seehofer: "No Discrimination"

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has spoken out against a corona vaccination, but also more freedom for vaccinated. "This is not discrimination against non-vaccinated," Seehofer said in an interview with RTL / n-tv. He respected it if someone would be crucial for personal reasons against vaccination. "But the non-vaccinated person must also realize that we have to protect society as a whole and can therefore only allow vaccinated to larger community events."

Impfmobil wartet vor dem Stadion auf impfwillige Besucher eines Bundesligaspiels in Bremen © Carmen Jaspersen / dpa / picture alliance Impfmobil waiting outside the stadium on impfwillige visitors a Bundesliga match in Bremen

The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, advocates concede vaccinated more freedom in everyday life. There is no reason, vaccinated and Immune continue to withhold their basic rights, "just because a few eternal skeptics of vaccination escape," Montgomery told the newspapers the spark media group.

Death of Maxime Beltra, 22, in the Hérault: What we know

 Death of Maxime Beltra, 22, in the Hérault: What we know © Google Street VIEW The Montpellier Prosecutor's Office (here the new courthouse) has opened judicial information to determine the causes of the Death of Maxime Beltra. Maxime Beltra, 22, died on July 26, 2021 in Sète (Hérault), after an allergic shock, a few hours after being vaccinated against CVIV-19. The Montpellier's prosecutor has opened judicial information "looking for causes of death" and ordered an autopsy.

Triggered had the broad debate Chancellery chief Helge Braun. He had the "Bild am Sonntag" said that the state had a duty to protect the health of its citizens. This also applies not against the coronavirus vaccinated. "Vaccinated will definitely have more freedom than unvaccinated," said the CDU politician.

number of vaccinations and Corona infections

Almost half of the people in Germany has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 49.4 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated. Or about 41.1 million people. 50.6 million - 60.9 percent - have received at least one dose of vaccine.

same time, the RKI further reported greater numbers of Corona infections. Thus, the seven-day incidence was 14.3 - the day before the value was 13.8 and the recent low of July 6, 4.9. The value indicates how many people have been infected within a week per 100,000 population with the virus. The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI last within one day 958 Corona infections. A week ago, the figure for Germany stood at 546 contagions.

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RNA messenger, risks of the vaccine ... The answers of Macron to the questions asked on Tiktok and Insta .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs Emmanuel Macron Voluile Its costume of chief epidemiologist. The head of state seized of Instagram and Tiktok to answer the questions still the French on vaccination. This Tuesday, August 3, he boasted the technology of the messenger RNA and the French origin of the vaccines.

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